The vast reaches of space drifting out before him, Miles "Tails" Prower yawned as he drank from his morning cup of coffee, entering the cockpit of the Blue Typhoon with a quiet 'swish' sound from the automatic door. The forty-nine year old kitsune rubbed his eyes free of sleep as he stood on the higher deck of the bridge, tired blue eyes looking out the surrounding windows at the pitch-black darkness lit only by stars.

It was hard to believe that twenty years had passed…since that time. So much had changed, not only in himself, but in the others as well.

Amy had been dead for the last ten years, killed by an alien virus from one of the planets they had visited in hopes of a new home, leaving him to continue raising their daughter and twin sons by himself. Xander and Xavier had been born five or six years after the destruction of their home world, and the boys looked like their mother minus the pink fur, and one foxtail for each. Xavier was the mischievous of the two of them, and caused havoc while his brother Xander preferred to follow in their father's footsteps. They would be turning fifteen this year.

Charmy and Cream had decided to – rather than not get married for the second time – just have an open relationship. Waffle now had a younger sister by the name of Vanilla, in honor of Cream's long-dead mother, who was turning fourteen in just a month. The boy himself was an adult of twenty-nine, and had long-since gotten over his crush on Bandit, deciding to mate with Lina, Tails' own daughter, even though she was three years his superior. Although Lina could not bear children, the two were happy enough without one.

Martina and Bandit had become open about their relationship a few days after the ship had left ground. Due to Martina's transformation into a female via his magic, it allowed him to bear his own children. Clare and June were the two girl's names, and they had every bit of spunk their father Bandit had, along with Martina's magical abilities. They would be turning eighteen and nineteen respectively over the next year.

Unfortunately they had lost Bandit and Diamond to the almost the same virus that had killed Amy, when the two had stepped out onto another unknown planet. Rouge, in her own grief, had not gathered the strength to go on without her children and died a few eleven or twelve months later.

Eggman was gone as well, having been well into his sixties when they left ground. As requested, the team had put him in cryostats, with a special formula that had made him younger, around the kid's age. He now went by the name of Julian Kintobor, who had no memories of his past self and if he acted a little like Eggman, it was just coincidence. He had clung to Knuckles as his father figure, and the hardened echidna – having been in mourning since the deaths of his wife and children – took him under his wing. Julian was nineteen going on twenty, and proving to be every bit the genius he was in his past life.

"Father…" Xander was the group's nighttime pilot, having been taught by Tails and Eggman how to fly the spaceship. He turned around in his chair, showing the jumpsuit he wore was a purple colour. "You should be asleep."

"I couldn't, Xander." Tails covered his mouth with a yawn, letting out a sigh afterwards. "I've got this queasy feeling in my stomach…the one that usually says there's going to be trouble…"

"Now approaching Star three-million-four-hundred-eighty-seven," the computerized voice of the ship broke in, causing both foxes to look at the holo-screen. "Scanning for life forms…"

"Scan complete. Life forms found."

Tails' coffee mug fell out of his hands, crashing to the floor as his eyes widened and he turned back to the holo-screen. Indeed, there was a blinking light on the screen indicating the planet the Blue Typhoon's mother computer had found. He looked at Xander out the corner of his eyes, tossed his pajama shirt to the floor as he hastily made his way to the pilot seat. "Xander, go wake the others." His son nodded and got out of his seat, making his way out the door. "Sheila, initiate hyper drive sequence and reroute all energy to the main engines. Set course for Star three-million-four-hundred-eighty-seven."

The Daemon's Lament
Chapter I

Written by Takato Metallium
Plot: Sequel to Even Angels Fall, slash and femme slash. 20 years after certain events caused the destruction of their homeworld, the crew aboard the Blue Typhoon land on a planet called Mobius. Ruled over by an evil tyrant and his lover, they find themselves caught up in a war they might not be able to get out of...
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Sonikku-tachi, as they belong to SEGA, Sonic TEAM, Yuji Naka, Archie Comic Publications Inc. and other such people. I only own the fic, the idea and not much else aside from a Shadow plushie and a few DVDs of Sonic Underground and Sonic X.

Princess Sally Acorn, leader in all but name of Knothole City's Freedom Fighters, was caught between a rock and a decidedly hard place. Or rather, about twenty new-line model Shadowbots and a building. She crouched lowly to the ground, her analytical mind at work as she examined each and every one of her enemies, figuring out the best course of action. Her leather jumpsuit was torn at the knees where she had fallen earlier during her mission.

