Hey everybody! Okay…so this is my first Fantastic 4 story- it was only supposed to be one very long one-shot, but I've decided to post it in chapters instead, helps with the suspense ha-ha. So it'll probably be about 3 chapters. I am nervous about posting this, as I'm not really sure how accurate it is, but I've decided that I can't pick over that stuff, so please just consider it a little AU.

I've rated this K+ for swearing and some bloody scenes.

Anyways, basically this story is Johnny centric- "An innocent night on the town proves deadly when Johnny saves his sister…"



Sue Storm, soon to be Richards, fingered the cocktail in her hands. She and the rest of the group had decided to go out for the night and relax, something that none of them had done since the defeat of Victor Von Doom.

Well, none of them had had a chance to relax if you excluded Johnny of course. Sue smiled slightly, looking over at her little brother, who was currently talking up two pretty ladies. He never quits…

As hot headed as her baby brother was, Sue couldn't help but love him for his personality. He brought a certain spark to the group (no pun intended), and was able to make light of even the most dire of situations.

There were times of course, when he drove her and especially Ben crazy, but she had long gotten used to his joking ways.

Turning her eyes away from Johnny, Sue glanced over at her soon to be husband, and his best friend, who were talking intensely to each other a few table away. No doubt they're talking about some new experiment Reed is working on…

"Hey, you two!" She called over the loud music, "Work later, let's dance!"

Reed smiled and waved, "We'll be over in a bit."

Sue shook her head, but smiled all the same. She finished her drink and turned back to the bartender. "Another one, please?" She asked politely.

The woman nodded her head and took the glass, setting out a fresh drink a second later.

"Hey sis, having fun?" Johnny asked as he swaggered over, plunking himself into the stool next to her.

"Sure am." Sue replied.

"Like the place I picked then? I knew you'd love it…" Johnny smirked.

Sue grinned at her brother. The busy club was exactly the type of thing he would choose; therefore she had not been surprised when he had led them all into the newly opened building.

It had however, taken quite a bit of convincing to get Reed and Ben to come in. The two of them weren't exactly the 'club' type.

When Sue turned away from the dance floor, she raised her eyebrows at the fresh beer in Johnny's hand. "What is that now? Your tenth?"

"Ninth…and you know it takes a lot more than that to even get me buzzed. My body burns this stuff out of me like its nothing." Johnny replied defensively.

Sue was about to reply when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around, she fully expected to see Reed standing behind her, and was therefore shocked when she saw a man she didn't recognize.

Frowning, Sue picked the mans hand up off of her shoulder. "Can I help you?" She asked curtly.

"You're the invisible woman." The man stated.

"That's right…" Sue answered, his glazed eyes were making her uncomfortable. It looks like he's been doing drugs…

"You are very pretty. Can I dance with you?" The man asked, his tone flat.

"Uhmm…I'm sorry but I don't think my fiancé would be very comfortable with us dancing." Sue replied, shifting in her seat uncomfortably.

By now, Johnny's attention had been drawn to his sister and away from the bartender, who he had been flirting with. "Sue, everything alright?"

"Yeah, this man was just leaving, right sir?" Sue replied, narrowing her eyes at the burly figure.

"My name is Greg, lets dance." Was his answer.

Sue was caught off guard when Greg suddenly grabbed her wrist and yanked her up off of her stool.

"Hey!" Johnny yelled out angrily, also rising.

The commotion was now starting to draw attention from other patrons near the bar area.

"Don't touch me!" Sue said fiercely, pulling her hand out of Greg's grasp. He's a civilian, don't use your powers…he is either mentally ill or on drugs…or just doesn't know the meaning of no… She told herself, sorely tempted to blast this guy across the room.

"You heard the lady. Get the hell out of here before I turn you into something crispy!" Johnny threatened, his hands balling into fists. No one touches my sister like that! No one!

Greg glanced at Johnny and said calmly, "The human torch, I suppose?"

