Torn Between Sides

Chapter 1; Overcoming

Wales - April 1981

Lily and James sobbed in shock over the cot of their dead baby. Harry James Potter had barely even entered this world before he had died. The birth had been complicated and nobody could have predicted that he would slip into death at the age of only eight months. Neither his mother or father could have done anything to prevent it but it still hurt them deeply. Lily knew that she'd have other chances to have a child but the loss off her first wounded her to the core.

James held his wife tightly even as his own tears mixed with her own. They'd have to tell Albus what had happened, the boy of the prophecy must have been Neville. They didn't notice as the darkly clad figure appeared behind them without a sound, nor did they notice that the air seemed to shimmer before he 'shimmered' into existence. Nor did they notice the baby wrapped securely in his arms.

"James and Lily Potter, I need your help and perhaps I can help you in return."

The two parents without a child turned to the figure in shock but only managed to stare at the child in his arms as confusion overtook them. Perhaps their lives with a child weren't over for the time being. If they couldn't save Harry then at least this child could be somewhere safe and be loved in his place, though they'd never forget their first born.


Surrey; England - July 30th 1997

Harry was having the worst summer of his life. Surprisingly said bad time didn't have anything to do with his relatives who seemed to simply be in shock from watching the news for an entire year that spoke of many attacks by a terrorist group that they knew was a Wizard. The fact that Harry had been given the role of saviour without asking for it seemed to make his Uncle Vernon treat him more respectfully.

The darkness in his eyes seemed to help matters though, they weren't simply emerald green anymore but a dark green that seemed to swallow the light. His facial features had been changing over the summer as well and that along with his changing body had almost had him writing to his friends for help but every time he would sit at his table to scribble out a note he would remember their attitude over the last year. Ever since their involvement in the Department of Mysteries they had avoided Harry like he had the plague.

They had gotten together officially and to start with they had just avoided him so that they could be together and Harry hadn't really had a problem with it since it meant he could analyse his own thoughts in peace and quiet but then they had avoided him regardless of whether they were doing things together or not. It was the same across the whole school and it had all started with a single moment, one witnessed only by a few but relived by the whole Order of the Phoenix from memories supplied by Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna. That moment when Harry was about to pick up the Prophecy Sphere with his name on it.

According to Dumbledore the only people that could touch those Spheres were the guardians of the Hall of Prophecy and the actual people mentioned in the prophecy but in that instant when his hand was about to touch it he had known that it wasn't for him. The fact that it had flown away from his touch had only served to seal his fate as rumour spread. Harry Potter wasn't the Chosen One, he wasn't the one destined to defeat Voldemort, he was simply a fraud.

He became a liar and an attention-seeking child in one night as rumour spread and nobody, not even his friends, seemed to realise that the Wizarding World had been calling him their saviour since long before he could speak or walk, let alone the fact that he had openly hated that position.

It was only further proof that the masses followed the few but that moment had defined Harry's own life into one of curiosity and confusion. If Dumbledore was not correct in his naming of Harry as the Chosen One did that mean Harry's parents had died for no reason, how had Harry been the only one to survive the Killing Curse if he was just an average nobody. No, Harry had decided, there was something strange about it and he wanted to know what it was.

In five minutes he'd be able to apparate away from here and start his quest to find out what that was. A year ago a boy who had recently seen his godfather die but still been a child with bright emerald eyes had entered this house dreading the thought of a summer alone but over a year he had changed into a dark and awe-inspiring young man with dark eyes that reminded nobody of his beloved mother.

Harry had written a brief letter that explained everything about his new position in the Wizarding World and left it on his side for his Aunt with a plea for her to not inform the Wizards of his departure and he had packed up everything he planned to keep. His school books were discarded, as were his school robes and anything else remotely robe like. The only things he still had on him were his wand, his money, his invisibility cloak, the Marauders Map and finally his faithful owl, Hedwig.

He sat on the edge of his bed waiting for that one moment when his life would firmly be in his own hands and slowly he watched as the clock hit twelve o'clock. Among the Magical World people are thought to be officially seventeen at exactly twelve o'clock because it is then that the magic in your body changes ever so slightly into that of an adult. It doesn't matter if you were actually born ten hours after that but because your mind knows that it is the day of your birth and because the magic in the air changes ever so slightly when the sun is at its furthest point from you it chooses then to react.

Harry didn't know when he had actually been born but as the local clock struck twelve he ceased to care. He had never felt anything like it. It wasn't pain though that made him collapse sideways onto his bed but a feeling of completeness, like gaping voids in his soul and magic were being filled while parts of him that should never have been his were forced from him and into the air.

In that instant Harry Potter no longer truly existed. Unknown to Harry the spells and rituals cast on him by his parents and his true father had been stripped from him in a complete act of defiance against the persona of Harry Potter that had been building for over a year. With the vision of the Saviour Harry Potter stripped from him, Harry no longer felt the need to be Harry Potter and his magic knew instinctively that his cover was no longer needed.


