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Leo stretched upwards as he exited the Dojo, his joints making loud popping noises as he arched back. Donatello made an annoyed face as he paused in typing at the computer, before turning to his older brother, "Do you mind?"

Leo blinked, staring at Don for a bit, grinning slightly, "Sorry."

Master Splinter exited his bedroom, an annoyed expression etched on his aging face as he walked towards the entrance. Don and Leo glanced at their aging master for a few seconds before going back to what they were doing. The could tell that something was on his mind.

The old master exited the lair, standing at the entrance, a serious look on his features. His frown deepened as Mikey and Raph began walking towards the entrance. Mikey paused, staring at their father with wide eyes noticing him standing there, "M-Master Spl-Splinter…"

"My sons, may I have an explanation for the two extra, UNFAMILIAR presences that are with you?" he asked in a serious tone, glaring at the two slightly. Raph sighed, reaching behind him and gently coaxed the brunette with blonde highlights to step forward, the blonde carefully followed her in suit.

"Who are you?" Master Splinter asked the two young women.

The brunette sighed, "We don't know, all we know is that we're friends, nothing more, nothing less."

Master Splinter nodded, his expression softening slightly, "Raphael, take our guests to Donatello. Michelangelo, you must go and explain this to Leonardo."

"Hai, sensei," the two bowed. Raphael grabbed the two gently by the arms and walked forward, while Mikey began shifting from foot to foot.

Master Splinter shook his head, "I must meditate on this."

"Do you want to go first?" the brunette murmured to the blonde. The blonde blinked, nodding slightly as a timid look crossed her features.

"Yo Don, I need ya!" Raph called.

"Hey, brunette," she glanced at Mikey, "could you help me for a sec?"

She blinked, nodding slightly, "I'll be a moment."

The blonde nodded, and Raph cocked an eye ridge, "Uh...sure."

Smiling slightly, the brunette followed Mikey in the direction Raph recognized was Leo's room.

"Raph, you..." Don's voice became caught in his throat as he stared at the blonde girl. Her eyes widened and she darted to hide behind Raph.

"Master Splinter wants ya to check 'er out along with another, whose with Mikey right now," Raph stated, moving aside, making her tense, "we think they got amnesia."

Don nodded, "Follow me to the infirmary."


Leo lit the lavender candles , preparing to meditate after a long day of training. He suddenly tensed when he heard someone knock on the door.

"Come in," he called, glancing at the door.

Mikey entered the room, smiling nervously, "Uh, hey big bro."

"What is it?" Leo asked. He stared at his little brother, before his eyes rested on the backpack that was sticking out behind him. He stepped to the side, and tilted his head, before a sudden look of shock traced his features, seeing a young girl, around there age, hiding behind his younger brother.

"Who is she?"

She looked at the blue banded turtle, only to feel rather shy, making her hide her face in Mikey's shell again, trembling slightly. Mikey sighed, gently pulling her in front of him, "We have no idea, but I just wanted to introduce ya."

She hid again, trembling slightly. Mikey sighed, pulling her in front of him, "We have no idea, but I just wanted to introduce ya."

Leo nodded slightly, than turned to the girl, "The name's Leo, welcome."

She smiled timidly at him, and nodded her head once, "Thank you."


The second girl made a hissing sound as she felt Don's finger's brush on the large bump on the back of her head. He made a hum sound before murmuring, "Definitely amnesia due to a blow to the head."

Raph let out an annoyed growl, staring at Don as the girl tilted her head so she could look at him. He saw her face staring at him in confusion.

"What do you remember?" Don asked.

"Her," she whispered.

"The other girl?" Don asked. She nodded slightly.

Don nodded slightly, before glancing at Raph, "Raph, can we talk outside?"

Raph nodded, watching as Don pulled out some pills. His eyes narrowed slightly, he had familiar encounters with these pills after he'd get his sorry tail injured so badly that he wouldn't cooperate with him, and had to be put to sleep to help him heal. Don poured a small pill in his hand, and handed it to the girl.

"Swallow it," he ordered. The girl complied taking it, and swallowing it. Don made her comfortable before turning to Raph and exiting the room. The hothead followed him, and Don sighed, shoulders slouching.

"I doubt she'll get her memory back," Don suddenly stated, "it's a surprise that she isn't suffering from a concussion."

Raph blinked a bit, before shaking his head, "Yeah, they weren't tryin' to fall asleep on us, and I'm surprised they ain't in any pain."

"They're just good at hiding it," Don sighed.

The two stood in uncomfortable silence for a few moments, before Don cleared his throat, "I think I should do a look over on our other patient."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll get 'er," Raph rolled his eyes and left to retrieve the other girl. Moments later, Leo, Mikey, and the girl entered the room. Leo held the staff in his hands, his brow in a knot.

Don glanced at her, which caused her to shrink behind Mikey.

"Mike, I have to give her a look over," he stated. Mikey nodded, before grabbing the girl by the arm gently, making her turn to him with scared eyes.

"Don doesn't bite," he murmured, "go ahead."

She nodded shyly before walking forward, following Donatello into the lab. Leo glanced worriedly at Mike and Raph.

"What exactly happened?" Raph and Mike glanced at each other, before explaining.

The girl stared at her sleeping companion as she slept on the cot across from hers, a worried expression cover her face as she did so. The worry turned to pain however, when she felt Don's hands touch a similar bump that was on her friend's head.

"What do you remember?" Don murmured to her.

"Her," she whispered, staring at her friend. Don sighed, taking the bottle of sleep pills, and took a pill and handed it to her.

"Take it," he murmured. She nodded slightly, slipping the pill into her mouth and swallowing. He watched as the pill took nearly and immediate effect, and she curled up in her cot, falling instantly asleep. Don glanced at both girls, before his eyes rested on his first patients cot. An old worn book sat at the foot of the bed.

"That's odd," he muttered, before grabbing it and exiting the room.

"Leo, it's late, we should go hit the hay and talk 'bout it in the mornin'," Raph growled, "You and Don go get some rest while Mike and..."

"Raph, you and Mike have already done enough," Leo stated, "I'll keep an eye on the girls."

"I'll help you," Don cleared his throat.

"But they trust us more," Mikey protested.

"Mike, you need to make up for what you did at practice this morning, and that means you have to be well rested," Leo stated, "and Raph, you need to sleep."

"Leo, ya can't tell us what ta do," Raph growled, "We're gonna keep an eye on them and that's final." Mikey nodded in agreement, a serious look on his features.

"Don, get the sleeping pills," Leo stated. Mikey let out a squeak before running off to his room, while Raph rolled his eyes and walked to his room.

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