What Lay Hidden...Forbidden

Come! Come! Come! And kiss me when I die,
For life, compelling life, is in thy breath;
And at that kiss, though in the tomb I lie,
I will arise and break the bands of Death.

- Excerpt from A Woman's Lost Love, Egyptian love poem

(date unknown)

Imhotep looked out from his balcony and watched Seti kiss Anck goodbye. A bitter taste came to his mouth as he looked at the scene darkly. He turned away and let his eyes flow over his chambers; the gold was dull, the ebony statues lacked luster, everything looked duller now that Anck was no longer there. He closed his eyes and a satisfied smile spread across his features as he remembered her golden skin, silver in the moonlight, turning golden again in the morning sun, her soft voice, her sultry eyes; a radiant goddess. He would hold her again he told himself and someday, somehow, at any cost, he would be the only one to do so.


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