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His voice was a small whisper. "I think I might know the guy." His lips plunged slowly into the raven's.

"Okay, I'm clean. You guys ready to gooOOOH MY GOD!!" Sakura dropped all her stuff.

The two of them broke off their kiss and stared at her wide eyed. Naruto was still on Sasuke's lap. Sakura's gaping mouth twisted into an evil but sweet smile. "So you're a couple now?"

Naruto hid behind Sasuke's face on his shoulder, slightly hidden from Sakura's view. With his baby voice he replied slowly, "Maaaybeee..."

He shifted around to get comfortable, which made Sasuke "uncomfortable" down there where a lot of contact was going on. Naruto bent Sasuke's hand back and laced his fingers through his. At first, Sasuke was hesitant, but it felt so right. He immediately locked his fingers in. Sakura stared at them as if gazing at a beautiful painting that totally caught her attention.

"Awwww!! You guys!! I'm so happy!" She ran over to them and fell to her knees to hug them. The boys unlocked their hands to wrap their arms around the only girl they'd ever admit to being in love with.

Chapter 7-- Screw The Script

After their little scene in the hallway, the bell rang. The boys didn't want to seem suspicious, so they got up before anyone could see them and headed off to their next classes.

When the chalkboards had been erased, books shoved under the desks, scribbled work crumbled into backpacks and the students were finally dismissed, Naruto headed out to his car. He had parked near all the "hot rod" cars, so they were all gone and he was in a deserted parking lot beside the school.

Just as he was opening the back door, a muscular arm hooked around his waist. Naruto didn't move, just smirked and said, "Getting feisty already, are we?"

"We need to talk." Naruto's smirk disappeared.

He turned around to face the raven and nervously. "You don't want to be with me?" His voice was small and hurt.

"No, that's definitely not it." Sasuke smiled warmly and grabbed Naruto's hand.

"Then what is it?" Naruto locked his hand in his.

"We need to keep it a secret.."

"What the hell do you mean? Are you..embarrassed by me!?" He pulled his hand away, obviously pissed off. But just as he did, Sasuke pushed him into the car in the back seat with himself on top.

"No, Naruto. Just listen to me." His stern face was a speck apart from Naruto's shocked face.

"W-what is it?"

"Look, only Sakura and I know that you're gay. The whole school knows I am. And you've seen their reaction already. Why bother saying anything and getting the same treatment? I care about you and don't want that to happen, okay? So I'm cool with having a secret relationship. Besides," he lifted himself off of him and pulled Naruto out as well.

Sasuke pushed him into the side of the car and held him there by pinning him against the vehicle with his hips. His face was super close again. "it makes it that much more fun. Don't you think, Naru-chan?"

Naruto couldn't take it anymore and grabbed his secret boyfriend's face and smashed their lips together. He wasn't good under pressure.

Naruto wasn't done yet, though. After the inexperienced Sasuke pulled back, Naruto and his experienced self fell back into the car, pulling Sasuke in with him. Side by side, they made out with each other, groping at hair, shoulders, waists, and Naruto was first to get a handful of Sasuke's firm ass.

Sasuke squeaked a little in surprise, which made Naruto pull back and laugh as Sasuke pouted.

"Sorry, man." Naruto chuckled. "I just never expected to ever hear you squeak!" He began to laugh again.

"It's not funny." Sasuke grumbled.

Naruto kissed his forehead and tucked the boy's head under his chin. They laid there, wrapped in each other's arms for awhile. Sasuke nibbled on the blond's shirt and snuggled closer, hoping he'd get to do this frequently.

After a few weeks of planned and not-so-planned make out sessions, mall dates with Sakura and some movie nights without Sakura, aaaaannnnddd Sakura secretly teasing them

The auditorium was packed with teenagers in their junior and senior years. No underclassmen in sight. Except for Sakura. But shh! She's hiding in Sasuke's hoodie. Though of course, it's too big.

It was finally the second best day (the best day is the day when some kid related to the school board's president gets an exam day canceled and made a weird holiday that's only celebrated by a tiny town in Ukraine.) for the three musketeers. The dance class performance.

The first half of the day the upperclassmen are in the auditorium to watch the dance. Then the second performance is for the underclassmen.

Sakura slipped in with the upperclassmen because she had plans for after the show. Obviously they aren't plans to get into a junior class. No. The plan was that she and the gay Romeo and Juliet were going to sneak out after the show and spend the rest of the afternoon at the mall.

