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Chapter summary: A gift.




"Oh Nejiiii." A familiar voice seductively called out to the Hyuga prodigy.

Opening his eyes, Neji found himself face to face with, none other than his sparing partner. She was sitting in front of him; staring at him, with those deep chocolate tinted eyes. She unconsciously twirled her hair, as she sat watching him from a few feet away.

When had she let her hair down, he wondered? It wasn't often that anyone saw the weapons mistress without her trademarked buns. Neji couldn't help but be amazed at how beautiful she looked.

'Beautiful?' Neji couldn't believe he just thought that.

"Nejiiii." The girl called out again, once more catching the boy's attention.

This time she was no longer sitting across from him. He wasn't sure when, but at some point she had started crawling over to the Hyuga prodigy. Neji couldn't take his eyes off of her. She looked so… HOT!

"Nejiiii." Came the seductive call again.

"Hn." He grunted; trying to ignore the growing flutter in the pit of his stomach.

Tenten had reached the white eyed genius, but she didn't stop there. Slowly she began to crawl up into his lap until their faces were mere inches apart. He could feel her warm breath on his face. Slowly, and painfully, they began moving closer and closer together; their lips mere centimeters apart. Closer and closer they moved until…



Neji searched for his alarm, ready to destroy the diabolical machine that had woken him at the best part of the dream. He'd tear it to pieces, boil it, throw it off a high cliff, cover it in honey and toss it into a bear-filled cave.

That had been the plan; but when he reached towards the nightstand to hit (and he literally meant HIT) the snooze button, his fist came into contact with something much softer than he'd expected.

"OW!" Yelled a very familiar voice to the prodigy's right.

Neji opened his eyes and turned towards the direction of the voice. There, crouching next to his bed and rubbing her shoulder, was the one and only weapons mistress. The woman he had only moments earlier been dreaming about.

"Neji! Are you always this violent in the morning?" Tenten whispered, as she moved to turn off the alarm. "What am I asking?" She absentmindedly continued; shaking her head incredulously.

"Tenten…" Neji finally spoke.

"If that's your idea of hitting the off button, I can't imagine how many clocks you go through." Tenten continued; having not heard him. "Well, at least now I know what to get you for Christmas."

"Tenten…" Neji said again.

"Although, why would I give you something you'd just end up breaking?" Tenten said to herself.

"Tenten…" he repeated himself, again.

"Argh, you're so hard to shop for!" She fumed.

"TENTEN!" Neji shouted, loud enough for her to hear, but not loud enough to wake the rest of the sleeping Hyuga's; it was 3 am, after all.

"What?" Tenten asked, hearing him for the first time.

"What are you doing here?" Neji asked.

"Well…" Tenten looked down at her hands, as she played with her fingers nervously.

"Well? ..." Neji repeated.

"I just wanted …" Tenten hesitated.

"Wanted? …" Neji repeated, growing a little irritated with Tenten's hesitance.

He had never known her to be the shy type. She had always been outspoken and opinionated. When he had fought against Hinata, during the first chunnin exams, Tenten had not held back her anger, and had given Neji a thorough beating the next day as they sparred; all the while telling him how wrong it was to hold a grudge against a sweet and innocent girl like Hinata. Neji knew her as a girl who always fought for what she believed in, and never shied away from any confrontation. Yet there she was, acting so timid, so scared, so… unlike herself. He almost wondered if he were still dreaming.

"Well?" Neji demanded.

"I wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday." Tenten hurriedly whispered. (1)

He stared at her for a moment. She had spoken too fast for Neji to understand, but after a few seconds his genius mind pieced it together.

"Thank you." He replied.




(1) originally this was all written as one big word, but for some reason DELETES anything that is too long and anything that's a separated by periods instead of spaces (like my username)... if by chance you see a missing word or sentence in another chapter, please let me know so i can fix it thanks ;) (i know it's weird to ask you to SEE something that's NOT THERE, but you know what i mean! ;p)