A Tragic Love Song Finally Comes to an End


Those were the exact words my sister spoke that tragic day over 50 years ago. Some people will argue about my use of the word "tragic" to describe what happened that day, but I feel "tragic" is a term that can be used in any instance that involves love. Yes, love makes us all do crazy things, but a broken heart can make us do much worse. I was always told that a broken heart needs time to heal because time heals all wounds, but I know first hand that that may not always be the case.

"Grandma….GRANDMA"! Kagome had been watching her grandma Kaede lost in thought for some time now. She had been staring at that strange tree located in her backyard for what seemed like hours. Kaede finally jerked her head and turned to face Kagome. "What is it my child?"

"Well, grandma, I have been watching you for a long time now. Why are you staring at that strange tree? I have watched you stare at it before, but today you seem lost…um...almost sad even." Kaede let out a small sigh. It had been 55 years this day when her sister Kikyo had sealed the half-demon named Inuyasha to this sacred tree.

"Oh, well my child, I am sorry if I had you worried." I may be old but I don't plan on leaving this world anytime soon. Kaede let out a chuckle.

"Why are you laughing so grandma?" Kagome asked.

"I was just laughing at you". Kaede looked up and smiled at the confused look Kagome was wearing. "Oh, come now, don't you worry and look so confused. I was only laughing because for a moment there you reminded me of someone I knew long ago."

"Really! Who do I remind you of…or rather, who did I remind you of?" Kaede let out a small laugh. Yes, you are every bit of your ancestors. That is for certain.

"Well, dear if you are up for it, I think this calls for a story. I suppose now you are old enough to understand such grown up matters. Now before I get started you must understand that times were very troubling back then; not at all peaceful like things are today. It is very important that you understand this now otherwise you will not appreciate the story I am about to tell." Kagome pondered this for a moment before taking a seat on the rug in front of her grandma's favorite rocking chair on the porch. Finally, after giving it some thought, she nodded at her grandma, giving Kaede the reassurance needed to tell the story. "Well, Kagome, you remember I told you had a sister named Kikyo…"

"Kik...Kik…KIKYO! LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU!" At the sound of Kaede's voice, Kikyo quickly turned and fired an arrow straight through the heart of the flying salamander demon. Ever since she had been chosen to protect the Jewel of the Four Souls, she has met more and more demons in battle. She put the rest of her arrows away and turned to her sister. Kikyo knew all alone that the salamander was behind her. She has told her younger sister countless times that she need not worry about her, for her spiritual powers were stronger than ever before. Kikyo smiled and walked towards her sister.

"Thank you little sister for looking out for me. I love you so much." Kikyo bent down and kissed her on the forehead. "Come now, we must get back to the village quickly. It's getting late and I am too tired to fight off anymore huge demons." Kikyo took Kaede by the hand but before they started walking, Kikyo started to sense another presence in the area. "They've been watching me for quite sometime," thought Kikyo. This was not the first time she's sensed another presence. For the past few weeks it had been happening all the time, but now Kikyo was tired of watching her back. Whoever it was, needed to get on with their life.

"I know you are there, watching me. You have been doing it for a while now. I take it you do not wish to kill me otherwise you would have done it a long time ago. Why don't you spare me the suspense by showing yourself? Is there something I can do for you?", said Kikyo aloud. Not a second had passed before a strong gust of smoke and wind covered the area and a strange woman appeared. "Oh, it's just you Tsubaki. I'll be on my way now. I am sure you can obtain whatever it is that you need all on your own."

"Is that anyway to treat an old friend? Come now, Kikyo, I just wanted to see how you were…um…getting along. I haven't seen or heard from you in a while." Tsubaki smiled that fake smile of hers.

"You wanted to see me. You? An old friend? I never knew we had become such close friends. I figured you were still upset that I was chosen to protect the Jewel of the Four Souls over you. Oh, well, I guess you have changed."

"No need to be so cynical Kikyo. I was only making sure the jewel…and you of course, were still safe. That is all."