Ben Nevis; Scotland - July 31st 1997

Harry opened his eyes again to find himself on a rocky plain with fog spinning around him. He knew he was high up, perhaps higher than he had ever been before, even when on his broom but because of the fog he didn't really know where he was. There was a derelict structure shadowed in the distance but it looked ruined in the dim lighting of what Harry guessed was sunrise.

Somewhere along the line he had lost six hours and travelled at least three hundred miles since the nearest mountains to Harry were the Pennines in the North of England and he knew that this rocky location wasn't the Pennines. Harry put his hand in his pocket only to find that he was only wearing his tight black t-shirt and his pair of baggy black jeans. The only thing in his pocket of his jeans where his wand had been were ashes. He let them crumble through his hand in shock noting the slim pieces of paper and cloth in with the ashes.

Whatever it was that had happened had burnt up his wand, cloak and map. He fought against tears for a while as he tried to analyse what his next move should be. He obviously couldn't stay here so his only option was to go on with his plan. His first stop therefore was Diagon Alley and Gringotts Bank.

Harry focused on Apparating, thanking whoever had started Apparition that you didn't need a wand for it. After a few minutes of fruitlessly envisioning himself disappearing from this mountain and appearing in Diagon Alley he collapsed to the ground in frustration. He couldn't apparate.

He tried to calm himself but only got more frustrated, in this fog he'd only get himself killed attempting to scale the side of the cliff, especially if he couldn't find the right path down. He just needed to get to Diagon Alley.

"Damnit!" He swore. He was shocked however when his fist didn't meet the rocky floor as intended though and his voice echoed slightly as he felt like he was slithering through the apparition tube rather than being squeezed through it. The scenery blurred and the forms of Diagon Alley's shops appeared around him before coming into focus like a blurred TV resolving himself. "That definitely wasn't Apparating." Harry muttered to himself.

Too scared to analyse the impromptu method of transport he headed for the large white building open already regardless of the clock on its front that declared it to be five thirty-two in the morning. Harry started walking towards the Bank with a confident stride in the morning emptiness of the shopping town, a stride that he had never taken to before because people had always judged him, first as their saviour and then as a liar and fake. Harry's eyes scanned every knock of the alley looking for the first person that would cause him a problem and without realising it he found his fingers itching in anticipation of a fight.

He pushed the feeling aside violently and never realised that his fingers had tingled with fire for a instant as his fighting instincts came to the fore. He took the steps up to the Bank two at a time and opened the heavy doors as if they were wooden without realising it. All he knew was that he felt better than he had in months.

He walked up to a Goblin, one of many that were watching him suspiciously. Wizards barely ever came just to the bank and with the shops shut this early it was unlikely he was in Diagon Alley for anything more than the bank. They of course didn't realise that he had nowhere else to go that morning since he had found himself standing on the top of a mountain and nearly gotten stranded there.

"Can I help you?" The Goblin grumbled and Harry pulled his concentration back to the matter at hand.

"I'd like to take a look at my vault please." Harry declared with a small bow that seemed to only annoy the Goblin.

"Key please." The Goblin intoned in much the same tone as he had last spoken.

"I don't have one." Harry replied evenly and without surprise.

"Humph!" The Goblin sighed before pushing over a blank sheet of parchment. "Name on the top and then a drop of your blood please." The use of the word please in either of their questions were rather pointless with their tones though Harry half thought that the Goblin was enjoying this exchange as much as Harry was.

Harry signed the paper with Harry James Potter before dropping a droplet of blood onto the paper. What happened next shocked him as his blood seemed to force his name off of the parchment in a violent struggle between red blood and black ink. The Goblin sneered at him. The red blood began to write another name Damien Caete Ruin.

The sneer vanished form the Goblins face and he clicked his fingers and vanished the parchment from in front of Harry. "It seems as if I am not Harry Potter any longer." Harry said to the Goblin. "Who is Damien Caete Ruin?"

"According to your blood…you." The Goblin told him without malice this time. He snapped his fingers again and another Goblin appeared at his elbow. "Take Mr. Caete Ruin down to vault number 782."

The Goblin nodded before gesturing for Harry to follow. Harry did as he was told and soon they were flying along the tracks except this time Harry found himself able to follow the passages as they streaked passed and even read the numbers on the Vaults instead of just blurs of colours. They came to a halt shortly afterwards and the Goblin unlocked the door of vault 782 for him before getting back into the cart to wait.

Harry walked into the vault and had to let his eyes adjust to the low light though it surprised him that it didn't take that long. He was starting to get a headache. To start with he had travelled across the country and burnt up every magical on his person, and god only knew where Hedwig had gotten to, then he had transported himself back across the country with an unknown method of transport, then there was the whole rejection of the name he had always known and this new one that matched his blood and to top it off it seemed he had better reflexes if his vision in the tunnel was anything to go by and he could see better in the dark.

The Vault had in it a single iron chest with a letter on its top. Harry frowned before kneeling on the floor in front of both and lifting the letter off the top. He slit it open with his forefinger and pulled out the parchment inside.