Sasuke and Sakura were in the audience and Naruto was on stage. No, he wasn't a dancer. He was the host for the first show. Some freshman with a horrible lisp was the host in the next show.

The lights dimmed and the from behind the curtain, Naruto popped out with a bunch of note cards in hand. Yeah, he's not the best at remembering his lines.

"Good morning, juniors and seniors." He began, his voice was completely emotionless as he concentrated on reading off the cards. "My name, as you know, is Naruto. And I'll be your toast- I mean host-" he flipped the card. "..today. Now, sit back and relax as you enjoy a choreographed dance to the song, 'Candyman' by Christina Aguilara."

The crowd clapped as he jumped behind the curtain as it began to open. As the music began to play, all the guys sat up as girls in candy cane tights and colorful clingy leotards danced around. Except Sasuke.

He was busy criticizing their 'harmony' and clumsy footwork. He snorted when the girl with fake boobs tripped.

Halfway through the show, the crowd was getting a bit bored, but glad to at least not be in class. Naruto came out once again to introduce the next dance number.

"Alright. Wasn't that exciting?" He was reading much faster, not liking his job anymore. "The next dance is the most complicated one you'll see today. So it'll be performed I'm gay by the advanced group." The crowd began to murmur about the squished in words that didn't seem to fit.

"Ah! Screw this!" He tossed the cards behind him. "I'm gay." In the middle of the audience, Sasuke squeezed Sakura's hand. Naruto continued.

"I'm gay. Yeah, you heard me! And I'm not afraid to say it, either. Here, just to prove it, I'll say it again. I'm gay! See?" The crowd was completely shocked. "And you know what? I have a boyfriend, too! His name is Sasuke Uchiha. There. I said it. Now you can go ahead and say what you want. I don't give a crap! You people are just pissed off because it's different and you all are too fricken scared to step out of the box and try something new, something that hasn't been considered 'in' yet. Sasuke and I don't care for that box. Why do you? Oh, the next dance is Beat The Road Hard or something. Enjoy!"

Everyone was roaring in conversation as he disappeared behind the curtain and the next dance began. Sasuke was smiling as Sakura rubbed his hand with her thumb. A little tear slid down his cheek. But the little sappy moment going on his head was soon interrupted by his vibrating cell phone. It was a text from his not-so-secret-boyfriend.


The two of them crawled out before the crowd calmed down and snuck past the teachers to the staircase. Kabuto was at home "sick". He was actually getting a nose job, so he couldn't be around to report to the public of their doings.

When the creaked open the door to the roof, they saw Naruto at the railings, slumped over it with his back to them. He was enjoying the breeze. Sakura quietly stayed near the door as Sasuke walked over to him.

With his coal eyes fixated on his boyfriend, he called out to him. "Hey." He said casually. Just as Naruto turned around to face him, Sasuke had been right in front of him and meaningfully kissed him lightly on the lips as he pressed his body against him. Naruto locked his hands behind Sasuke's waist as the darker haired boy gently held the tips of his fingers on Naruto's jawline.

The kiss deepened and time passed pretty fast. Sakura was still there, but sat down to catch up on her reading while they caught each others spit.

"Look guys, as much as I'm happy for you guys and all, I'm bored as hell. Can we go now?" The two slowed down and pulled back even slower with a string of saliva connecting them until Naruto licked Sasuke's mouth, making the string disappear. (OoOoh...magic!!)

"Fine, fine, Sakura-chan. So impatient!"

"You guys were making out for a freakin' twenty minutes!!! You're the impatient one! You can't wait to pull Mr. Ego over here into bed!" Yeah, when she gets mad, she. Gets. Mad.

"Okay, we get it! No need to throw a hissy at me!" Sakura just rolled her eyes and began to climb down the ladder on the side of the building.

The two boys followed her down. Sasuke parked his car right next to the building for a quick getaway. Sakura hopped in the back as the other two got in the front with Sasuke at the wheel. He was only steering with one hand, since the other was (in Naruto's pants) (kidding.) holding Naruto's.

Tension was thick in the air as Naruto walked hand in hand with Sasuke. Everyone stood by their lockers, openly whispering and glaring. Kabuto stood in their way and began chuckling. Sasuke began to feel less confident and more uncomfortable.

Naruto squeezed his hand slightly and smiled at him, which helped. The day was gonna be a long one.