About two or three meters away from her, somewhere in the forest of mechanical legs, lay the crumpled form of one of her mission companions – a synthetic android by the name of Nicole Morgan. Her other partner, a young fourteen-year-old hedgehog known to his friends as Silver, had left her here on her own orders, having been ordered to go back to home base no matter what happened.

"Well, well, well," drawled a bored-sounding voice that made the princess tense, drawing a snarl from her lips as the sound of footsteps sounded in the alleyway. The Shadowbots parted and she heard Nicole whimper as she was roughly kicked in the side. Although Sally was glad her partner was still breathing, she raised her head to look her enemy in the eyes, one of them emerald green, the other a cybernetic implant.

"Sonic," she spat out hatefully, rising shakily to sit on her hindquarters as she looked for a weapon. Damn…her gun was at the other end of the alleyway.

"Princess, what a pleasant surprise," he purred, a dark smile gracing his lips as he regarded her with cool eyes. Brown bangs reminiscent to that of his late father dipped down to his chin over his implant, black leather trenchcoat waving around in the cold autumn wind. "If I were aware that you were coming, I would have rolled out the red carpet."

"Hilarious," Sally muttered dryly, looking away and over to her partner. Nicole managed a weak smile as though to reassure her.

"Nonetheless, His Lordship will be pleased to see you brought before him," Sonic continued on, ignoring her comment. He snapped his fingers, his dark smile becoming feral as the Shadowbots moved to obey him. "Lord Elias has been disappointed that his own dear twin sister never decides to stop by…"

"That…that thing you call your master is not my brother!" Sally hissed, her ears laying flat against her head as the Shadowbots began to surround her. She backed away slowly, pressing against the wall. There was no way it could end like this, damn it…

That was when it appeared overhead in a green flash of light – a giant ship with a coating of blue, gold and silver, a mysterious symbol of twin fox tails etched in its hull. The words 'Blue Typhoon' could be made out on the starboard side, the name of the enormous machine. Just the mere sight of the ship was enough to send the populace of Mobotropolis into a screaming panic.

Sally, seeing her chance to escape, darted out of the forest of Shadowbots by gripping one of their shoulders and flipping over its head before she snatched Nicole up from where the android lay and into her arms, bridal style. Turning around swiftly, giving them no time to react, she pulled a flashbomb out of the pocket of her blue trenchcoat.

Sonic growled lowly in annoyance as the ground squirrel escaped, shielding his eyes from the bright flash until it died down. His cybernetic eye told him there was more excitement to pursue inside the spacecraft, for it held twenty-odd organic lifeforms. Another snap of his fingers and his Shadowbots were surrounding the ship, their gun-arms raised and pointed at the hull while he turned on the communicator attached to his ear, pressing a few buttons on the small round keyboard underneath the earpiece. Holding out his right arm, he pressed a single button on the belt keeping his leather strap in place, a hologram screen appearing above his wrist a moment later before it connected with the system inside the spaceship. He disguised his surprise at the Mobian-like lifeforms inside, reminding himself that it could very well be a trap.

"This is Sonic Ryder of the Royal Guard of Mobotropolis, Kingdom of Acorn. You are surrounded in case your intentions are hostile. State your name and your purpose."


Silver had never been one for following orders.

The white-furred hedgehog watched with narrowed eyes as Sally escaped with Nicole over the rooftops of Mobotropolis. He knew he should have gone after her, but he didn't. He was sick of being last, sick of being treated like a kid. He had his own power and he knew how to use it.

He closed his golden eyes and concentrated, a whitish-blue light surrounding something that had broken off from the building he was standing on. It lifted up off the ground, hovering next to him.

Now he just had to wait for the right moment…


Tails couldn't believe his eyes. Staring coldly at them on the Blue Typhoon's holo-screen…no. It couldn't be. And yet the name was the same, the eyes were the same, almost every feature was the same except for the brown locks falling over one eye and the ruby crescent-moon marking on the upper right side of his face. There was no way he could forget that face…never in a million years…

A look to his side told him that the 'old crowd' had not forgotten either. He shook his head and went back to matters at hand, clearing his throat and staring back at the obviously younger being evenly.