Dear Harry,

This is a very hard letter for us to write but it will have to be as simple as we can make it to get everything across that you need. We only hope that we were alive long enough to explain this to you in person and if we weren't and you are discovering this on your own we hope that you do not grow to hate you.

Harry, you are not our real son. Harry James Potter died when you, and he, were eight months old. We were devastated by Harry's death and when your father, Darius came to us with a request to raise you as our own we accepted and placed you in the place of our own son.

We never viewed you as any lesser a son than Harry but Damien, for that is your true name, you must discover your own heritage before you are caught out by the changes. We hope to be able to prepare you for the change ourselves but we have set up this vault under your real name in case we are unable to.

Your father, Darius is the leader of the Order of the Caete Ruin, an order of powerful Demons who work directly for the leader of the Demons, the Source. While your father is a Demon and therefore so are you he had enough humanity in his to desire your survival. As he tells us he was sent to kill three girls who will grow up to be the most powerful of Wicca Witches in the world. He failed to bypass their guardian and had to hide you with us to prevent your destruction as well as his own.

As far as we know he is now what they call Vanquished. There is much more information in a book in the chest that comes with this letter but for now all you must know is the truth of the matter. You are not evil at heart like your father, your human upbringing will give you the ability to temper your need for violence, a temper that the other Demons do not have.

We placed a spell on you to make you look like our own son just before we buried him in Godric's Hollow. The Spell gave you Wizarding Powers but only temporarily. The spell will fade once you desire to return to your roots and the spell that has hidden Harry Potter's grave will fade with it. You will experience physical changes and magical ones. You will revert to your true appearance and lose the ability to control Wizarding Magic but your heart will remain intact.

Damien, our son, don't ever forget your heart even if you lose your emotions to this new world. Your father, Darius, saw your future as you fought beside a Wicca Witch and you loved him, an emotion that normal Demons cannot feel. Remember this and you will retain what makes you worthy of respecting.

With Love Lily Potter ne. Evans.

Harry dropped the letter in shock even after having to read it twice. A demon. He was a demon. What the hell was a demon and what the hell was his mother talking about…losing his heart and emotions? He reread the letter what could have been twenty times before finally folding it up into his pocket.

Harry tore open the chest and rifled through the few items. There was a book and a bag of normal money obviously meant to get him started but it seemed that the book was the only thing that he really needed. There was a mirror in the lid of the trunk and that caught the majority of his attention as he placed the book in his baggy jeans pocket along with the money.

The face that greeted him shocked him but still it seemed more right to him than his other face had ever done. His eyes were an almost black green that seemed to shine with their own light. His hair was still black but it was streaked with fine strands of dark red and silver. His facial features were sharper and to his surprise his scar was completely gone without a trace. As Harry reached out to shut the lid of the trunk for the final time something on his wrists caught his attention. On both of his wrist was an elaborate tattoo.

They spread up from his wrists only about two inches but they were the same colour of blood and seemed to scream for respect. They were identical except for colours. On each wrist was a diamond gem caught as if spinning but the one on his left wrist seemed to burn with an internal red flame whilst the one on his right burnt with green fire. He made a mental note to look them up in his new book and hoped that the 'guide book' had something interesting in it.

He walked back to the cart and rode it to the surface in silence until he brought up the subject of his other vault. "What happened to them?" He asked the Goblin.

"They are on hold. Since you are not a Wizard you are not allowed to open them though we have legal proof that Damien Caete Ruin is the last Potter and therefore it does belong to you." The Goblin frowned. "I don't know what you could do with it though, most of what's in it is useless without Wizarding Magic."

"Can I give it over to somebody else?" Harry asked.

"Not unless you died." The Goblin hinted rather obviously.

"Luckily Harry Potter is probably about to be declared dead." Harry turned to the goblin with a smirk. "I'd like to make a Will please."

"Follow me." The Goblin walked up to a desk and pulled a blank sheet of parchment from the table. "I would suggest keeping it simple." Harry nodded before taking the quill.

"I Harry Potter, being of sound mind and judgment hereby leave all that was rightfully in my possession before I legally died to Remus Lupin with the stipulation that none of the estate, financial or physical, can be used for anything other than Remus Lupin's desires. Specifically the whole of my possessions cannot be given in any part, directly or indirectly to Albus Dumbledore, any member of the Weasley family, Hermione Granger or any representatives working either directly or indirectly for them. I do however leave a sum of Remus Lupin's choice to Fred and George Weasley for the furthermost of their business under the same stipulations as mentioned above.

I hear do declare this to be legal and binding.

Harry James Potter."

Harry signed it and was glad that the Will didn't force his signature off again. The Goblin looked it over with a satisfied smirk that it would hold before he signed it as witness. Harry nodded to the Goblin before taking his leave.

He walked out into the bright early morning light and realised with a jolt that he had been inside of the Bank for over three hours, he must have spent more time in the vault than he had expected. He shrugged it off before strolling down the steps into the milling summer crowd of Wizards and Witches.

