Heaven Sends, Heaven Takes


Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone that has to relate to WWE. Everything goes to Vince McMahon

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairings: JohnLita

Superstars/Divas shown: John Cena, Amy Dumas, & Vince McMahon

Chapter One: Never Leave Without Saying 'I Love You'

Silence was between them. Not one word was spoken between the two for the past twenty minutes of anger and hateful words that was broken out. The young WWE World Champion and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight. Lita had accused John Cena of flirting with another girl. Her arch enemy in fact; Trish Stratus. But the blue-eyed man denied everything. They had been together over two years since today. When they should be celebrating, the happy mood was ruined by jealous.

Both athletes were in their suite. Lita sat on the bed wiping away the black tears stained onto her cheek. Her hazel eyes were red from crying and hurting as well. John was out on the balcony looking out at the great view of Philadelphia just merely thinking to himself.

It was quiet; all you could possibly hear was a pin dropping to the ground. But instead, Lita spoke up.

"I'm going to the arena with Melina and Nitro." She let him know. "I think we need some space for today."

"Okay." John said barely audible. Though Lita caught it. She took her bags and headed for the door.

"I love you." John said before she could leave.

Lita just stood there for a second letting the words come to her. Her heart still hurt with all the pain that was inflicted. She wanted to say it back, but couldn't. Something inside of her was holding it all. And so Lita then continued on her way.


Later on in the night, a match was announced that John Cena was going against Randy Orton. There was a problem; no one could find John.

Lita looked all over for him but no such luck. Walking down the halls, she bumped into Vince.

"Sir, do you know where John Cena is?" she asked him.

"He's dead." Vince said.

Lita's eyes widen "What?"

"John was killed in a car crash just now." Vince reported. "He went head on and collided with another car."

She could believe it. Her love was gone. And she couldn't do anything about it. All kinds of emotions started building up inside her.

Hazel eyes started bubbling up with water. "He can't be… I mean… how?"

"I'm sorry Amy. He's gone." Vince said.

He passed her going to the curtains that lead to the ring. Lita started choking up with more tears. Why couldn't she just say those simple three words that might of just save her love's life….?