It's finally over. This is a short chapter, being that it is an epilogue, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

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This was originally supposed to be a one shot, and the first chapter turned out to be long enough so I decided to split it into 3 parts at first, and then 5. It was never intended to be a well thought out, multi chaptered fiction. All of the inconsistencies just need to be over looked, because I didn't really plan all that well for a "one shot", who does?

And no… I was never raped, or incestuous, or abused. So no I'm not working out my issues in my stories, thank you very much. Rolls eyes.

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Words: 3,522

Chapter 5

It Takes Two

May 23rd 1998.

They looked stunning in their matching white robes. There was a golden cord wrapped around Harry's waist, and a similar silver one around Lucius'. Both men stood side-by-side, hands clasped lightly, fingers interwoven. Harry had three weeks left of his pregnancy, and his wedding robes had been cut specially to fall delicately around the swell of his abdomen, emphasising the unborn child.

Harry's free hand rested lightly on his stomach, and Lucius' hung limply by his own side. The blond man had to fight with himself to stop his fingers from clenching and unclenching the fabric of his robes in nervousness. There was nothing to be nervous about. This was Harry's third wedding; Harry's second to Lucius, and this time there could be nothing that would go wrong. The third time was the charm, after all? Or at least that's what Lucius was mentally telling himself as Albus Dumbledore proclaimed them husband and bonded.

Harry squeezed his hand lightly, obviously knowing the types of thoughts that were running rampant in Lucius' mind. The blond turned his head, a soft smile of his lips, before he lent down and captured Harry's mouth in a sweet kiss.

"I love you," he breathed as he pulled back. His free hand was pressed over Harry's, pushing on the boy's stomach. "Both of you."

"I love you too," Harry said softly, leaning up to steal another kiss as all around them their guests clapped and cheered.

"Congratulations!" Hermione cried as she launched herself towards them. She wrapped Harry within her arms, hugging him tightly and said, "I'm so happy for you. Congratulations, you finally get your happily ever after!"

Harry pressed a kiss to her cheek and then peeling her off of him. He moved back to lean against Lucius, a wide grin on his face, and Lucius' arms came around his waist, holding him gently. "Yeah. And this time it's forever," Harry promised her, and himself. Nothing was taking him away from Lucius again, nothing, he mentally promised. Lucius' arms tightened around him, and a swift kiss was pressed to the top of his head.

"On behalf of the Houses of Malfoy and Potter and Black, I thank you for your felicitous greeting." Lucius ducked into a bow, as much as he could with Harry still held to his chest, "and I wish you the very best in matrimony of your own." Hermione blushed at the insinuation, as Lucius' eyes cut sideways to land on a certain redhead.

Ron came beside them, frowning, as Hermione turned away from him with her face red. "What's wrong with her?" He whispered at Harry, who just shrugged. "Congratulations from the House of Weasley. We wish you both the very best, and," he paused to throw an arm around Harry's shoulders, very nearly hitting Lucius in the face, "we hope your child is happy, healthy and strong." Harry frowned at the blessing, eyebrows furrowed. He knew it was customary for Purebloods to greet each other like that during weddings, funerals, or birthing ceremonies, but he still didn't understand some of the phrasing, despite how Lucius had tried to teach him.

Hermione smiled softly, eyes softening as they glanced over her confused friend and his amused husband. "He means, magically strong, Harry. Ron wants the child to have magic."

Harry's mouth made an 'o' of understanding, and he pulled away from Lucius to wrap his own arms around Ron's shoulders. "Thanks, mate," he said, whispering against the redhead's neck.

"Your welcome." He paused, a wicked glint entering his eyes. "So when's the honeymoon? Not like you need it, mind you, with a baby on the way already, but," he cut himself off with a shrug, still smiling.

Harry blushed bright red, and beside him, Draco appeared laughing. "They've decided to wait until after the NEWTs. Father is taking Harry to the Caribbean for a month."

"After the NEWTs?" Hermione questioned, trying to work out the dates in her head. "But Harry!"

"I'll be back for my birthday, Mione. I promise." He smiled warmly at her again. "I just hope the baby waits until after the exams are over. Merlin I do not want to go into labour in the middle of one of them!"

"It would be typical of you mate." Ron said with a teasing wink. "Attention seeking prat that you are." Harry scowled, and nudged him with an elbow. "Ok, I take it back. It'd be typical of a Malfoy though, right? You hear that baby Malfoy? Do your parents proud!"

