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Fiyero set down the trunk next to his feet. They hadn't had much when they moved to this new foreign land. He wished they had research it more before they had came. Elphaba came up next to him, and put her head on his shoulder. He looked over at the new, unpermanented degreenified Elphaba. He liked her white, but some how, she looked way better green. She had also found a reversal spell for his scarecrowness. The down side of it was the fact he nor Elphaba could go anywhere after dark, because they would turn back to their original state after night fell.

He sat his head on top of her's in a rather uncomfortable fashion. They simultaneously sighed. They both found this funny, and burst out laughing. They looked at their new home and smiled. It wasn't much, but they'd do.

They had just moved into a small little house in a new land called 'Can's ass,' or something like that. Their neighbors were these slightly old farmers. It was quite country, perfect for a big city Vinkus prince and his new wife. They entered the house, excited and eager to get a move on their new and improved life.

After they became settled in, the new neighbors came by. The woman was old, and missing half her teeth. She smiled though, and held a container filled with cookies, and jello-(that was hard as a rock.) The man was just as old, probably older than the woman. He was trying his best to twist a smile on his stern and sun worn face to greet Fiyero and Elphaba. They had a little dog by their side, who was wagging it's tail, and jumping all around Fiyero and Elphie.

"Hello there!" The wife said to them with a smile. "I am Emily, this is my husband, Henry, and this is our dog." There was a tug on the back of her shirt from someone behind her. "Oh, last, but not… least, our niece, Dorothy." The old couple split apart to reveal a small eleven-year-old girl who was chewing at her hair.

Elphaba and Fiyero's stomach churned. Not her. Both Fiyero and Elphaba had had bad experiences with this eleven-year-old child. She had traveled with Fiyero while he was a scarecrow, he knew for a fact that she never stopped talking, even to her self. The girl had blondily 'melted' Elphaba, and had killed Nessarose.

The girl came up and curtsied to them. She kept her head low, but then she suddenly shot up with a 'waitaminute!' look on her face. "Do I know you?" She asked them rudely.

"Dorothy!" Emily said, putting one hand on Dorothy's mouth, and another on her shoulder. "You must excuse Dorothy. She got caught in a tornado a couple days ago, and hasn't been right since. She keeps on talking about witches and scarecrows…"

Emily shook her head, as Dorothy took her aunt's hand off her own mouth. "But, Auntie Em, it was true!" She said, looking at the woman. Elphaba shuddered at the name. She had heard it probably a thousand times at Dorothy's two-day stay at Kiamo Ko.

Henry looked annoyed at Dorothy's persitant whining that continued at he spoke. "Our house is currently under going construction, so they'll be working on it for a while. Hope ya don't mind."

"Of course not. If you will excuse us-," Fiyero started closing the door.

"Wait! I brought you some of my neighborhood renowned Jello, and my gosh to goodness good cookies! I hope you like them!" The woman called Emily said.

"Yes, um, thanks." Fiyero said, passing the Rubbermaid container to Elphaba. "Okay, well, um, bye!" Fiyero slammed the door in panic, then slammed his back against it, in a irrational fear of them coming back.

"Oh crap." Fiyero said, wide eyed.

"Double crap." Elphaba corrected, going to the trashcan in the kitchen, and threw away the contents of the overused Rubbermaid container.

"What is that little girl doing here? I thought we were done with her! Forever!" Fiyero rubbed his temples as he walked over to the couch, and plopped down on it.

"And those people? That dog, as much as I hate him, on a leash? That is animal oppression! What kind of barbarians are they anyway?"

"The barbarians next door."

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