As he pushed his way through the crowd he realised that he hated these people, he wasn't just annoyed at them any longer, he was actually disgusted at being in their presence. They stank of cowards and hypocrites and he made his way through them as fast as he could with only the need to get into the Muggle World to keep him from killing them.

He paused and frowned at that thought, how had he suddenly gone from being disgusted by them and wanting to kill them. A phrase from his 'mothers' letter came to mind. "Your human upbringing will give you the ability to temper your need for violence, a temper that the other Demons do not have."

He forced himself to calm down and this time he noticed the coolness that overtook his hand, he hadn't even realised that it had felt warm. He stared passed his raised hand at a group of Hogwarts students and delved into his emotions to find the feeling of hate and disgust again and his emotions seemed to spread into the need to kill them. Obviously demons didn't bother hiding their hate, if they hated somebody then they simply killed them.

He gasped as his hand began to feel warm and a flash of fire seemed to appear above his upturned palm. He curled his hand instinctively and the ball of fire expanded into three rings of fire that spun around each other in a sphere. He started to panic at his new found Demonic power and before he realised it the fiery sphere vanished in a puff of smoke with nobody around him any the wiser.

He stared at the group of students again before shoving an eighteen year away from him and walking off towards the pub for access to the Muggle World, he made a mental note never to use that word again. Hopefully the book would explain the Demon and normal world better.

He spent the day walking around the city aimlessly looking for a place to stay and eventually he used some of his one thousand pounds to pay for a hotel room. He also brought himself a black leather trench coat to go with his already black ensemble since it went well with his rather strange hair and hid his new tattoos effectively since the sleeves were heavy enough to not slip if he moved his arms around. He also got himself a change of clothes in the form of a black set of combat trousers, two new black shirts and a red long sleeved button down shirt that had silver flames licking around the base. Sometimes walking around London in ominous black clothing was enough to get stopped by the police.

He settled into his small room and collapsed onto the bed with a long sigh of satisfaction, it was a long time since he had lain in a really comfortable bed and he was sorely tempted to just sleep the rest of the day and night away but he knew that he should really read the book he had been given.

He slipped it out of his jeans pocket and held it on his chest as he propped his head up on the headboard so that he could read it with little effort. He was about to read the first word when he felt the same feeling as when he had transported himself from the mountain top to London and he felt himself fall the two foot to a rocky ground of his early morning vista once again.

He groaned and pushed himself up onto his elbows and glanced around in surprise and a little annoyance. He frowned before concentrating on that feeling of hate and disgust he had felt for the Wizards and he held his hand out to the side with the sphere of fire floating above it as it expanded from just a spark.

The flames lit up the fog with a red and orange backlight and Harry could see the shadows of groups of people walking around. He focused on a few and it struck him that they were hikers wearing backpacks. Tourists obviously. Harry snuffed the fiery sphere by closing his hand into a fist knowing instinctively that it wouldn't hurt him.

"I didn't expect you to know how to summon a Fire Matrix yet but that is impressive, as was your first time Shimmering this morning." A cold voice spoke behind him making Harry jump around. "Its also good that you realise that you can't let the mortals see you using magic but still you shouldn't let down your guard so easily. They could have been an illusion."

"Who are you?" Harry asked with a suspicious look. The man was wearing black clothing as was Harry but he was wearing leather instead of more modern materials.

"Let's just say that I am an old friend of your fathers." The man told him.

"You're a Demon?" Harry asked bluntly noting that the tourists were completely ignoring them both.

"Of course." The Demon snorted before bowing dramatically. "Lucus at your service of the Order of Caete Ruin, diminished as we are."

"Damien." Harry told him.

"I know who you are, I used to fight alongside your father before that Witch killed him." He spat the word witch with the same disgust that Harry felt towards the Wizards and Witches of his old world but Harry knew that he was talking about Wicca Witches where both males and females were called Witches. "I swore an oath to your father to find you when you came into your powers and to train you to be a full member of the Order of Caete Ruin so that you could resume your rightful place in the Demonic World."

"Where's the book?" Harry asked with a frown.

"It was merely a device that brought you to where you needed to be, nothing more and now it has served its purpose." Lucus told him. "You shimmered so well this morning that it shouldn't be a problem for you to work this part out as well. Follow me."

With no more warning than that he vanished into the air as if he had simply faded into the air leaving only a shimmer of air to speak of where he had been. Harry snarled quite vocally before he forced himself to focus on the magic that had lingered there. He found it and found that feeling of that morning when he had slid through that tube and soon found himself following the path before him.

It was a longer journey than he had taken that morning or just a few minutes ago and when he focused on reappearing in front of Lucus he found himself in a cavern deep underground. "Congratulations. I had expected to have to come back to get you several times. At least this training wont take nearly as long to accomplish as I thought."

Harry noted the bitter tone underlying the Demon's words and filed it away for future reference. "Where are we?" Harry asked to change the subject.

