Title: "I'm Sorry."

Rating: PG for now.

Pairing: B/A later on.

Summary: What would happen if the Fang Gang couldn't reverse the spell casted on Puppet!Angel? Who would they call and most importantly; what would they say?

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- - - -

It had been a quiet and uneventful night. Nothing going down.

No evil to kill.

No innocent to save.

It was just the three of them playing Go Fish, with Giles rearranging a portion of his collection of demonology volumes somewhere in the back.

Did I say uneventful?

Yeah, well, almost uneventful.

If it wasn't for that dreaded phone call!

"I'm sorry." Xander interjected between gasps of air, "Did you just happen to say Angel's a..." He choked on laughter, "...puppet?"

Dawn's giggling made it clear that Buffy did indeed say what he had thought.

This had to be too good to be true. For him anyway. If he could do anything but laugh, he'd imagine it had to royally suck to be Angel at the moment.

"Oh my god, Angel was turned into a puppet?" More laughter from Dawn and Xander, as the Slayer stood there, arms folded across her chest, trying desperately to stay straight faced.

It was hard.


Her Angel was a puppet.

A soft, plushy, felt puppet.


"It's not funny." Buffy pressed, tip of her slipper tapping the wooden floorboards underneath her feet.

Coughing to clear her throat, "No. It's hysterical!" Dawn squeaked, having her statement followed up by getting slapped in the face by a pillow. "Hey. It's not my fault!" She huffed, tossing the pillow to the floor, still grinning sheepishly.

"Giles!" Buffy whined and pivoted in her heels to face the very controlled Watcher. "Tell them this isn't a laughing matter. He could be stuck like that forever."

"And for Dead Guy, that's literal!" Xander stated matter of factly, lowering his tone when Buffy raised another pillow in threat.

"Don't make me." The blonde warned in a whisper.

"Unless one of his enemies gets smart and throws him in a washing machine." Xander muttered to Dawn at his right, attempting to duck out of harms way.

But it was too late. Slayer hearing caught what he said and Xander found himself being hit upside the head with the floral printed pillow.

"I'm serious! This is bad for Angel." Buffy wanted them to understand how crucial the situation was.

Only they couldn't help but see the humor.

"He's a target now for anyone that wants to take revenge." Buffy was clearly working herself up.

"Or anyone that wants their own version of Pinnochio from Hell." That time Giles had heard Xander and merely shook his head. Dawn on the other hand just bit her tongue from saying anything in addition.

But then again, it was Dawn. So of course she had to say something. Something that popped into her mind the moment she had found out that Angel was a puppet.

"Hey, do you think he has all his vampire parts?" Dawn suggested. Getting a look from the other three occupants in the room.

Giles at once turning away, shedding his glasses to tend to their cleaning, still lost in a stack of books.

"DAWN!" Buffy cried out, appalled that her sister would think...

"His FANGS!" Dawn quickly replied, "God. What did you think I... OH!" Throwing her hands over her mouth, Dawn sniggered from behind them, "Gee, Buff. Guess we still know where your mind tends to drift when it comes to Angel."

"UGH!" And with that, the Slayer stormed out of the library. Intent on doing her own research.

On a plane ride to the states.

Because seriously?

This was something she had to see.

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