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Chapter 4

Slash vs. Linda

Slash gasped for air. "I can't breathe!"

Jam sighed, "We are not even on the air lift yet." Slash looked around and blushed. Today was going to be a long day.

They arrived on Mt. Rookie. Everyone had an all-around, except Slash who was new and was on a freestyle board. Slash couldn't believe it, the long way down. "Look Slash! You might want to practice before you face Linda."

"Oh c'mon! I bet she is a push over!"

"You might want to look again." Jam said pointing to the slopes. Slash looked and saw Linda did two back flips. Slash gulped, everyone saw his face full of fear. The fear quickly disappeared into courage. "I'm sure it won't be that hard!" Slash then tried to move forward, but couldn't. After 5 minutes of trying to move, falling, getting laughed at Linda and getting up; Slash finally screamed out loud with anger, "Why can't I move?!?" Jam looked at Slash's board and blushed with embarrassment.

"Slash, your board is facing the wrong way." It was facing horizontal instead of vertical.

"Uhhh, I knew that." Slash said with confidence. Linda who was passing on her 6th lap laughed at Slash as she threw a hand at Slash. "What was that?!" Slash said as he got back up. "That would be a weapon. You have no idea do you?"

Slash smiled innocently and then frowned. "No."

It was one hour before the race between Slash and Linda. Slash go down the basics now, weapons, items, how to grab his board, and how to move forward. Slash was now ready for the run. He also was introduced to the gang, the pink bunny girl's name was Nancy, she was considered good at tricks, and she was Slash's mentor for tricks. The one in the green jacket taught Slash about speed. Jam taught him about the weapons and items. There were boxes on the course, but in case you needed to prepare with your arsenal, some shop keeper named Mr. Dog could help with those materials, he also sold snowboard, or that is what Jam said. When Slash asked him about Mr. Dog being a dog, Jam just laughed. Slash got off the lift and smiled. Before the other three could catch up, Slash got on the slopes to the first jump. He jumped and grabbed his left side while doing a 180 degree turn. He didn't learn about flips and tricks, but he mind as well experiment. But as Slash was having the time of his life, black eyes have been watching him do every trick and stunt Slash could do now. "He seems to be talented, but, he needs more practice." And with that, the voice disappeared.


While the others waited in their seats in the audience standings. Slash waited up top for Linda. It was 5 minutes to the race. Linda appeared a few seconds later with her alpine board shining brightly from some new coated wax. "So, the big nose decided to show up!" Linda smiled

"Wait, what was that Ms. Pencil?" Slash just said with a mischievous smile. Linda glared at him, but her face then brightened. "Why won't we make this a little more interesting?" Linda asked. Slash didn't answer, so Linda moved on, "Whoever wins will have to the other person's homework for one whole semester! How about it?" Slash was now in deep thought. There was no way he could win against Linda and her speed and skill! He was also just new at this. So both of them already knew the answer, "Alright Linda, I accept your bet!"

Linda smiled, "Now we need the referee. Mr. Dog!" Slash could not believe it! A dog in a messy apron appeared. "Ok, we need a nice clean race, only items and weapons are acceptable, no foul play. 3 laps and you win. Got it you two?" Linda smiled seeing the shocked look on Slash's face. "I got it Mr. Dog." Slash just nodded in shock still. But the race was about to start. Mr. Dog then got on the side holding a pop gun. Slash shook out of it getting to his position. Linda was holding something, but Slash could not see what. The gun sounded, and both of them were off.

Slash got off to an ok start while Linda was flying off of the starting line. Slash got an item box off the first jump, sweet! He got a pan! Slash quickly threw the pan, expecting Linda to turn into a pancake and hear her scream of pain. Slash never heard it though; he quickly raced on trying to find Linda. 2nd jump for Slash. He was nearing half the course. Slash then saw Linda reappear in front of his eyes. It seemed Linda has some tricks up her sleeve! Before Slash react any sooner, he fell on a rock Linda dropped. "OOPS!" Was all Slash heard before he hit the ground. Slash growled getting up and after her. The took the last

2nd lap. Slash was now closely behind Linda, Slash quickly grabbed another item box, perfect! Slash threw the item.

Linda screamed, "GHOST!" Linda then crashed into a wall. Slash passed her up quickly, Slash quickly got to the second jump while Linda just jumped off it. They both kept doing tricks until the end.

3rd lap. This was it. Slash and Linda were at it. Slash was in far front. Meanwhile on the sidelines, Nancy smiled talking to Tommy and Jam, "If Slash keeps this up, and he should win!"

"But don't forget Nancy!" Tommy interrupted her thoughts. "Linda is a speed type; she may also have something else up her sleeve.

And she did. They just headed off the last jump of the race. To everybody's amazement, Linda pulled out a bomb! Slash saw the bomb, just a few more feet! Linda smiled and threw the bomb, but then, a crazy thought jumped into Slash's head. Before the bomb hit, Slash jumped to dodge the bomb! He then heard a clang. This must be the end of the race. Slash closed his eye. He then somehow bumped his whole body into some sort of barrier or something. Slash opened his eyes to see he was in the finishing line. He looked behind him and Linda was on the ground smoking.


"No way! He could have never deflected my shot! That is not possible!" Mr. Dog came down on his custom made snowboard and smiled at Slash. "Nice job, boy."

"Wait just a darn second!" Linda screamed, "That's not possible how he deflected that shot!" Linda screamed at Mr. Dog, "He cheated right?!"

Mr. Dog thought deep. "He did do a move no one has seen. But I have seen that move once." Linda stopped yelling and slash stopped smiling. The statement caught their attention. But before Mr. Dog could explain further more, the other kids all rushed to Slash. "Yo dude! That was some nice racing! You have to teach me how you did that deflect thing!" It was Jam who swung his arm on Slash's shoulder. Tommy smiled at Slash, "That was great racing! Maybe we can hang out some time at the Burger Joint! My treat." Tommy, Jam, Linda, and Mr. Dog then began to walk to the lodge. Before Slash could follow, Nancy hugged Slash for a brief second, then ran off with the others. Slash smiled as he followed the gang. Maybe getting expelled was a good thing.

The En…

The mysterious voice was signing up for the Snowboard 3000 competition. "Now sir, please sign here." The person at the signup booth said. The voice quickly signed. Before he finished, he looked behind him. He recognized some faces, Kat the pink girl ninja, as well as long as other demons, animals, and humans alike. Snowboard 3000 was going to be interesting this year. The person at the counter accepted the sheet after the voice finished signing his name. "Okay Shinobin, we will inform you when the tournament begins." Shinobin smiled. The boy, Slash, he might see him there if he keeps that up.


This was really a beginning story. SBK CHRONICLES: Snowboard 3000 Competition. It will be longer, more actiony (yes, actiony is a word.) Along with all your favorite snowboarders! With a little cameo action as well. Slash will also join the Snowboard Kids! And one more thing, the sequel might be more mature, so keep an eye on that as well. Sbk rules.

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