"We are in what is called the Underworld. Physically you could say that it is around four hundred metres below the surface of the planet in various places but it is also half in this world and half out." Lucus lectured. "It is the home to most Demons, a few live on the surface among the mortals but the greater powers remain here to maintain control."

"Where is this?" Harry gestured at the chamber.

"We are within one of the rooms of the old Temple of the Order of Caete Ruin underneath San Francisco. Not even the remains of the Order use this place for more than formal meetings." Lucus explained. "We're using it since only somebody with one of these can enter without an invitation."

Lucus bared his arms to Harry and the identical diamond enclosed fires on his arms. "What do they mean?"

"They symbolise unbreakable power." Lucus gloated, "They are a symbol that will gain you respect from any Demon though you shouldn't abuse them. Now we had best get comfortable and I will tell you about the Order."

The story was long and Harry didn't really see the point in it rather than just a time waster but he did gleam some interesting points from it. The Order were revered as the most powerful league of Demons in the Underworld and had once ruled before they were taken over by the Source of all Evil and made to serve him as assassins to keep his position. Since the Sources defeat two years ago the surviving members had taken to their own goals. Their legend was known throughout the Underworld but few members were ever seen especially since they had refused to join the last Source who had risen and fallen in a matter of a year.

Harry was more eager to pay attention to his powers that he knew he barely had control over and he wasn't disappointed when Lucus changed the subject to Demonic powers. "Most Demons have fireball powers and shimmering as their main powers. Some upper level Demons have what are called Energy Balls which are more powerful and then above that is the Fire Matrixes that you wield. I myself use Energy Balls."

"So I'm more powerful than most?" Harry asked.

"Then almost all but be careful that you remember that power isn't everything, you are younger than most and even much weaker demons can overcome you with a lucky shot." Lucus told him and Harry didn't miss the lingering threat in his words. "According to your father you should possess the ability to create illusions like I do in addition to your fire matrixes and Shimmering. You should also be able to sense magic like you did in order to follow my Shimmer trail. Your father also said that you were a telepath but since I know little of that you will have to work it out for yourself."

Harry nodded obediently knowing that he wanted to start with his more active powers and Lucus seemed to agree. "We had best get your dangerous powers under control first. First of all you need to realise that your powers are emotion based. Once you learn the triggers it is easy to yield them. I'm only going to teach you how to access your magic, learning the skill needed is up to you."

Harry nodded and their training began.


Two months later

Harry stood in silence in the centre of the main chamber of the Order of Caete Ruin with his mentor behind him. He had trained under the supervision of Lucus for two months and could now fully control his powers, though Lucus didn't realise that whilst honing his powers that Lucus knew about he had honed his others too. Most important was that of telepathy. Whilst meditating to sense magic both in the Underworld and on the surface he had accidentally connected with a Darklighter's mind. It had been painful to remember since the Darklighter had been stabbed moments later but Harry had gotten a taste for the ability and had honed it ever since. He had also discovered a certain talent for telekinesis, an advancement of his telepathy but he hadn't been able to practice it under Lucus' scrutiny.

It was because of his telepathy that he now had a mental fortress that rivalled the best and knew Lucus' intentions long before the Demon walked silently up behind Harry. Lucus was only helping him because he owed Darius an oath that would kill him if he didn't complete it but now that Harry could easily be called fully trained Lucus planned to stab him with an Athame and steal his powers. Something that Harry didn't really think was fair since he had only just become a Demon and hadn't had any fun yet.

A Fire Matrix appeared above Harry's hand and just as Lucus tried to plunge the knife into Harry's back Harry twisted to the side and Lucus stumbled straight into the Fire Matrix. Lucus was vanquished in an instant with a horrified look on his face as he fireballed outwards as the force of his own power was released. "Pity." Harry muttered, "Now I don't have anyone to practice on."

Harry smirked thinking that he could probably just go capture a Witch to practice his skills on and just before he shimmered out he thought about what he used to be like with his pointless and ridiculous notion that he had to save people that couldn't help themselves. Times had changed.


Six months later

Harry lingered in the back of the crowd of Demons with his hood over his head. Six months of mercenary work had led him to this moment. His ultimate revenge on the Wizarding World. He had visited the Wizarding World several times over the six months since he had ventured out into the world but it was only this time that he had snuck into a meeting being held by a group of thirty Demons.

They were currently discussing the worth of assisting Voldemort in a raid on the Wizarding shopping district of Diagon Alley. "Why should we do such a thing? What is there for us to gain?" A low level Demon in the front called out.

Harry sighed and began to walk towards the front allowing the others to part for him as they sensed his power, he was easily the most powerful there. "Why not?" He asked loud enough for all of them to here. "It's as good a reason as any to kill."

"But why should be risk getting killed for a mortal?" The Demon asked loudly again.

"Don't risk getting killed for a mortal then." Harry raised his sleeve to show the tattoo of the Order of Caete Ruin. "Risk it for me."

