Okay so I didn't like how my story was turning out plus with how long I went without updating I can't even remember what direction I was going with it. So total rewrite. If anyone wants to take my idea from the original story and use it I give my permission. I sincerely apologize to anyone who did enjoy my original story.

Harry James Potter opened his pure green eyes to a darkened room, while it was sparse of materials it was a room that he called his own plus it never lacked books. Books filled with everything he could possibly want to know from his parent's old school books to muggle fantasy books, things that could distract him from his own painful childhood. Why was it a painful childhood? It all started with a prophecy one that told of good defeating evil 10 years ago.

Harry walked down the twisting stairs, ready to quickly get breakfast for himself and hopefully not attract the attention of his "loving" family. Do they even remember that I'm alive? That Grant Arnold Potter, my younger brother, was not the only son they had? Harry couldn't help but think to himself. Walking into the kitchen, he cursed fate, that bitch has it out for him, he noticed all the family, including Sirius and Remus, had gathered for Grant's birthday today, June 22, and were having a big birthday breakfast.

I'm switching to first pov, Harry

I walked into with light, still hoping to not be noticed, and I grabbed the bread to make toast with strawberry jelly and a glass of milk. Out of the corner of my eye I could just notice James and Lily glance over me with a confused frown before turning back to Grant. I call them James and Lily because they don't deserve the title mom and dad from because since Grant was born I've been raising myself. Before I could escape to my room Sirius noticed me, he could be an idiot sometimes, and he gave me a big smile.

"Harry aren't you gonna join all of us for breakfast and wish your little brother a happy birthday?" He asked me. I emptied my body of all emotion, thinking to myself to remain calm that no one in this house deserves any emotion from me.

"I did not think it would be fair since no one in this family remembered my birthday back January. If you would all excuse me I will be returning to my room and please do not forget; I tried to tell you last week, that I have muay Thai training this afternoon for my competition tomorrow." I stated in a low voice and turning quickly and I was out of the room before they knew what happened. I started muay Thai when I was 6, so I have 4 years of training so far. I stumbled across my master, Klahan, and his studio, I was quickly entranced with how he moved, the way he seemed so centered so despite my shyness I was quick to ask him to train me. His first question was why I wanted to learn the arts of muay Thai and all I could say was that I wanted balance, and to not let my emotions overcome me.

I took the stairs two at a time and quickly and quietly made it to my room, I finished my light breakfast and made sure I took a vitamin, I had to wonder to myself if other wizarding children knew about vitamins and how they were essential for growing children. Shaking those thoughts out I decided it was time for morning mediation and organizing my thoughts. I went for my incense, deciding sage would do for today, to help cleanse everything. Lighting the sage stick, I grabbed my mediation pillow and sat down trying to get comfortable before breathing deeply. My magic usually reacted when I mediated, it spread out and I could feel everything, my magic sort of felt like a static charge but always felt alive. Refocusing I retreated into my mind, organizing yesterday's thoughts and last night's dream, I then went to my emotions making sure everything was in balance.

Once I was done mediating I went to my small cheap stereo, a gift from Master 2 years prior, looked through the CD mixes I made, again mixes I made from Master's music collection, he did have some great music taste. I had to decide on a great mix of world music. Turning it up a bit I made my bed, it was just mattress and a box spring but had wonderfully soft jersey red sheets, Lily used to shop a lot in the muggle world and I continue to do so. The comforter was really a golden colored blanket that fit the bed and I, being a man not afraid to decorate, added some black and red pillows, it sort of had an Indian and Asian theme going on. My walls were white still and I had a walled filled with bookcases, a small desk, sort of like a nightstand too, that faced the window and a closet. It was perfect.

Getting dressed was simple a tee shirt and sweatpants. Looking at my clock I noticed it was almost lunchtime, which meant going downstairs. I sighed to myself, I guess the next thing I need would be a mini fridge. For a brief moment I felt as old as time. Now was not a time to be weak.

Grabbing my dirty breakfast dishes I walked out of my room and quietly down the stairs, stopping at the bottom I listened to see if anyone was around but I couldn't hear anyone. I guess they all forgot was a said earlier, oh well lunch time that I get to go see Master. Stepping into kitchen I washed my dishes and put them back before getting my water bottle container filling it and making myself a turkey sandwich, a small bag of chips and granola bar, usually when I wanted something bought I had to write it on the grocery list. I went to the table and ate my lunch, I usually did the same thing every day and sometimes I couldn't wait until I go to Hogwarts. I'm a very solitary person though and from the old class books I think I know all of Hogwarts curriculum, so I debate on whether or not if I should look up other schools I could go to. From what I see here at home and at Diagon Alley I don't think a lot of people have the control of their own magic like I do but then I know magic is everywhere, in everything and is a part of me.

Focusing again I cleaned up, ran upstairs to my shoes, grabbed my water and made my way outside. I run to the studio as part of my warm up and the studio wasn't that far.

Next time I will be introducing Master Klahan, his studio and what will happen once Harry get's home?