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"Why do you hate that weird kid so much?"

Matt's dark red hair was blowing in the wind; his green eyes stared down the boy... or girl? who was chomping on a chocolate bar.

"None of your fucking business."

Boy. Definitely, you could tell by the voice. Either that or a very manly girl.

"I was just wondering."

"Well wonder somewhere else, bitch."

Was this kid PMSing?

"Alright. Fine." Matt was getting sick of this kid's attitude. "What's your name? I'd like to know who's company I'm enjoying." He smirked.

The blonde's head turned towards Matt, another bite on the chocolate bar. "None. Of. Your. Fucking. Business."

"Alright, Stacy."

Before Matt could say… well, anything, the blonde was on top of him, pulling Matt's silky hair, flaring limbs all over the place. Matt could feel the chocolate-eater's breath against Matt's neck, and Matt grabbed for the blonde's hair. Eww… it was all… greasy.

"Dude… do… you ever take…. showers?"

This only angered the opponent, the girly boy proved stronger than Matt. Matt saw a fist hurling towards him, and that's the last thing he could remember.


"Matt…? Matt…? Are you ok? He's not responding. Mello got him good."

The voices seemed far off, but somehow Matt knew they were right next to him.

"Mello! Mello, My god, Mello!"

"What the hell Roger? This kid was fucking with me-"

"Mello! Language. What happened here?"

"The kid was fuck-"

"Without the language, Mello."

"Hmph. The kid was messing with me."

"How so, Mello?"

"He wanted to know why I hated Near, what the hell? What the fuck does it matter?"


"Is he waking up?"

Matt's eyes began to open, he saw the blonde who had attacked him and an older man, whom had introduced himself as Roger when Matt first entered the orphanage. He was in what seemed to be a first aid center, everything around him was white, the sheets, even Roger. The only thing unclean was the chocolate-eater, who was dressed in shaggy black clothes. "Whaa-"

"Mello, apologize." Roger stared at the short boy standing next to him, whom on cue, sighed an "I'm sorry."

"Good. Now, let's have the nurse check the two of you out, make sure there are no broken bones, or anything detrimental to your health, can I trust the two of you not to kill each other?"

"Yes Roger."

"Yes sir."

"Good then. I'll be back, in a few minutes. I need to speak with L."

There was a long silence, and finally Mello looked at Matt, and plopped himself on the bed adjacent to Matt, staring at his feet. "I want to beat Near. That's why I hate him. Happy?"

Matt seemed surprised at this sudden turnaround, cocked his head and smiled. "That's all I wanted to know. My name is Matt."


"Heh, marshmallow."

"Shut up, Matt."

"Ha ha. You know what?"


"That kid is kinda freaky, anyway."

Mello looked at Matt's face, and giggled at the sight of his goggles. "Going swimming?"

"Ha. Yeah. I wear them because they are the only thing I have from my parents."

Mello stopped. "What kind of fucked up parents give their kids goggles?"

"They didn't give them to me, my dad left my mom when I was a baby, and my mom died shortly after."

Mello felt kinda bad for the kid. "Oh. Sorry. Is that why you're here?"

"Yeah. I think."

"That's a retarded answer."


"I'm here, just 'coz." The blonde shrugged, and sighed. "My parents were screwed up."

"You smoke?"

"Hell no bitch I don't have a death wish!"


"Do you?"

"At one point, I had a death wish."