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Chapter 1-- Chico Chips and Flyers

"You have a dollar? I'm starved." The blond whined to his younger friend sitting across from him.

"Naruto, this is the millionth time this week! Geez, I could've bought a house or something with all the money I give you!" Still, she pulled a thin, crumpled up dollar from her pocket.

"Thanks, I owe you!" He snatched the bill and raced to the vending machines to get a bag of Chico Chips.

She almost jumped out of her skin when a large hand gripped her shoulder. She didn't even have to turn around to know it was Sasuke. No one else really was that bored or alone to bother her. The poor girl.

"Unlike him, I know that was your bus money to get home. I'll drive you later." His voice was deep and slightly annoyed. But only because he cared for her.

"Thanks, Sasuke-kun. He's just such a little kid. I feel bad if I don't help him. Like it'll haunt me in my sleep or something."

"Hn." He sat down next to her and lightly drummed him fingers on the table.

Sakura wasn't necessarily poor, but she was far from rich. In Westridge High, only the top and latest fashions were socially accepted. Step out of those boundaries and you are officially alone and a leper. Sakura has no choice, though.

Pretty much everyone else in that school got in because their families paid the big bucks for it. That included Sasuke and Naruto. She and less than a handful of other students got in because of a scholarship or outstanding grades.

Naruto sat back down, happily munching on his Chico chips. Just like a cow, as usual.

"Dobe, keep your mouth closed. No one wants to see that crap in your mouth. It's already disgusting even before you shove it in your mouth."

Naruto made a face as if he was deeply offended, which he was. "How dare you insult the Chico Chip! How can you-"

"SHUT UP! Both of you, please! God, must you always fight about such retarded stuff!?" Sakura smacked her head down on the lunch table with her arms over it.

"I'm guessing history didn't go so well again?" Sasuke flatly asked.

"...Maybe.." Her words were muffled by her arms. He gentley placed his arm on her back and patted the top of her head. The groups of girls around the cafeteria glared at Sakura because of the attention she was getting from the hotties of their dreams.

"Sakura-chan, those girls are all bitches, anyways! You have us, that's all you need, right?" Naruto shook her arm, trying to get her to lift her face.

"I guess you're right." She smiled slightly, and gave into the hug Sasuke forced himself to give her. Yeah, he's not one for showing affection. It's just not in him. If you took one glance at his family life, you'd totally understand why. It's all about the business in this town.

"See, everything's okay! Here, have a chip!" Naruto gleefully gestured towards his precious bag of chips.

"...Uhh.. I think I'll pass on that, Naruto. But thanks, anyways." A very smart move. If you could pronounce the first billion things on the ingredients list on the bag, you deserve an award.

"Hn. Lunch is almost over. Naruto and I have to head to the fifth floor, so we'll walk you to your class."

As they exited the cafeteria, Sakura had her arms looped through both of theirs. Even though the boys were a grade ahead of her and she was a sophmore, none of them seemed to mind. Even with all the social behavior rules enforced by everyone else, they still were the best of friends. Same grade or not.

Technically speaking, though, she was a junior. She was smarter than half of them, actually. Thus explaining her ticket into the school.

The spotless walls with pictures of past graduates directed them to the winding staircase with bronze railings that would shine when the sky was clear and the light sparkled through the stained glass windows. Yep, all top-notch luxury.

Seconds after reaching the third floor, the bell rang, dismissing classes and sending them to their next period.

"Thanks, guys. You should head upstairs now. I don't think Mr. Hatake would be happy to find his students arriving later than himself."

"You sure?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine! Plus, I think I see Gaara over there."

"You mean the kid who's in most of your classes?" Sasuke asked suspiciously.

"Yep. He's like my homework buddy and stuff. We almost always work together for projects. He's even more emo on the inside than you, Sasuke!" Naruto laughed with her while the offended and less emo boy just glared.

"Tch. Whatever.. Baka, let's go." He continued to pout as he dragged a snickering Naruto back up the stairs.

Sakura shook her head and sighed. She'd admit the two of them definitely had good looks, but inside they're like little kids. It was amazing how oblivious all the girls seemed to miss that part. In case you didn't notice, only girls liked the guys. In this school, homosexuality isn't "in". Not one person has admitted to it. No one wants to be alone..

She brushed her hair behind her ear as she almost skipped down the halls. Just as she reached the corner, she spotted a bit of bright red. Immediately, the Haruno girl knew it was Gaara.

"Gaara! Over here!" Her arm shot into the air as if he wouldn't notice her in the empty hallway.

He just blinked slowly and continued stapling flyers to the wall.

"Whatcha doing?" She asked curiously, staring at the collage of colorful papers.

"Hanging flyers for the show next month. The dance classes are putting together a whole routine."

He finished the last flyer and led her into the classroom. Mr. Iruka was already there writing on the board, "POP QUIZ". Joy.

So that's Chapter 1! This was basically to just set the scene. FYI, the whole dance show thingy is gonna play a HUGE role in the story later. So try to remember it a little.

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