Wow, its been a while, hasn't it? Other than my NaNoWrimo fic, The Enigma of Colby Granger, which is a NUMB3RS/NCIS crossover fic, I haven't written anything in the NCIS fandom in ages. I have to say that my muse just isn't working with NCIS right now, it is firmly planted in the NUMB3RS universe. However, I am trying to get back to writing some NCIS stuff. I've been going back and rereading all my NCIS fics and their reviews in an attempt to get myself in a mindset to write NCIS, so hopefully I write something again soon! As for this chapter, I just actually found it on my computer. I've had it written for ages and ready to go, but I guess I just forgot about it, what with senior year starting and all. But as I was going though and deleting some of my old, unnessacary documents (why do I still have a paper from eigth grade social studies on my computer? Or my seventh grade research paper on Benjamin Franklin?) and I found this, so I figured I'd post it. Hopefully it gets me back in a mindset where I can write some new NCIS stuff! Anyway, enough of me rambling, onto the fic.

I own nothing. I know, its a very sad truth to be sure. Big thanks to my beta, VanishingP2000.

Leap of Faith

How is it that DiNozzo is always the one who gets into these messes? Why is he always the one that ends up getting kidnapped by psycho waitresses, framed for murder by lab rats, ends up on the run with a psycho killer he doesn't know is a psycho killer and what was that last one? Oh yeah, getting the pneumonic plague. Honestly, I've never seen anyone with such crappy luck, yet somehow he always survives. Not to even mention that insane undercover op for Jen. And now he is hanging off a ledge, 15 stories up after psycho spy tried to run him down with her car. He really attracts the crazy chicks, DiNozzo does. I know that he has issues with heights, for understandable reasons and this could not have helped at all.

When I heard him yell, I swear my heart stopped for a moment. Thank God McGee got to him when he did, because I could see Tony's grip slipping and I knew that he wouldn't have been able to hang on much longer.

In all honesty, Tony is probably just as afraid, if not more so, of heights than McGee is, he just hides it better. This is a skill that McGee is really going to need to master sooner or later, preferably sooner. All I know about how Tony developed his fear of heights is that it stems from his father, which is really all anyone who is remotely familiar with DiNozzo Sr. needs by way of an explanation.

But DiNozzo doesn't let it screw with him the way McGee does. For example, despite his fear, he was still more than happy to go parachuting, which admittedly probably made his fear all the worse because of how that went all to hell. This makes the sound of my front door opening and closing and footsteps descending the stairs behind me entirely unsurprising tonight. DiNozzo didn't let much show at the parking garage, but I could tell that he was really rattled. So I simply toss him a sander and a small, reassuring smile before we both set to work in comfortable silence. Sometimes all you need is to know you're not alone.