"Well, you see that the jewel and I are safe. If there is nothing more I shall be on my way. Let's go Kaede."

"Kikyo, you will suffer for what you did to me," thought Tsubaki. Then she took out a fan and waved it behind Kikyo's back while mumbling a short spell.

"I know that you have cursed me. Why, I do not know, but it will do you no good. My spiritual powers are still at their best and your little curse will have no effect whatsoever."


"Me? Fall in love," thought Kikyo. "That will never happen."

"So why did your sister think she'd never fall in love?" Kagome asked. "Didn't she feel pretty enough?"

"Well, Kagome, at the time I really was not certain why Kikyo felt that way. I was nothing but a young child and I admired my sister. I thought she was perfect in everyway." Kaede chuckled. Yes, I always knew Kikyo was better looking than me. She was also a skilled fighter and try as I might; I could never get as good as she. "Grandma?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Kagome. Now where was I? Oh yes, well as fate would have it my sister did eventually fall in love and it was much unexpected. I had known my sister very well and believe me I was just as shocked to see the changes in my sister."

"Changes?" Kagome asked.

"Kagome, my sister and I did everything together. I traveled from village to village with my sister to train and to keep her company while she fought off demons to protect the Jewel of the Four Souls. Quite naturally, I knew my sister better than anyone. When she fell in love…" Kaede's thoughts drifted for a second. "Now, for the record I knew nothing of what it meant to be in love. I just knew at the time that my sister was not herself. I was used to Kikyo being very solemn. She would smile occasionally for me, but I could tell that my sister was never really happy. Sure she loved me, but I knew that Kikyo always felt as though something was missing in her life. I could also tell that Kikyo was getting a little tired of just fighting all the time. I never once questioned her love for me but I did ask her once about her feelings. As expected, she told me to never worry about her and that she was just fine." Kaede let out a small sigh. Kagome looked up at her grandma. For the first time, Kagome realized that her grandmother looked old. The eye patch covering her right eye sagged a little under the wrinkles on her grandmother's face. She could also see that her grandmother looked worn out.

"Grandma Kaede? What about the guy that Kikyo fell in love with? Who was he? Did you like him?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down Kagome. Not so many questions at once." Kaede laughed. "We will get to that in a second but first I have to tell you about the man who fell in love with Kikyo." Now Kagome was really confused. "Kagome, I can see that you look confused."

"Well, yes…I am. I mean, I thought that…"

"My sister was a very pretty woman Kagome. I hope you did not think that only one man was ever in love with her. When I think about it, I am a little jealous of the men that loved my sister."

"Wow. Your sister was something else. So, who fell for her first?"

"That's a very good question Kagome. Well, let's see…"

Kikyo put her arrows away and started back up the path towards the village. She was glad that she did not bring Kaede along for the trip today. It seemed that the demons in the area were growing restless; each one fighting to obtain the strange powers of the Shikon Jewel. On top of that, Kikyo was being watched. In fact, she got the strange feeling that someone or something, has been watching her for days. Kikyo walked along as though she did not know she was being watched. Soon something caught her attention out of the corner of her right eye. She turned to look but by the time she turned to look, all she could see was a glimmer of what looked like black hair. "Oh well, whatever it is, I can kill it tomorrow," she thought and kept on trotting toward the village.

"So that's the priestess that all those pathetic villagers keep rambling on about," thought Inuyasha. "Ha! She's not all that scary. Pft. I can take her and I will. That necklace around her neck had the Sacred Jewel that I heard about. Tomorrow I am going to steal it so that I can become a full-fledge demon." Inuyasha let out a deep breath. There was no point in him trying to take it from here tonight. True, she was no match for him, he thought, but in his weak human form he would surely get killed. She may not be all that strong but no point in taking the risk. Inuyasha closed his eyes and attempted to fall asleep. Even though he was high up in a tree, there was still a chance that a demon could come along and pick him off. "Damn," he said. Then he closed his eyes and after what seemed like hours, finally drifted off to sleep.

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