AN: Ok, I love the Mummy...Imhotep is delicious and I just love Egypt, it's so easy for me to get immersed and addicted to that world. So here's a short story I just finished editing, it's all done, and is just waiting to be posted...installments will be updated daily on Tuesdays. I hope that ya'll enjoy the angle I've taken on this, it's written in a narrative of Anck-su-namun and Imhotep's love and how it grew. I would love to hear your opinions on the onto this first and brief chapter.

What Lay Hidden...Forbidden

Sunlight. Bronze sands. Biting winds. Intense heat. This is home. This is Egypt.

On a balcony, overlooking the scene of Thebes, stands the beautiful sculpted body of Anck-su-namun. But her heart and soul, are elsewhere; they are wherever Imhotep is. Her mind is the only thing that tells her body to react to the touch of the Pharaoh Seti. Her lord, her future husband, her captor, the god who will inhabit her. He will find this temple empty when we are wed, she thinks as he kisses her. She does her duty, kissing him back, caressing his worn face with her long, smooth fingers. It is not that he is an evil or harsh man, he simply does not hold her heart as Imhotep, the High Priest of Osiris, does. Anck kisses the Pharaoh harder as she tries to push Imhotep from her mind. She cannot reveal her heart, it would be death. Not that she has a reason to live…but Imhotep…he would surely be killed as well. No. She will lie for the rest of a long life just to keep him safe.