Title: "I'm Sorry."

Rating: NC-17 Since the drive may change. Evil Grin.

Pairing: B/A.

Summary: What would happen if the Fang Gang couldn't reverse the spell casted on Puppet!Angel? Who would they call and most importantly; what would they say?

A/N: Thank you everyone for reviewing! I'm so glad ya'll love the fic. :D Your praise keeps me going.

P.S.: The quotations in italic are thoughts. Because let's face it, you can't have Angelus out without Angel waging a war inside that head, right?

- - -

Okay, so here she was, about to possibly be sliced open by a raving lunatic puppet vampire. When the blade had made it's way down, the blonde did something she thought she'd never do in bed with Angelus; scream.

All she needed to do to keep on screaming is remind herself that she really couldn't move and the only way for help was to let people know she needed help.

The screams faded into a gasp as the Slayers vision caught sight of the blood stained saw in tiny puppet hands. "You really don't want to do this, Angelus." Buffy compromised. Not realizing as she did so, that she was trying to get through to a psycho.

"Oh, Buff, I really do want to do this. Just watch." He instructed, bringing the saw's jagged edge down to her... hmm, where to start? Admiring those short, but well defined legs, Angelus' eyes roamed upwards again. Her stomach was flat, ripped and a good place to harm muscles that a Slayer needed. Then again, a Slayer also needed her legs. Maybe a finger? Yes, a finger was a good place to start. Lifting up one of the blonde's fingers, he whistled while he went to work. "If you're going to scream, make sure it's a blood curdling one." He squealed, drawing the blade down and starting to work a pace back and forth. Only there was no blood.

However there was a scream.

Only because Buffy was preparing for the inevitable pain and loss of a digit.

Yet there wasn't anything but tickling.

"Stop!" She coughed, trying to wriggle out of Angelus' working way. "It tickles." Her last statement struck her as odd. Why would a saw cutting through bone and flesh tickle? Oh, that's right! It wasn't real.

No. Correction; it HAD been real. Now it was a child's toy version that was rubbing against her skin.

"The heck..." Another censor, "is this crap? I can't do any damage?!" He threw the toy off the bed in a blind fury. His body following pursuit as she scrambled for a few more items. Once they were found, he rejoined the straining to see Slayer on the bed. "Let's try these." He laid out on her stomach a pair of scissors, pliers and a hammer. He'd be darned if nothing damaging was going to work!

With the pair of pliers in hand, he placed the ends around the finger he had attempted to saw off, and pulled. Getting the only reaction in the form of a squeak.

Next came the hammer. Down a whack to the Slayer's knee and another squeak as if it were a dog's toy.

All the while the Slayer laid there, pale, and shaking in fear. Despite how much she tried to hide it, her brain was NOT working. How could it? This was warped. Angelus was a puppet trying to seek revenge and torture on her. Now she was starting to regret Xander's insistence on joining her.

Finally the only thing left were the scissors. He knew just where to try these. No place that would do physical damage, but a place that would do mental. Lifting a thick wad of perfectly done hair in cotton fingers, Angelus went to work the long locks off.

And in his fingers he held the cutoff strands. Like liquid gold they rested in the small palms. "Success!" He roared before he knew darkness. His body thudding to the carpet floor with a groan.

It was Wesley and Lorne that stood over the vampire puppets form, Fred untying the Slayer.

"I apologize for not getting here sooner." Wesley stated, "We were making sure we had the right dosage for Angelus to be knocked out for a few hours. He didn't hurt you, did he?" The former Watcher looked over the Slayer as a team of medical personnel and guards rushed in and whisked Angelus off.

"No, I'm fine. I think he cut my hair some..." Running her hands through her torn locks, the blonde rolled her eyes. He had cut her hair and make the length uneven. "Yup, he did." Brushing loose strands from off her shoulder. "How'd you know he was out?" She asked curiously. Had they heard her screams? Oh, great. They likely did.

"It was reported that he had the magics department contacted and asked for a set of ropes." It was Fred that spoke up. "As soon as Wes heard that, he knew Angel wasn't around. I mean, not that he knows what you and Angel do. Not that you do anything.." The shy woman was babbling and it brought a smile to the otherwise tensed Slayer's lips.

"I got it." Buffy said, "And thank you. If those scissors worked anywhere else, you'd be picking up Slayer pieces." She added, sinking to the foot of the bed.

"You sure you're okay, cupcake?" Lorne wondered, "If I were you, I know I could use a stiff drink. Wanna join me for one while the McDoctor team get our favorite puppet settled?"