10 Things We Love About Dean

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10 Things We Love About Dean

One: He's great shirtless… or with a shirt. But we prefer shirtless.

Two: He's great with kids. (Think getting Lucas to talk!)

Three: He's got a great body… we mean he has a great Impala which has a great body.

Four: He's handy. (Think making his own EMF! My boyfriend can't do that; what about yours?)

Five: He's a great big brother. The Nair incident was just an accident. (But some of us think that it was John's evil work!)

Six: He has excellent music taste. (Mullet rock rocks!)

Seven: He has a heart of gold. (I mean, who else gets upset when they kill someone – even if it was to save Sammy?)

Eight: How many other guys do you know that know several different uses for salt – besides food flavoring? (Even if the reasons are a little eccentric…)

Nine: The guilt complex. Just totally hot. What else can we say?

Ten: Reasons one through nine.