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Chapter 1: Where is here?

Ciara woke lying on the cold hard ground. All she could remember is falling and a tight squeeze and then black. She sat up and looked around. She was in a forest. She was lying on the leaf litter under the trees. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt under a sweatshirt. Then she remembered what happened. She was hiking to the divide in the mountains were she was spending a week camping. She was alone and she had tripped. But that doesn't explain why I'm here. She got up and retrieved her backpack, which held food and water as well as a survival pack. She started walking. Being an expert hiker she kept an eye out for danger or a good campsite. She walked for hours without meeting any people or animals. Suddenly her head exploded in pain. She sat and waited for the headache to go away. She made a scramble for the aspirin in her bag, but the headache went away a second later. That's weird. She started walking again and didn't worry about the strange occurrence she just had. Soon she found some ruins that looked like a good shelter for the night. She got out her survival blanket and made a small fire. The fire would keep any animals at bay and it would provide her with warmth. She soon fell asleep. In the morning she got up and cleaned up the campsite and started walking. Her water supply was running low and she needed to find a stream. Keeping an ear out for the sound of running water she kept going. It had been a few hours when she finally heard water gurgling. She ran towards it and almost fell down a canyon. The river was at the bottom of it. There was a loud crack and the rock underneath her feet broke. She scrambled for a grip on the wall of the canyon. About twelve feet down she got a grip on the wall. She hung there trying to get her breath back. Calmly finding places were she could set her feet she remembered the lesson her father had taught her about rock climbing.

'Try it. I've got you. Don't worry,' her father called up to her. She was about half way up and she had stopped and looked down. She gathered her fear and continued on. When she was safely on the ground her father had given her some tips on climbing.

"Never climb without an anchor or rope," she said out loud, "Yeah right."

She stared at the rock in front of her so as not to look down. She took a few deep breaths to keep her calm. The she looked up at her goal. It seemed farther than it really was. She gulped down the uneasy feeling and started to climb. She tested every foot and hand hold. A few times rock shook loose and rolled down to her. She kept going. Her body was tight with fear. She was almost to the top of the cliff when she heard voices. They were coming towards her and they were rushed and excited. Hope lanced through her body as the voices kept coming. Suddenly the orange head of a tiger peered over the edge. She was so surprised she almost let the cliff go. She watched the tiger with caution. That was when she felt a presence in her mind. She explored it.

'Hello,' came the greeting.

"Holy…" she said out loud.

Her mind recoiled from the presence. The tiger above stirred. Suddenly two people were peering over the edge. One was dark haired and the other had a light brown hair. Both were boys.

"Just hold on," called the brown haired guy, "we're coming to help."

"Got it!" she called back up.

The dark haired boy disappeared and returned with a rope. He lowered the rope to her. She grasped the rope and planted her feet on the wall. She started to climb and soon she was safe on the ground far from the cliff.

"Thanks," she said breathless.

The adrenaline rush had gone by now and she was exhausted. She finally felt sore in her arms. She took a good look at her rescuers. The fair haired guy was bare-chested, he was muscular, his face was kind and she trusted him instantly. The dark haired boy was thin but healthy. He had the face of a scholar and he was wearing a simple shirt and pants. His belt held a lot of pouches and some tools. Ciara noticed that she was cut in a few places were she had slid. She grabbed her backpack which she had the entire time and rummaged around for bandages and some ointment. The two looked at her warily. She took out the white plastic box with a large red cross on it. The two tensed and backed off. She looked at them in confusion.

"What's the matter? You look like you've never seen a first aid kit before," she asked.

The two stayed silent. Shrugging she opened the box and took out what she needed. She also took out some hydrogen peroxide. The scratches were mainly on her right arm and leg where she had slid. She poured on the hydrogen peroxide, the liquid bubbling at the wounds. She winced and prepared the bandages. As soon as she was done she put everything back and closed her backpack. The two relaxed and approached her.

"What's your name?" the brown haired boy asked.

"Ciara. Ciara Green. Yours?" she replied.

"I'm Dar. This is Tao, and this is Ruh," he said pointing to each in turn.

"What did you just do?" asked Tao.

"Basic first aid," she answered.

Tao looked at her with confusion.

"You've never heard of basic first aid? This place must be really isolated."

"No, the next town is a few miles from here," replied Dar.

"Actually the capital is not far from here," said Tao.

Ciara puzzled over this a minute. Then she came up with an idea.

"Are you Indians?" she asked.

"What's an Indian?" asked Dar.

Ciara looked at them dumbstruck.

"Am I in Yosemite National Park?"

"No, you're in the Mid-lands," said Tao.

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