There was a wave of muttering, the Underworld was leaderless at the moment, and it was well known that if a leader was to rise it was equally possible to come out of the remnants of the Order of Caete Ruin as it was to come from anywhere else. The chance to get into this Demon's good books was too good to pass up.

"What times does the attack begin?" Harry asked the group.

"In a few minutes." One of the told him, he didn't much care who they are. He paused as he carefully looked over the heads at them all and reaching into his magic to sense if there were any surprises among them that he should be aware of but found nothing but their numerous different abilities. There definitely wasn't any upper level Demons there.

"Let's go then." Harry shimmered out of the cavern leaving them all to follow hurriedly in their own way.


Halliwell Manor

"Are you sure you saw sticks firing light beams?" Chris asked in surprise as he finished listening to Phoebe's explanation of her dream to her family. She nodded.

"Spill it Chris!" Piper ordered their neurotic Whitelighter. He'd just spilled the beans on the fact that her baby son was the future of all Evil and she wasn't at all pleased with him regardless of the sympathy she felt for him because of his fiancé's recent death.

"They're called Wizards." He told them. "I knew a few in the future but there wasn't much left of their world. Supposedly a lot of them died in a battle that hasn't happened yet between them and the Demonic World and it crippled their world." Chris lectured.

"So we should help them?" Phoebe asked. "I mean they were being slaughtered. We have to do something."

"Against that many attackers?" Paige frowned. "Didn't you say that some of the Wizards were attacking each other."

"I got the premonition for a reason so I have to do something even if it is just to save an innocent." Phoebe pointed out.

"But did you see a specific death that you think you should prevent?" Leo asked from where he held Wyatt.

"Well no, there were just so many." Phoebe said.

"Well if we're going we need the most powerful potions you have." Chris told them seriously.

"We need to hurry, whatever we have ready will have to do." The three sisters scrambled for the potions on the table in the centre of the attic as Phoebe spoke.

"Leo, can you look after Wyatt for me?" Piper asked.

"Of course." Leo gave Chris a warning look to express the pain he would be in if anything happened to them. "I'll take him up there so I can tell the others about this." He vanished into a pillar of orbs which filtered up through the ceiling.

"Ok, try to dodge the spells…er…light beams but especially don't get anywhere close to any green ones because they'll kill you instantly and you can't block them." Chris told them before grabbing Piper's hand and preparing to orb across the world. "Just focus on the Demons and let the Wizards fight it out."

The others nodded with pale looks and he orbed out with Piper whilst Paige followed with Phoebe.


Diagon Alley

Harry had to admit that he was enjoying himself immensely as he sent a fire matrix into the potions supplier and watched as the warding collapsed and the building exploded outwards as the fire ignited the potions ingredients. The five Wizards taking cover in the front of the store were swallowed by the flames as well as the four Death Eaters closest.

His hood was still up as he stood in the centre of the chaos not far from Voldemort and his inner circle of two silver masked Death Eaters. He spotted a mop of red hair in the crowd of 'light' Wizards and smirked gleefully before leaving a fire matrix to float beside his head as he reached up and slowly lowered his hood to his shoulders so that the smoky light could reach his face.

The Demons and himself had materialised all throughout the battle which had evidently been going on for half an hour or so and had surprised and horrified the 'light' Wizards as they started burning anything and anybody in reach by throwing fire out of the hands not to mention the numerous other attacks throughout the street.

Harry watched from a distance as Albus Dumbledore managed to kill one of the Demons with a bolt of magic that actually smoked as it left his wand and Harry watched as another fell from a combined barrage of spells from where Neville, Ron and Hermione stood.

Harry gestured to a group of Demons and they shimmered over to him in an instant. "Bring me those four, preferably without their wands." Whereas the Demons had thus far been more bothered with general destruction they were much more dangerous if they went for a particular person with all their might as in this case.

Two of them were killed by Albus during the struggle but the other five subdued the four of them and shimmered to Harry's side. Harry glanced at Voldemort with a small lift of his eyebrow and the Wizard started to make his way to them. Harry dismissed the other Demons carelessly and they shimmered away from the peaceful section of the battle field.

"I don't know why you are having trouble with these ones, Voldemort. With the exception of the old man they seem rather weak." Harry smirked as Ron bolted forwards with his hand going for a second wand. Harry lifted his own hand and a fire matrix appeared and leapt towards him. Ron back-pedalled and found the fire matrix hanging in front of his nose. "Tut Tut mortal. Learn your place."

He listened with half a heart as Voldemort bragged about their deaths as he stared at Neville with a sneer. The boy didn't want to be the Saviour anymore than he did and Harry knew through his telepathy that he would much rather be with his plants than here. Ron and Hermione just wanted to be in the spotlight and fighting beside the saviour meant that if Neville got lucky they could take some of the credit.

He met Albus' eye at one point and rather brutally shoved the man's mind away from him sending the man onto his hands and knees in pain. "Stay out of my mind, mortal."