"My name is Miles Prower, unofficial leader and captain of the crew aboard the Blue Typhoon." Tails wet his lips before continuing, meeting cold green eyes with a shuddering breath. "Twenty years ago, our home world – due to unforeseen circumstances – was sacrificed to an ancient alien ritual. We are the only survivors. Since then, we have been drifting through space, looking for a planet that can sustain life enough for us to call a home. Yours is the first we've found over that period of time. Our intentions are not hostile; we merely wish to settle down and give our children the future they deserve."

The hedgehog on the holo-screen seemed to consider his words, lips pressed together thinly on a grim face. "You picked the wrong time to come to Mobius, space travelers, for we are currently engaged in civil war. However, if what you say is what you, indeed, wish, then I cannot deny you be allowed to see my Lord." He seemed to make a motion off screen before turning back to it, his eyes narrowing a little. "Bring one, and only one other with you, Captain Prower. The rest are to stay on board and will be monitored by my Shadowbots until your return. I will give you five minutes to discuss amongst yourselves. Sonic Ryder out."


A few bystanders had gathered by the time the hatchway to the ship opened, Sonic noted as he leant back a little on the heels of his feet, arms crossed over his chest as his eyes narrowed. The citizens seemed to move back in fear, audible gasps murmured as two creatures emerged from the ship.

The hedgehog raised an eyebrow when he caught sight of an almost standard Mobian fox who, despite his two tails swirling behind his legs, appeared to be normal, dressed in what appeared to be a brown jumpsuit. Coming after him was a second living organism, this one quite unlike anything he had ever seen, red in fur colour and dressed in a white jumpsuit similar to the kitsune's own. He guessed them to be the spacesuits they wore.

Still, he smiled charmingly, stepping forward and holding out his hand in greeting like he'd always been taught to, his face wavering slightly at the thought of his mother before maintaining perfection. "Sonic Ryder, head of Mobotropolis' Royal Guard and personal bodyguard of his Lordship, King Elias, at your service."

The fox took his hand to shake firmly after a little hesitance, a small sign of slight distrust in his brilliant blue eyes. "Miles Prower – Tails to my friends and comrades aboard the Blue Typhoon. My companion is Knuckles Echidna, our resident archaeological expert and guardian of the Master Emerald."

"Echidna, you say?" Sonic murmured under his breath, studying the older male who stared down at him with cool amethyst eyes. 'How can this be? The Echidnas were all wiped out when Lord Elias took control of their land…' He cleared his throat, regarding both of them. "If you would follow me. Lord Elias has been informed of your arrival…"

One of the Shadowbots near them suddenly exploded, sending the gathered into a panicking frenzy. Knuckles shielded Tails and crouched low, hearing shouts of 'rebels' from the retreating crowd and looked up, his eyes showing surprise as he caught sight of a white-furred hedgehog floating down with a light blue hue surrounding him, landing on the Blue Typhoon.

"Iblis Trigger!" he shouted, pointing down towards Ryder, who was snarling and bristling visibly. "Prepare to defend yourself! The Kingdom of Acorn will obey your master no more!"

"Iblis?" Knuckles muttered under his breath, thinking back to his university classes. Reacting quickly, the echidna disappeared despite Tails' shouts for him not to and reappeared behind the boy, catching him by pulling his arms back.

Silver was shocked that something he'd never seen before could move so fast. He struggled, trying to levitate so he could throw the other off of him, but something was stopping his powers. He growled under his breath. "Why do you help them?! You off-worlders have no idea what…!" The hedgehog was silenced by a hard whack to the back of his head, sending him off to unconsciousness.

Knuckles picked the kid up by the back of his shirt after he knocked him out, jumping off and landing on his feet. Tails was frowning at him, disliking the fact that he had acted without listening. He dumped the kid at Ryder's feet, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Take us to this so-called 'Lord' of yours. Now."


Thousands of light years away, eight gemstones floated through space and time. The Chaos and power sealed within them made them shatterproof, even at the brink of a planet's destruction. All of a sudden, they disappeared in individual flashes of light, each one as colourful as the last.

End of chapter one, tbc….

Notes: Revamped and rewritten slightly. I bring you to The Daemon's Lament version 2. I recently acquired an Xbox 360 for myself and brought the Sonic 2006 game while I was at it. It inspired me to write again, and I prefer this version better than the last. Anyway, literate and encouraging reviews are accepted, so please leave a message after the beep.