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I looked up; Squire was circling high above me. This was the first time I had been to Bridewell to see my parents for a long time.

I was most anxious to see my birth mother, Renny. After seeing so many of the amazing things on my trip I wanted to tell her about them. Wovlord, my father had loved adventure, and seeing things most people hadn't. I was so excited to tell her of all the things I had seen.

I noticed Squire suddenly veer off in a different direction then we had been heading. Something was wrong.

I wished I could communicate with her, not that it would help, she was much too far away. I walked in the direction I has seen her disappear.

All I saw was many rolling hills. I was wrong, nothing was a matter, but then why had squire disappeared?

Yipes and Roland were still sailing the sea's I wished they were here, they could have made me feel much more comfortable.

Then I spotted Squire appear from behind one of the hills.

I sighed. Maybe she had simply been scouting the hills, I assured myself. It didn't help much but I couldn't let myself freak out here while I was all alone.

As we neared the walls of Bridewell I looked up at the towers, hoping to see Pervis among one of them.

Disappointingly he wasn't there. This didn't bother me much until I noticed there weren't any guards posted at all.

My heart thudded loudly against my chest. What had happened while I was gone?

Suddenly someone appeared on top of the walls.

"I need to stop freaking out so suddenly like that," I sighed, talking to myself.

The figure, stood up holding something it its arms.

Panic struck through me, as I noticed exactly what it was holding, a bow and arrow, but it wasn't aimed at me, they were going for something, or possibly someone in side the wall.

I ran the last hundred yards between the walls as me.

I heard a scream from inside the wall, and immediately knew what it was from.

The figure, whatever it was had shot someone inside the walls.

I realized I needed to get inside and help the people as soon as possibleā€¦before it was too late.

I gasped as I heard another scream of agony from inside the wall. The small noise was just loud enough to get the dark figure to turn its head. I couldn't make out a face but I could see two blood red eyes staring right at me. I knew at once I had been spotted.

Quicker than I had ever thought possible the shape strung its bow and pointed it at me. I could do nothing but eyes and wait for it to be over for I had no chance.

The wind started to blow and the impact never came. I opened one eye and saw the eyes of the strange form staring down at me, furious. The arrow that he had shot at me had missed by about five feet.

I started running as fast as I could towards the nearest entry to the tunnels that stretched throughout the Dark Hills and under Bridewell.

The figure on the wall continued his volley of arrows each time they got closer. Finally I found and entry to the tunnels. Quickly, I threw open the trap door and jumped in forgetting the many feet I would fall.

I landed with a groan, but I knew I was safeā€¦for now

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