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So, so sorry for the lack of updates. Kinda had a bunch of crap going on, and now I'm starting school, which means I'll be on the computer more to "write essays", essentially meaning I'll start my homework, then decide to write a fan fiction. Which is what I just did. With this chapter. Don't worry, I'll finish my homework; that's what lunch is for!

Anyways, enjoy

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"Matt, I'm bored."

Mello sat on the floor of their room, staring at his feet. It was raining outside; all the kids were inside, watching television or taking classes. Today was, however, not the day Matt or Mello were scheduled to take courses, and all of their friends were not around. "Ma-att! I'm BORED!"

The redhead looked up, pausing his game, something only Mello could make him do. The redhead often cared more about killing zombies then whatever anyone had to say. "Then go do something. Bother Linda, like you always do."

"I don't want to." The blonde huffed, crossing his arms. "Let's play a game."

"I am." Matt stated, unpausing his game and kicking some more zombie ass.

"Uhg! Matt! I mean a…" Mello paused, trying to think of what to play. "Let's play Mello says!"

"Don't you mean, Simon says?" Matt answered smartly, pushing buttons in order to kill his opponents. He frowned; he was losing energy and needed to reboot…

Mello scowled, and got up off the floor, brushing dirt off his pant leg from when he was outside. "No! My name isn't Simon! It's Mello! And since we're playing Mello says, you have to do what I say!"

"Whatever." Matt completely ignored his friend, engrossed in his game.

"Ok!" Mello smiled, taking it as a sign Matt was interested in playing. "Ok, first, Mello says put the game away."

Matt continued pushing buttons on his game boy.

"Hmph. I said MELLO says put the game away!" Mello pulled the game boy out of the goggle-clad child and turned the power off.

"H-hey! Mello! I was playing that!" Matt whined, reaching for it back, but the blonde held it just out of his reach.

"Well, now you're playing Mello says, so listen up." He smirked, placing the game in his pocket. Matt was helpless when it came to these electronic devices.

"F-fine, Mello, just give me the game back!" Matt reached for it, but Mello swatted his hand away.

"If you win. Now listen up. Mello says… bark like a dog!"

"This is stupid, I'm not barking like a dog!" Matt cried out, but Mello shook his head.

"Do you want your game back? Bark like an effing dog!" Mello commanded, and Matt obeyed. He wanted his game back, even if it meant he'd sacrifice his dignity. The blonde laughed, and patted the redhead on the head.

"Now, Mello says to roll over." Once again, the redhead listened, standing, and looked at Mello with a face that would make a baby cry, dropped to the ground and started rolling back and forth, every now and then exposing his stomach because of his shirt length, which of course made Mello laugh.

"Are we done yet?" Matt stopped, really angry that he would have to defeat that level all over again because his friend turned off the game.

"Did Mello say it was over yet?! No, now, Mello says…" the little boy put a finger to his mouth, thinking. "Um... I tell you to dance around! Like a chicken!"

"I am not-"

"DO IT!"

Matt obeyed, stood again and began flapping his arms around at random to look like, as Mello said, a chicken.

"Gobble like a turkey!" Mello said, thoroughly enjoying himself.

"But I'm a CHICKEN!" Matt screamed, becoming more anxious for his game.


"Gobble, gobble..." Matt murmured, still dancing like a chicken.

"Now, Mello says take off your shirt."

"WHAT?!" Matt looked horrified, Mello was asking him to strip? The perv…

"Mello told you to take off your shirt. You better do it, or else you won't get your game back." The blonde teased a playful grin plastered on his face.

"Uhh…" Matt looked at his friend, and took off his black and white striped shirt off, turning red in the face. Stupid Mello.

"Ok, now, Mello says to continue dancing." The blonde joked, damnit, he should have a video camera and put this on youtube. THAT would be awesome.

"Ok, Matt, take off your pants." Mello grinned, as Matt stopped.


"Take off your pants."

Matt had a look of horror on his face, true what-the-fuckage. He started to unzip his pants and pull them down around his legs…

"MATT! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! I DIDN'T SAY MELLO SAYS! I DIDN'T SAY MELLO SAYS!" the blonde screamed, turning his whole body away from Matt, looking towards the door, his hands buried in his head, trying to get rid of the mental image of Matt without pants, until…

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" an unchanging, emotionless voice asked, seemed to be a few feet from where Mello was standing.

"Near! We're playing big kid games! Leave us alone!" Mello screamed, still stressed out about seeing his best friend half-naked. He took his hands away from his face to see that the child, only seven or so, was twirling his hair, something he only did while he was thinking.

"Oh." The white haired child nodded, looking to Matt, who was frozen with fear and confused about the past few minutes events, with his pants hanging around his ankles and shirtless. "I can see that." Near looked back to Mello and closed the door to their room. Gotta give the guys some privacy.

Mello froze, his eyes wide, still facing from where Near had left. That albino freak! How dare he assume that Matt was-?

"M-Mello? Um... can I have my game back?" Matt asked, pulling his pants back up and zipping them. He felt sick in the stomach…

Mello pulled the game out of his pocket, handing it to his friend without making eye contact.