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Chapter 1: Bye, Bye Jackass


"Hi, Edward," I said to my love, whom was outside my door.

"Hi, Bella," he said distractedly. I looked at him puzzled. He might get angry with me sometimes, but he never treats me like has treated me right now.

"Do you want to come in?," I asked him. He nodded.

At the living room, he sat on the loveseat. I sat in front of him, on Charlie's chair "I wanted to speak to you about something," he said in a serious tone.

"About what?," I replied.

"Us," he responded.

I gave him a confused look. "What about us?"

He let out a breath then looked up at me. "I think we should break up."

"Why?," I asked, again in confusion. Our relationship has been great after I saved him Italy. In the last weeks, we have become closer. It did not make sense that we should break up if nothing is wrong.

"Well, I've been seeing someone behind your back, and I didn't think it was fair for you to be in that situation," he said sadly.

He cheated on me, I thought in disbelieve. That asshole cheated on ME!!!!!!!!! Overwhelming anger took over me. Blood boiled in my veins.

"Edward, please get the fuck out my house," I said in a deadly whisper, not caring about my language. Edward looked at me in utter disbelieve because he has never heard me say a profanity before.

"Excuse me?," he asked.

"I said get the fuck out of my house, jackass!," I screamed. I stood up and with new found strength pulled him up on his feet, dragged him to the door, opened the door and kicked him out. When I said I kicked him out, I literally meant I kicked him with my foot out. He fell on his knees on the pavement. He turned to me with a look of awe and disbelieve, again.

"Stay out of this house, my life, and anything that involves me. I hope that when someone has the courage to kill you that you burn in hell. Bye, bye, jackass," I yelled at him, then slammed the door to his pretty little face.

I looked at my living room in satistfaction. I was happy I didn't have to go out with that cheating scum anymore.

Yet, I still had that blinding rage in me. I stormed up stairs in a rage. I was seeing red, now.

I grabbed everything he gave me and and ripped it to pieces, even my clothing. I threw the shreds out into the rain. I ripped his pictures up and threw those out the window, too. I threw the Cd's he gave me out the window like frisbees. The only Cd I kept was the one he made me for my birthday. It would hurt physically to part with that one, somehow.

I sat on my bed, trying to calm down. I made myself go blank, as to not go into a fit of rage. Charlie found me like that, staring at the wall abstractly.

"Bella, what happened?," he questioned me.

"Dad, he broke up with me," I replied in a blank, emotionless voice. He stared at me in horror. He must think I'm going into depression again. Then he walked toward me and knelt down in front of me.

"Bella, I'm sorry, but I can't take you becoming a zombie again." He paused recollecting his thoughts. His face brightened, then sobered. "I heard from my friend at work about a boarding school in Massachusetts. It is perfect, and they might let you apply this late. It is that or Renee. You choose."

I looked at him in surprise. A boarding school or Renee. That's an obvious answer. I'd pick a boarding school over my mother because she doesn't deserve me being there to wreck her happy life with my fits of rage.

"Boarding school," I mumbled. He nodded and left.

Later, I fell asleep.

Charlie woke me up the next morning, before he went to work. He told me he called the school yesterday, and they accepted me, but I had to leave tomorrow in the morning. He said to stay home today and pack. He was going to make the arrangements today for me during his break and freetime. Then he left.

I fell asleep again for about an three hours. I woke again and got to work. I showered and dressed. I still had the clothes Alice gave me that I had stuffed in the back of my closet. I pulled some tight blue jeans and a green spaghetti strap shirt. I began packing the clothes Alice gave, most of which were kind of revealing, but cute. They would fit in with my new look, the opposite of what I used to be.

I packed tons and tons of clothes. They fit in two suitcases, along with my shoes. Then I grabbed a large handbag and packed my favorite books and the Cd's that were left in my collection. Most of my Cd's were classical, and they were kind of boring. I had some rock, but only my very favorites. I decided that when I got to the boarding school, I would take a trip to a music store and buy some rock music, perferrably some angry rock Cd's.

When everything was done- which was about four hours after I woke up- I sat on my bed satisfied. I had nothing to do, so I layed on my back and fiddled with my hair. I looked at it and it reminded me how Edward always loved the color. I needed to change that.

I stared it longer deciding a color. Black wouldn't do because people would be thinking I'm going Goth or Emo, which I am not. Red reminds me of Victoria and she reminds me of vampires, which in turn reminds of Edward. So that was off the list. The last natural color would be blonde.


Yeah, I could be blond. I have the skin that looks okay with it and the looks. That and my eyebrows would look fine because they are a honey brown, almost dirty blonde.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I took out some clorine from under the sink. I heard somewhere that the easiest way to become blond is to do highlights or bleach it. Since I did not have time to go to Port Angeles to have it higlighted, I am going to bleach it.

I lowered my head to the sink and poured some on my head.

It stung and hurt like hell. I immediatly screamed in pain, but still left my head in the sink. I waited for about ten minutes before I took my head out. I grabbed one of the white towels in the bathroom and wrapped my hear in it. Then, I took my clothes off and stepped in the shower. I carefully unwrapped my hair and threw the towel out. I washed my hair with my strawberry shampoo and then conditioned it, avoiding looking at it because I feared it would be ugly. It wasn't.

It was a white blond color a

nd it looked really natural on me. I actually looked nicer as a blonde than a brunette. I liked it, alot.

I grabbed another towel and dried myself. Then, I dressed again.

I went back to my room and sat on my bed. After a while I went to sleep.

When Charlie came home, he went to check up on me. He went ballistic when he saw my hair. He told me that I ruined it. That this was all Edward's fault and he was going to make me fix it. When he noticed that I didn't even care, he quieted down and decided that it was too late to fix it because I would be leaving tomorrow. He reluctantly let me off the hook.

I went back to sleep again

The next morning I showered and wore a tight red shirt and a black skirt that went past mid thigh and a black leather jacket over my shirt. It looked nice with my hair, which I decided to leave down.

Charlie stared at my clothing, unbelieving, but let it go. He drove me to the airport in Port Angeles and handed me my tickets. I hugged him goodbye and stepped out. I grabbed my suitcases and bag and rolled them inside.

At the airport, many guys eyes me with interest. I ignored them. I walked quickly to the place where you turn in you suitcases.

It turned out I nearly missed my flight, so I had to run to get on.

In the airplane, it was quiet. I slept through most of it. Before I knew it we were at Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Welcome to you new home Isabella, I thought to myself.