Summary: The Decepticons fall back to lick their wounds.


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"What happened?"

"My apologizes. I was damaged and unable to join you. Did we . . . ?"

"No." Starscream scowled. "Mighty Megatron managed to get himself killed. One of the humans shoved the All Spark into his chest and destroyed them both. Unfortunately, none of the others survived, either."

Scorponok gazed at Starscream with a vacant expression. In Megatron's absence, the seeker had been commander of the Decepticons for a couple thousand years. It was no surprise that he wasn't fazed by their true leader's death.

Starscream showed no signs of remorse for the other Decepticons, but he was obviously annoyed at the loss of his army, however small it may have been. Scorponok did not mourn for them, either. There was no point. Casualties were to be expected.

"Then what are you orders . . . Lord Starscream?"

The seeker was clearly pleased. He smirked a little as he stared into Earth's blue sky.

"We leave for now." His optics took on an evil glint, or maybe it was just the scorching desert sun at work. "There are others out there. We will find them and rebuild our army. The Autobots and their human allies will bow before us yet!"

"As you command."

The smaller Decepticon turned away for a brief moment in thought. He had actually preferred Megatron. Starscream was too arrogant. Now that he knew Megatron was out of the picture permanently, it was only a matter of time before the power really went to his head. The cunning little piece of slag was likely to get them killed.

But Scorponok could be patient. If worse came to worse, he knew the other Decepticons—except Skywarp and Thundercrack, anyway—would have no problem turning against Starscream if needed. Yes, he could be patient.

"Frenzy was destroyed?"

"I believe so." The seeker could tell what he was getting at. "I'm sure Soundwave can just consider it as . . . motivation for destroying the humans. If we even find him, that is. It's possible he was terminated years ago."

Scorponok nodded only slightly.

"Let's go." Starscream transformed and allowed his injured comrade to grab hold of him. "The atmosphere is likely to burn at your armor, but you should be fine." He chuckled darkly. "I think."

And they disappeared into the stars.


A/N: Okay, I have no idea what happened to Scorponok. It was pretty obvious that Starscream flew off by himself, but this was just wishful thinking on my part, then. Wasn't the movie great? Bumblebee had the CUTEST puppy dog optics.