Back again and have news that the parents and I are moving back to Michigan so close to family and old friends. I have to pack and keep up with the end of my summer class. Yay! So this good news deserves a new chapter. Oh yes I changed my name because well I did make this account years ago so make sure you know it's different now

Harry's point of view still

A couple miles away from the house I could finally see Master's studio, it was a one story run down house, just outside of the town. Getting closer I slowed to a jog so my heart rate could go down. I saw Master outside waiting for me.

"Master Klahan!" I couldn't help but shout, all bad thoughts forgotten in place of the competition tomorrow. Master's kind face smiled. He was a tall man, probably 6 feet maybe a little less, tanned skin and long hair that he always pulls back. I always had a little voice in the back of my mind wondering what it would have been like if Klahan was my father.

"Ah little one you're finally here, good." Master Klahan stated with his kind voice and ruffled my hair. We walked into the little room we practiced in, it was mostly a plan room with mats in the place instead of carpet but it had a big statue of Buddha and an incense stand for prayer. I put my water down and walked into the middle of the room and started stretching out. "We'll do some mediation first to center ourselves and then go into fighting practice." Muay Thai has eight points of contact, instead of just using fists to punch like in boxing; we use punches, kicks, knees and elbow strikes. A person who fights with muay thai uses the whole body so it's important to keep the body in shape. After we finished mediating we got up and stood in front of each other. "Remember to keep yourself on the defensive because if you attack and miss the hit your opponent won't have a chance to hit you. Okay defensive position now!" We went through the defensive positions and how to block then how to hit my opponent. The time came to stop and for me to head back for dinner. "You did well today kid. How about I pick you up at home for the match tomorrow?"

"I'd like that but my family didn't even remember me telling them about the competition and I kind of got upset at them earlier so I don't know what's going to happen." I told Master shyly, a bit red in the face. Master Klahan smirked at me though.

"Little one I promise no matter what I'll come for you and take you to your competition." I could only smile widely and nod. "Okay, go on home and try to stay center and just remember I'm always here for you."

I stretched for a bit, gathered my stuff and took off with a slow jog home. I keep my breathing even and kept in mind Master's words. Finally home came in sight and I could make out James and Lily standing rigidly on the porch. I steadied myself and got ready for whatever may come. I finally came to stand in front of them. "Where have you been? We stepped out to get Grant some more presents and we come home to an empty house?" James yelled at me. I kept my face blank but couldn't help my bodies' reaction to getting tensed as if ready for a fight.

"I told you when I got breakfast I have a competition tomorrow and had to go my teacher's studio to prepare for tomorrow." I said in a monotone voice. James and Lily both flinched at me. "I even told you about my competition last week and again reminded you at breakfast."

"We didn't tell you that you could leave though." James still had a bit of anger in his voice.

"I apologize then. I thought it was okay since it's something I've done since I was 6 years old plus no one came to my room between breakfast and the time you all left to tell me I couldn't go." I slipped past them to go inside and they followed, inside was Grant, Sirius and Remus all waiting. "Since were on the subject are any of you going to come to my competition, I've been competing ever since I completed my first year of training but you've never come to even one." I asked them, expecting to hear another excuse to not go.

"Well, your mother and I have to go meet with Albus about grown up stuff and Remus and Sirius will be looking after Grant for us." James sort of whined at me, causing me to grimace. Everyone looked uncomfortable.

"I expected as much." I could only say before disappearing upstairs to my room. I put my water down and grabbed some clothes, my towel and soap, and went to take a shower. I keep everything of mine in my room as I don't like to create clutter. The shower was quick and just to wash off the sweat. Going back to my room, I turned on the stereo and hung up my towels to dry.

Dinner took place not long after and included a lot of awkwardness and odd conversation. I finished my chicken, corn and rice quickly, cleaning my dinner ware and was out of the room before anyone could say something rude. I stood silently outside the kitchen doorway and heard the adults talking.

"How old is Harry again?" Sirius asked

"Sirius! He's 9 no wait 10 now right?" Remus's voice shook in question.

"Stop it you two Harry is just an independent kid? I'm also sure he's never mentioned this training and competition before. It's probably to get attention for us. I mean if he's that good at, um, what did he say he does? Anyway how come he doesn't have any ribbons or trophies?" James told everyone. This is my father? I couldn't help thinking to myself. I have to adopted or something as my parents can't be this dim witted. They never notice I'm gone or when I do win I always give away my prize to some other kid who did his best. I don't need a prize telling me I'm good because there is always room for improvement. Back to the adults though, they just continued to make excuses and what not. I moved upstairs to my room, picked out the next book in defense against the dark arts and started reading. A good book and early to bed is usually what I do before a competition.

Up next is the competition