"See the power of my new allies, old fool!" Voldemort bragged. "It's a shame really that you wont live to see them burn through your beloved ministry in my name."

He was interrupted from saying more as Harry caught sight of two orb trails appearing to his right. Four figures appeared from them and his Demons stopped fighting to stare at them. "The Charmed Ones!" One yelled before four of his Demons launched fireballs at them. Harry turned his side to his captives for a moment to watch his four Demons as two exploded to a power and the other two were killed by potions. The only male in the group set another group of Death Eaters and Demons back with a strong wave of telekinesis.

"Who are they?" Voldemort growled out.

"Wicca Witches, our enemies. I'm not worried about them though." Harry spun back to his captives after nodding to a few Demons that had lingered near him. They shimmered out and the remaining fifteen Demons vanished leaving only Harry behind. "I told you I would fight your enemies but not my own."

Voldemort growled as he saw potions strike two of his Death Eaters burning them to a crisp in an instant. "What are you still doing here then?" Hermione asked him with disgust.

"Keep that mouth of your closed." Harry growled back. "I'm still here because watching Wicca Witches killing Wizards is amusing."

"Stop them!" Voldemort yelled at him as Harry made no attempt to protect his Death Eaters from the Wicca Witches.

"Why?" Harry ducked a curse from Voldemort but the distraction cost Voldemort as Dumbledore grabbed at Ron's spare wand still on the floor and jumped to his feet. Voldemort turned his attention back to Dumbledore and a duel started.

Harry in the meantime was keeping an eye on Neville, Ron and Hermione all the while watching as the Charmed Ones got closer to him. There were very few Death Eaters left and Harry found himself respecting their magic if not their position as Good Witches.

A movement out of the corner of his eye made him raise his left hand to stop a stray curse from Dumbledore. A Fire Matrix took care of the spell and another flick up his hand had Dumbledore, Neville, Ron and Hermione hanging in the air by their throats. Voldemort took the opportunity to send a Killing Curse at Dumbledore. In an instant Harry decided that he would let Voldemort take his revenge since he planned to kill Dumbledore here anyway.

The spell hit the old Wizard in the chest and he collapsed to the ground as Harry released him. The screams and cries of the winning 'light' Wizard were enough to make Harry smile and the entire fight came to a grinding halt as the Wicca Witches joined them in their circle of peace.

Voldemort moved to kill the three still strung up but Harry sent his wand skittering across the ground and away from them. "You Wizards are so pathetic." Harry laughed loudly as he spoke, he knew he had the attention of all there but he had yet to turn to fully face the Wicca Witches now that they were close enough to actually see him. He released the three captives and they began drawing in air as fast as possible.

"Do you really think that Demons would serve you, Voldemort?" Harry smirked as he turned to face the Wizard that had killed his adoptive parents. A fire Matrix appeared in front of him and a second joined it.

"No!" He ignored the cry from one of the Wicca Witches and sent the two Fire Matrix barrelling into the Dark Lord obliterating him from existence in an instant.

Harry chuckled as he turned back to face the three ex-friends who had been joined by the four Wicca Witches. He could sense Whitelighter blood in the young man and also one of the Charmed Ones but he had already known about her. A gasp of recognition exploded from the man's mouth as he stared at Harry.

"Step away from them, Charmed Ones and I wont have to kill you too." Harry told them.

"Phoebe, I think you better do what he says." The man told her as he tried to grab her hand with his own, probably to attempt to orb her out.

"What!?" Phoebe almost rounded on the man at this suggestion and Harry took the opportunity. He gestured with two of his fingers and all four of the standing adults were sent backwards onto the ground.

"Like I said, I am not your enemy and you don't want to be allies to these traitors here either." Harry spoke as he gestured again and Neville, Ron and Hermione were raised up bodily. They stared at him in panic as they tried to free themselves.

"Who are you?" Phoebe gasped as she stood up.

"You don't want to know." The man muttered under his breath but Harry heard him all the same.

"How do you know me?" Harry asked in irritation. "I have never met you."

A small smirk appeared on one of the other witch's lips. "But I bet you will right?"

The man nodded but Harry cut any more chatter off. "Enough of this, I have things to do here and if you don't leave now then I might change my mind about what to do with you four."

Harry raised his hand and a fire matrix appeared over his open hand. "No!" Phoebe yelled out again.

"Phoebe! No!" The man cried out in horror. Everything happened in an instant, Phoebe threw a potion at Harry to stop him from killing the trio and the young man leapt at her to orb her away. Harry jerked his hand to the side and the fire matrix flew sideways and exploded as it hit the potion vial.

Harry swung his other hand around and the trio went flying through the wall of the nearest building as his telekinetic powers sent the vials thrown by the other two sisters to the side where they struck two 'light' Wizards in the chest consuming them both in flames. Harry sent Phoebe jerking backwards with another wave of telekinetic power and was about to send a Fire Matrix to kill her when the young man jumped in between them.