After a horrible week of fights, tormenting, numerous items targeting their heads and very few make out sessions...

Tsunade called an assembly of all of the school outside. She stood with a mega phone in hand and a nasty glare on her face.

"Listen up! All of you! This school is supposed to represent the best of the best. And by the looks of it, we're doing a pretty crappy job!" Everyone stood uneasily.

"Would anyone mind clearing this up for me? Why has the entire school suddenly turned against two specific juniors? Hmm?" No one moved.

"Oh, don't tell me!" Sarcasm was about to be released. "They think they're better than all of you and became all cocky, so no one wants to hang out with them. Or maybe they're bullies and threw food all over you people and this is their punishment. Or maybe, just maybe, they confessed that they're homosexual and everyone here is so stuck up and homophobic that this seems to be perfectly fine!"

She turned around and waved an arm at several police cars. About 20 officers walked up around her and stood in a straight line.

"What you all decided to take a part in is a hate crime. Just to remind you, it's entirely illegal and can get you a nice spot in jail. These policemen have much more important things to do than arrest a school for such a crime. I can barely believe that any of you would stoop to such a level! I'm disgusted!"

The entire crowd began to quietly panic.

"Now, I've decided to give you guys a second chance. But you MUST change some things here. Rule number one: no more destructive, rude, abusive or any negative behavior at all because of someone's appearance, sexuality, religion or race. Rule number two: Learn to be an individual. I'm sure half of you normally wouldn't care at all about such things as this, but decided to do so since your "buddies" do! Think for yourself! And rule number three: Get back to class! Dismissed!"

The crowd quickly dashed like mice into the building, fearing the police with handcuffs and batons.

Sasuke was about to walk into his classroom when someone grabbed his shoulder. And it wasn't in an aggressive manner at all. He turned and saw it was Neji.

"Hey, listen. I'm sorry about all the shit that's been going on. Tsunade was right. You guys didn't do anything wrong but we still treated you like crap."

Sasuke smirked at him and held out his hand. Neji firmly grabbed it and they shook hands.


A few people smiled at them and understood it was time to change this school around and get out of the box.

The following day, Sakura stood in front of the cafeteria with two large boxes. After taking a few deep breathes, she climbed on top of a table and got ready to shout.

"In honor of all those people out there who are going through hardships because of their sexuality, I have a few boxes here with pins to help show our support and to show the world we actually care!"

Gaara came up to her and pulled out one of the rainbow pins and stuck it to his shirt. She smiled brightly at his bravery.

"Actually, I'm bisexual. So I feel I really should be doing this."

"Gaara, I'm glad you decided to come out about it. No one should feel ashamed."

He smiled back at her.

Next came Tenten and Temari with Lee quickly catching up. Soon enough, even Ino grabbed one! And after her (Miss Popular), everyone in the cafeteria went to get one. Except Kabuto. He's still a turd.

In art class, Shino, Choji and Kiba made a huge banner that said, "Gay Pride" and got permission to hang it up by the front of the school.

Now things had finally changed. Three boxes were empty. Two with all the pins, and one that used to be the home of the homophobic.

Gay pride, man. Gay pride...


"Sasuke! Sasuke! Uhmm.. Remember when you told me you were gay?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Well.."She began to fiddle with the hem of her shirt.

"Tell me already! I don't have all day."

"Uhm, you told me to tell you if I was planning on going out with a guy to tell you fiiiirrrsssttt...so I am."


"Uhm, Haku. He kinda asked me out this morning."

"What'd you say to him!?"

"I said yes, but-"

"Sakuraaa!! I didn't check him out yet!"

"Check who out?" Naruto popped in. "Sasuke, you're checking out other people!?"

"No no no! Sakura promised me she'd let me know if she was going out or planning on going out with a guy so I could check him out to make sure he was okay for her! I'd never give you up for someone else, baka."

"Tch! Well I was just being concerned, teme."

"You guys! Stop arguing already! Man, sometimes I wonder how you two really are a couple." With that, she walked away, probably to meet Haku.

"So what really made you like me?" Sasuke asked Naruto.

"I think the fact that you're really stubborn and so emo-ish."

Sasuke frowned. "You think I'm emo?"

"Emo-ish. Big difference there. Not emo. I don't think I could handle you being sad all the time." His lips covered up Sasuke's as they leaned back on the lockers in the empty school.

Kabuto's still a turd.

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