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione screeched.

"I was joking, I was joking!" He exclaimed, ducking away from her hand as she tried to hit him several times.

"On that note," Lucius drawled, taking Harry by the elbow. "There are many other guests to greet, Harry. We shouldn't let the Weasleys keep you to themselves all night." Hermione once again blushed, as her name wasn't mentioned. Ron looked offended on her behalf, but she silenced him before he could speak. She knew Lucius was only mocking her in jest, laughing at her for one day marrying into Ron's family, but she didn't think it was a good idea to explain that to Ron before he had even asked her.

She watched the couple. Lucius led Harry around the garden, under the marquee, and back inside for a few moments to cut the cake, before they came into the garden again. All the while, they stopped and spoke and laughed with any one who got their attention, or who spoke to them first, or wished them well. When the music started to play, Harry dragged the blond man towards the cordoned off dance area. Despite being over eight-months pregnant, and the size of a beached whale, and not being able to walk properly, Harry was still determined to enjoy his wedding dance with his new (or old, depending on how you looked at it) husband.

When it was time for the photos to be taken, Harry was smiling as widely as Hermione had ever seen him. It had taken the best part of a year, but Harry was reunited with his rightful lover, married again and so very happy.

Hermione couldn't have been more pleased for him if she tried.


June 5th 1998.

Draco's 18th birthday party was going amazingly well so far. Sure, his stepfather hadn't been able to make it, but Draco could over look that. Harry was pregnant and exhausted, and with the NEWTs and his labour coming up soon, Harry needed all the rest he could get. Draco wouldn't begrudge him that. He had appeared for the family dinner, and for the photographs and posed for the artist who had come to paint their new family portrait (one of Harry pregnant and one after, with the baby, as was always the way) but when the actual party started, he had begged to be allowed to go lie down.

Draco sighed.

His father was talking to some obviously important person by the fireplace, both of them chuckling but not quite smiling, and Draco was surrounded by a group of his friends. It wasn't that he wasn't happy, he was. But he had gotten used to being with Harry almost 24/7, and so it seemed, had Lucius. The elder blond kept glancing towards the doors, eyes narrowing whenever someone entered just in case it was his dark haired husband.

Draco missed Harry too. The boy was a part of their family, and he did love his friend very much, just not in the way you should love someone you marry. But he had grown used to being married to Harry, to sharing everything that was his and having Harry seek comfort from him, of spending time together nearly every moment of the day and of being a part of Harry's pregnancy. Draco knew the child wasn't his, and he was fine with that, because really, fathering a child on his cousin and the love of his father's life would have been weird! Imagine trying to explain that family tree.

It was more the companionship Draco missed. Being near someone so often, being a major part of their life in the way he had been for the last few months, helping with the baby and things like that. He had felt important and wanted, but never loved. It would be nice, he mused, to have all of that with someone who actually loved him in the way Harry loved his father.

"Knut for your thoughts?" A soft voice from beside him asked. She was pretty, actually, beautiful would be a better word to describe her. Long blond hair curled down to her shoulders in soft waves, framing a petit but well proportioned face. Ivory skin glowed faintly in the firelight, and as she smiled at him blue eyes sparkled. "Happy birthday, Draco. I'm Astoria."

"Daphne's sister?" Draco asked softly, holding his hand out for hers. She placed her hand lightly in his and he raised it to his mouth for a kiss. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss. Greengrass."

"Astoria, please, if you wouldn't mind? And if I could call you Draco, I'd be most delighted?" She asked boldly, a smile on his lips.

Draco felt a blush rise into his cheeks. The way she was looking at him made butterflies grow in his stomach, and Draco couldn't help but think that it was a similar look to the one his father shot Harry's way sometimes. "Astoria it is," Draco promised, dropping forward into a regal bow. The blond girl, for she was only 16, flushed heavily, but managed to bat her eyelashes coyly at the Malfoy heir regardless. "And if you called me Draco, it is I who would be delighted."

"Would you care to dance?" She whispered, even as her gaze moved away to glance over at Lucius and his companion. The man who Draco recognized as Daphne's father, and consequently Astoria's father, nodded his head in acceptance.

At the other man's nod, Draco held out his hand. "You took the words out of my mouth."


June 18th 1998.

There were seven different NEWT examinations a student could take, though on average they only took about four or five each. The exams were stretched out over a two-week period, between June 10th and June 25th, Mondays to Saturdays. Harry had five exams to complete.