"You got that right buddy, now get out of here!" Johnny snapped back.

"Invisible woman, please dance with me. You are so beautiful, I love you." Greg turned back to Susan, oblivious to the snarling Johnny Storm.

Sue gave her brother a bewildered look. "Johnny," She whispered quietly, "I think he's on drugs, maybe we should get him to the hospital?"

Johnny took a calming breath and said to Greg, "Sir, are you feeling okay? Do you need to see a doctor?" Wow, I actually said that pretty nicely…Sue and Reed are rubbing off on me…

"Let's dance." The man repeated, reaching out for Sue again.

Johnny shoved Greg's hand away, his anger beginning to bubble. This guy is a freaking lunatic! "Stay the fuck away from her!"

"I am not going to dance with you, Greg." Sue said firmly, giving her brother at look that clearly said to calm down.

The dark haired man blinked his blood shot eyes and responded, "Why?"

"I already told you, my fiancé won't like it if I do." Sue replied, her voice more gentle than before.

Greg moved back a step, his face wrinkled in confusion.

Sue took the step back as a sign that he was giving up, and she turned back to the bar. Her brother however, stayed where he was, regarding the larger man suspiciously.

Meanwhile, Reed and Ben were now standing and making their way over to the pair.

Greg took another step backwards, but his face was no longer devoid of any emotion, or full of confusion.

His face was contorted in rage.

Johnny was about to take his attention off of the man when he noticed this change. Before he could even take a threatening step towards Greg and tell him to back off, the older man shoved his hand into the inside of his jacket.

Johnny's face paled considerably when the man pulled out a small silver gun, and pointed it right at his sisters back.


He felt himself moving towards his sister before Greg had even fired off the shot. Knowing that there was no way he could flame on and still jump in the way, Johnny leapt towards Susan and knocked her right off of her stool.

Johnny felt the bullet enter his side, and he cried out in pain as both he and his sister fell to the ground.

Sue yelled out in surprise when she and her brother crashed to the ground, the mingled sounds of a gunshot and screams ringing in her ears.

Scrambling into a sitting position, Sue found herself on the ground; her motionless brother lay on his side, with his back turned towards her.

"JOHNNY!" She screamed in horror, rolling her baby brother over so that he lay on his back. Sue barely heard Ben roar as he grabbed Greg and ripped the gun out of his hands, she was too busy taking in Johnny's injury.

"Johnny? Oh my god! JOHNNY!" She cried out, her voice shaking uncontrollably when she saw the blood pouring out of his side.

Blinking slowly, Johnny stared up at his sister, who had placed his head in her lap.

"You're going to alright…you're going to be alright!" Sue reassured him, tucking back a piece of her blonde hair.

Her hands were already covered in blood.

"Sis…" Johnny whispered.


"I love you." He said quietly.

Sue felt tears beginning to slip down her cheeks. Her brother had said it without any hint of humor, and his eyes no longer held that sparkle of mischief. "Johnny, don't you dare give up! You're the human torch, remember?!"

Johnny tried to smile, his glazed blue eyes brightening slightly, "I…d-don't have…amnesia…"

Suddenly, Reed was beside the pair, his white face looking closely at their youngest members wound. "Jesus…" He muttered.

"God Reed, he shot him…he shot him!" Sue exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ben was holding Greg firmly by his throat with one hand, in his other he held the crushed beyond recognition gun.

"Somebody call a damn ambulance, and the rest of you, get the hell out of here, this isn't a damn show!" Ben yelled towards the gaggle of people as he towered over his teammates. His fingers itched to crush Greg's throat, but he held himself back.

"Johnny, I need you to stay awake for me, alright?" Reed commanded.

"I…don't…t-take orders…very…well." Johnny joked; he could feel the coppery taste of blood in the back of his throat. Maybe I can lighten the situation by making them laugh.

"You better damn well listen to him, Johnny!" Sue cried, holding her brothers hand tightly.