"That wont stop me." Harry pointed out as another Fire Matrix appeared over his hand.

"You're not like this in the future." The man told him. "You wouldn't kill her then and I'm asking you to let us leave now. We wont come looking for you. I promise."

Harry snuffed out the magic by closing his fist. "I'll let you go this once but only because I'm not interesting in you four." Harry glanced at the other two. "Leave now before I change my mind."

The four of them burst into orbs as the two part Whitelighters took the other two away with them. Harry glanced around at the shocked 'light' Wizards and sneered. They watched their leader die at his hands then they watched their greatest enemy fall to the same Demon and suddenly they can no longer fight even though there were more than a hundred of them and only one of him.

He sent a Fire Matrix straight at the doors of Olivander's wands before shimmering away feeling the huge explosion that resulted in so many wands being burnt in one instant.


Halliwell Manor

The three sisters fell onto the sofa of the attic with very pale faces. Chris leaned against the wall in shock as his thoughts gained control over his body and he began to rethink his decision not to attack Damien in this time.

"Leo!" Piper called out making Chris come back into reality. Leo appeared in the middle of the room with Wyatt in his arms and instantly gave him to Piper.

"What happened?" Leo asked.

"Nothing good." Phoebe sighed as she pulled herself up. "I think we need to find out who that was."

"Who?" Leo asked.

"The Demon that just tossed us around like we'd only been practicing magic for a year." Paige told him rather sarcastically. "He was leading a group of Demons but as soon as we killed a few he sent them away and ignored us. It wasn't until Phoebe threw a potion at him that he attacked us."

"Wait!" Leo held up his hands. "Perhaps you'd better start from the beginning."

"We arrived in London and the Demons attacked us. We killed a few before Chris started directing us up to the top of the road where there was a lull in the fighting." Piper started. "After a while we noticed the Demons' Leader sending the others away and we only had to face the Wizards as we battled our way up to the top."

"This demented looking Wizard was fighting a Wizard he called Dumbledore but it didn't seem like either of them were winning. The Demon was just standing there without a care watching the fight around us as we tried to get up there." Paige told them. "We arrived just as the Demon strung the old Wizard and three children up by their throats and let, Voldemort I think he was called, kill the old man."

"The Demon stopped Voldemort from killing the children though and after laughing in his face about Demons not serving Wizards he sent two Fire Matrixes into Voldemort and killed him." Phoebe took over. "We tried to help the three younger Wizards but the Demon just warned us away before sending us flying. He strung them up again and was about to kill them so I threw a potion at him. He destroyed it before sending me flying."

"Are you ok?" Leo suddenly interrupted.

"Yeah, Chris talked him out of killing me." Phoebe nodded. "Wait how did you do that?"

"You sounded like you knew him." Piper glared suspiciously. "I think your exact words were 'You're not like this in the future. You wouldn't kill her then and I'm asking you not to now.' You promised we wouldn't go after him."

The four rounded on him but he just shrugged though he was obviously covering something up. He walked to the Book of Shadows and opened it to a page about three quarters of the way through. "The Demon is a member of the Order of Caete Ruin."

Leo went very pale and gasped and the three sisters turned to look at him in confusion. Leo decided to explain. "The Order of Caete Ruin were a group made up of the most powerful Demons in the Underworld. Now it is a bare remnant but anyone that can claim their heritage is a Demon you're better off running from unless all three of you are ready for him."

"So we need a Power of Three spell to kill him?" Piper asked.

"No!" Chris told them rather involuntarily. "He isn't Evil in the future and if you attack him you might prevent him from turning Good."

"He's a Demon, Chris."

Chris sighed before sagging ever so slightly. "He was born in 1980 and was raised as a Wizard until he came into his Demonic Powers in 1997."

"He's only seventeen?" Piper frowned remembering how he had thrown them around.

"Age doesn't mean anything to Demonic Powers just the experience you gain. If he's Caete Ruin then he'll have had training." Leo told them. "Even so I think you should Vanquish him as soon as possible."

"You can't!" Chris told them. "He spent twenty years Evil but he never came after the Charmed Ones. We became friends in the future because he was against Wyatt's rule over the Demons. If you make a move against him while he's Evil he'll come after you for revenge."

"Revenge for what?" Phoebe frowned as she caught his words.

"Because this is his father." Chris sighed before spinning the pedestal. "Vanquished by Penny Halliwell just after Damien was born. At the moment he is too busy with destroying the Wizards to come looking to avenge him and according to my timeline by the time he finishes with them he wont care about you but if you provoke him he just might."

"Even so, Chris…" Phoebe started.

"No, Phoebe." Chris interrupted her. "He has some good in him from his upbringing."

"Perhaps we should try to work on his good side then and turn him good now?" Piper suggested.

"I don't like it." Leo stated. "We got an alert about a large explosion in London a few seconds before you called me. His last attack killed over a hundred Wizards and has started a fire in the normal parts of London."

Chris sighed before orbing away knowing that they wouldn't listen to him.


End Chapter