He was on his second last one when a horrible pain suddenly came over him. His hand dropped his quill, choosing instead to clutch at his stomach, as he doubled over gasping. He had been suffering from cramps during the course of the night, but he had ignored them, choosing instead to focus on his last minute revision. This was his last exam for the near future. His very last exam wasn't set to take place till the 24th, so he had almost a week between then and now. His Healer had said the baby probably wouldn't come until the week between exams, but it seemed the baby was going to be as contrary as Ron had predicted.

With another cry, Harry launched himself out of his chair, hanging on to the end of his desk with white knuckled fingers. "I need- I need to go to the Infirmary. P-Please, I need t-to go."

One of the exam-room attendants came towards him, and Harry reached out with a trembling hand to grab her arm. "It's ok, young man," she told him softly. "Let's get you out of here. Come on now." She began leading him towards the door, and Harry leant heavily on her the entire way to the Hospital Wing.

Madam Pomfrey took one look at him, pale and trembling and clutching at his stomach and immediately had him Portkeyed to St. Mungos Hospital. He wasn't allowed to floo or apparate, and it would take far too long to fly there. Harry didn't understand the ward-system in the hospital, and no one had fire called Lucius, or summoned any of his friends out of their exams (which he supposed was fair enough), but damn it, he was in pain and he was lost.

"Please, I think I'm in labour," he said as a man in blue robes passed him in the corridor. He hunched over, groaning, and the man reached for him.

"My word!" He gasped, "Harry Potter!" Harry cringed, knowing his luck he'd stumbled across some rabid fan of his. Instead of gushing over him, as Harry thought he would, the Wizard swept Harry up into his arms, and began carrying him bridal style to the nearest elevator. "We weren't expecting you for sometime. First children are nearly always late, Mr. Malfoy."1 Harry was placed gently down onto a bed, surrounded by Medi-staff and surgical instruments. "I'm Healer McAdams, and I'll be performing your Caesarean Section."

Harry gasped, struggling to sit up in the bed. "What? A Section?"

"Yes, it's a Muggle procedure. I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly, I've only done three, but they were all Purebloods and well, their pronunciation wouldn't have been better than mine. You're Muggle raised, aren't you? Did I say it right?" He questioned Harry. All the while, he was stripping off his blue robes, and replacing it with what scarily looked like a butchers apron. Harry could feel his heart hammering in his chest. Healer McAdams bypassed the scalpels and forceps and instead raised his wand.

"You said it right." Harry said, forcing the words out through trembling lips. "But why am I having a Section?"

"Well how else do you think it'll come out, Mr Malfoy? Honestly, did your Healer not tell you?" In all honesty, Harry had been so upset about his marriage to Draco and the fact that he was having Lucius' baby after divorcing the man that he had been a bit negligent when it came to attending his pre-natal check ups. Instead of telling the Healer this, though, Harry merely shook his head. "Well, when rather strong sex magic is created or practised, a temporary uterus forms in the receiver, which would be you. Once fully formed, it closes itself off, so there is no entrance or exit through which the baby might come to harm. Did you notice your waters never broke? You don't actually have any. We'll remove the temporary uterus along with the infant, much similar to a woman birthing the placenta."

"Oh," Harry said softly.

With a wave of the Healer's wand, Harry's outer robes and shirt were gone. "We're going to give you a numbing potion, and Madam Hewitt," a blond Witch smiled over at him and handed him a vial, which he obediently drank, "is going to rub this lotion on your stomach. After which, we will begin the procedure. Are you waiting for anyone? It's usually best to start immediately. We wouldn't want to cause unnecessary stress to the child."

"I want Lucius!" Harry shouted, alarmed at the thought of having the baby without the man nearby. "Please! I want Lucius!"

The door swung open, and another Healer bustled inside, with Lucius following him. "Now we can start," Healer Jamesson said, a warm grin stretching over his face. "Take a deep breath please Harry."

Harry breathed in, and Healer McAdams slashed his wand through the air. A cut appeared under Harry's bellybutton and began growing downwards in a straight line for about three inches. When the cut stopped growing, the Healer held his wand steady and muttered another spell, presumably to sanitise the wound. Healer Jamesson reached down, his hands pressing against the wound first, and then inside, and Harry groaned at the horrible squirming feeling of fingers within his stomach.

