Summary: Hinata finally had enough courage to tell Naruto that she loves him but he doesnt feel the same will someone heel hinata's heart or just break it again.


Hinata was walking home all of a sudden she heard Naruto . She walked over to where she heard Naruto. Sakura looked mad she punched Naruto in the head every time he asked her out or said a bad comment about Sasuke. As Sakura and Natuo still holding his head from where Sakura had punched him. They were waiting for sasuke well sakura was any way. Hinata was finally going to tell Naruto that she liked him hopifully he'll feel the same when all of a sudden

"What do you think your doing hear" a voice said codly (but you can guess who this is) Hinata slowely turned around to be faced to face with the ice prince himself (well thats what every calls him) "Well are you going to answer my question or just stand there" he said "Oh I-I was jjust..." before she could finish what she was going to say she was cut off by Sakura "Sasuke-kun your hear finally I was worried you know" Sakura said with glee in her voice (glee means like happy)

all of a sudden she jumped on sasuke hugging him he could hardly breath "Is there any girl in konoha who isnt a fangirl" Sasuke thought as he tried to get loose of Sakura's grip on him "!" he said when he finally got loose of Sakura's grip he noticed that Hinata had lefted "Great now where she go" he wondered as he looked around. He noticed Hinata staring at Naruto " What does she see in that... DOBE that I dont have" Sasuke thought as he stared at Hinata unkowingly that she and everyone else had noticied

" Why is he staring at me like that Oh no I dont have anything on face do I hopifely Naruto didnt notice well he is a little dense" Hinata pondered as Sasuke stared at he like if he ws in deep thought about something "Why is MY Sasuke-Kun he doesnt like her does he no he doesnt" Sakura thought but her inner-self was more like "what does that girl have that I dont have I'm 10x prettier than her" (Sakura is sorta concetied in this story)

Sakura's inner-self said. On the other side Naruto was too dence to really notice "Hey BAKA what are you starring at"Naruto said/asked. Sasuke looked up and blushed just a little but noone could see it well except Hinata "Did he just blush no it must just be my mined playing tricks on me again" Hinata thought not knowing that Naruto just noticied her "HINATA-SAN WHEN D'YOU GET HEAR" Naruto practily yelled in her ear " Oh I-I was j-just walking a-around when I n-noticied you g-guys standing h-hear" Hinata said Sasuke couldnt STAND Hinata's stuttering problem he thought it was annoying.

Naruto just grinned his famous grin which of cource mad Hinata blush madly which Sasuke also thought was very annoying "I cant even make her blush like that- WAIT why do I even care its not even like I like her" Sasuke thought to himself "Um N-Naruto-Kun I w-was just w-wondering if you w-would l-like to go w-with me on a w-walk" Hinata said nervoucely awaiting her answer while twiddiling her fingers like she always does when she's nervouse

"Sure Hinata-san I'll go for a walk with you" Naruto said while Hinata sighed in relife strangely Sasuke was jelouse?. As Hinata and Naruto were walking she finally had some courage to tell Naruto "N-Naruto-kun I-I need to t-tell you some t-thing" Hinata said not knowing if she was making the right desicions but unkowingly two onyx eyes were following them while they were walking (Bet you know who that is too) "What is it Hinata-san" Naruto said

" W-well I-I like y-you alot N-Naruto-kun and I-I was w-wondering if y-you" before she could finish her sentence Naruto cut in "Hinata I think its sweet how you like me but you know I like sakur plus I think your kinda Weird " Hinata was heart broken she was about to cry on the spot but she didnt she wanted to look strong, confedient in front of Naruto even though he just broke her heart she was not going to allow herself to cry.

All she could say was " I-I understand" and all Naruto could say was "good we should stay friends cause I dont want you to get hurt" even though unkowingly he is the one who hurt her the most as she left Hinata could feel like she was being followed, stalked she just could feel some one eyes on her so her first instict was to run so she did she ran as fast as she can not knowing that tears were pouring down her face when all of a sudden she trips awaiting the impact which didnt come? instead she opens her eyes to be in the hand of non-other then...