Johnny focused his gaze back on the blurring form of his sister. "Don't c-cry…Suzie…" Well, that backfired.

This of course, only made Sue cry harder.

"I need to put more pressure on this wound, Johnny." Reed warned the young man, "It's going to hurt."

Before Johnny could respond, Reed stripped off the shirt he was wearing over his uniform, and he pressed it deeply into Johnny's side.

"Argghhh!" Johnny couldn't help the scream that slipped from his mouth as his back arched in agony.

"It's alright kid…the ambulance is almost here." Ben said, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat.

Sue wiped the sweat off of her brothers brow, "God Johnny I'm so sorry…oh my god…I'm sorry…this is my entire fault."

Johnny heard his sister's voice, although it was starting to sound further and further away. "Don…don't you…d-dare…blame y-yourself…" He choked out, blood slipping out of the corner of his mouth and rolling down the side of his face.

"We need to turn him onto his side; he's going to choke on his own blood." Reed said, his usual calm voice slightly frantic.

Sue nodded and both she and Reed turned her brother over gently, allowing the blood from his mouth to drip out onto the wood floor.

They held him in this position for a few seconds before turning him back over.

Johnny groaned and closed his eyes in pain.

"Johnny! Keep your eyes open for me!" Sue cried out in alarm.

The young man forced his eyes open and attempted to focus them on his sister, but he was so tired…

Ben saw that the youngest of their team was fading, and he let out a roar of frustration. He looked over at the man he still held and asked furiously, "Why did you have to shoot him?!"

The man shrugged casually in Ben's grasp and said without any hint of emotion, "I was aiming for her, 'cause she didn't want to dance with me, that idiot got in the way."

Anger such as he had never felt before coursed through Ben's body, and without thinking he threw the man through the air, watching with satisfaction when he landed in a crumpled heap.

Ben didn't even bother to check if he had killed the man, he instead knelt down beside his three closest friends, his only worry Johnny.

Reed didn't even look up from where he sat, but he did say quietly, "You shouldn't have done that, Ben. You might've killed him."

"I didn't throw him that hard, just enough to knock him out." Ben scoffed, "Besides, the bastard deserved it!"

Reed had no argument for this, knowing full well that if he had Ben's strength, he himself would've sent that twisted man straight through the wall.

"Hanging in there, matchstick?" Ben asked Johnny softly.

"'course…" Johnny slurred, he could feel more blood making its way up his throat. "Don't…y-you g-get….all 'motional o-on…me…p-pebbles…"

Ben let out a gravelly laugh, "Don't flatter yourself, kid. I just want to make sure we are still going to be called the 'Fantastic Four'…it'd be a pain to get the emblem changed to a three!"

Johnny smiled weakly and attempted to speak again, "T-ha…more…li-ke…it…"

The wailing of sirens could be heard just outside the club.

"You hear the sirens, Johnny? The paramedics are coming now." Sue soothed, her entire body shaking like a leaf. What if I lose him?

Johnny sent her a reassuring grin, his eyes starting to close again. "Can…can't…b-breathe..."

"Johnny, fight it! Please Johnny, just think of all the publicity you'll get after this!" Sue pleaded, using any tactic she could think of to keep her baby brother awake.

"You…s-safe…t-tha…all m-matter…to m-me…" Johnny whispered, grateful that it was him lying here bleeding to death and not his sister, fame was the last thing on his mind.

Unable to stop the darkness from creeping up on him, Johnny let his eyes slid shut, barely hearing the fading voices of his family as they encouraged him to stay awake. He whispered hoarsely, "N-night…Su…zie…R-Reed…peb-pebbles…" before oblivion greeted him.

"JOHNNY! NO!" Sue wailed when she felt her brother go completely limp.

So, did you like it? Please let me know if you think anyone is OOC. I've only watched each movie once so I'm not sure if their personalities are accurate or not! Keep an eye out for chapter 2!

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