He looked away, his eyes meeting Lucius' wide grey ones, and the blond smiled reassuringly down at him. "I love you," Lucius whispered.

As Harry opened his mouth to reply, a cry filled the air. Both men looked towards Healer Jamesson, who was holding a wriggling newborn, healthy and pink and crying its lungs out. Medi-Witch Hewitt took the child to be cleaned up, and while the baby was gone, both of the Healer's eased closed the incision on Harry's stomach, until not even a scar remained.

"Congratulations," the Witch said, handing over the blue wrapped bundle. "A boy."

"Have you decided on a name?" Healer McAdams asked.

Harry held the baby tight against his chest, and the infant nuzzled at one of Harry's nipples, seeking milk that wasn't there. The Medi-Witch held a bottle towards the small family, and Harry took it gratefully. "I was thinking," he said, looking up at Lucius. "Could we name him after Sirius?"

"Sirius Lucien Malfoy, it is then." Lucius smiled wider, bending down to press a kiss to the top of Harry's head. They had agreed on the name 'Lucien' very early on in the pregnancy.

"Actually, I was thinking of Orion. It was Sirius' middle name."

When Orion finished feeding, Harry offered the child to his other father. Lucius perched on the edge of the bed, carefully taking his new son from Harry's arms and cradling him gently. "A perfect name," Lucius whispered.

"Perfect," Harry agreed. He looked down at the wedding ring on his finger, and then over at his husband and child, and couldn't find any other word to describe his life better.


July 31st 1998.

The Graduation ceremony was held on June 26th, the day after the final NEWT examination. While not everyone may have passed their exams, they were still allowed to dress in formal robes and attend the two hour long ceremony, filled with tedious speeches, and fancy finger foods, where parents cooed over one another's children without meaning a word of it and where the rich and the influential planned to marry off each other's children.

The day following, Lucius brought Harry on their honeymoon. Draco had offered to take care of Orion, but neither of the new parents could bear to part with their son so soon (though Lucius would never admit it out loud). Instead, a house elf had accompanied them, and while Harry and Lucius took care of the child at night and in the evenings, the house elf was a more than willing babysitter during the day, while Lucius showed Harry the time of his life.

Their honeymoon lasted exactly one month. When they arrived back at the International Transportation Centre on July 27th, nearly everyone Harry knew was waiting for him.

"Welcome home," Draco had whispered, pulling the other young man into a hug. "We've missed you." He took Orion then, hugged and greeted his younger brother, before handing him to the next person in line, and moving to greet Lucius. "I've missed you too, father," he said softly enough so that no one else would hear.

Lucius squeezed Draco's shoulder lightly, a soft smile on his face. "It is good to be home."

And now it was Harry's 18th birthday. He had received his NEWTs results, and had done very well. He had passed all five of them, and the only one he had done remotely badly on, was the same exam he had gone into labour during. But that had been expected since he had left without answering half of the questions, but maybe he would retake the exam sometime in the future? But Harry supposed it didn't really matter all that much in the scheme of things.

Voldemort was gone for good. He was happy, with Lucius and Draco and Orion. He was home and safe and loved. All of his friends were crowded into the dining room at Malfoy Manor, and Molly Weasley had baked him one of her exquisite apple turnover cakes especially for his birthday.

He stood at the top of the room, his month old son in his arms, and Lucius at his side. Draco stood at Lucius' other side; both blond's looking cold but handsome. Harry and Orion wore huge smiles, cheeks hurting from laughter, but they were happy and didn't want to hide that fact. Cameras flashes, and Lucius tugged Harry against his side, pressing a kiss to the boy's hair as the photos were taken.

At the other end of the room was the portrait that had begun being painted on Draco's 18th birthday, and all three family members (despite one still being pregnant) looked resplendent and pleased.

Presents and food filled the two tables in the room, and Harry looked around, at his friends and his best (and only second) birthday party ever.

This had all started out so complicated, so difficult. Being in the Wizarding World, being friends with Draco, or being in love with Lucius. But now it wasn't. It didn't matter that he was the Boy-Who-Lived: no one was hunting him now. Being in love with an ex-Death Eater was no longer important to him. There was nothing wrong with Harry's life anymore. He was so very happy, and he couldn't be more content. Everything he had ever wanted, he had. Friends, family, children, someone who loved him: he had it all. Everything was perfect.

And being a Black had never been less complicated.



1 – I was an entire month late. My mum officially hates me! :P Most first babies are only a few days to a fortnight late.

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