The Identity That Holds the Mask

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto sigh. Made up some minor characters for the first part, won't be a big part of the story.

Summary: What if, from the age of 9, Naruto has been living two separate lives? Who could tell that a loudmouth, hyperactive ninja is actually an undercover ANBU. Because of the Kyuubi inside him, an agreement was made that his identity would be safe with the Hokage and away from the villagers. Even so, how long will the mask hold...? (Deciding whether to make it into a Kaka/Naru in the end- no offense, not a big fan of Sasu/Naru)


"Neh, old-man, no one else would know about this right?" The blond-haired boy standing in front of the Hokage's desk, asked carefully.

Sarutobi stroked his small beard looking thoughtful, "Well, besides you, me and, maybe, your teammates..." He picked up his brush and drew a seal on the document that was holding the ANBU's information, "... no one else."

The boy's sapphire blue eyes softened and a grin played at his lips, "This will be fun." He said rather sarcastically.

The Hokage tossed him a wrapped package, the newly appointed ANBU already knowing what was contained inside, nodded and left in a blink of an eye.

The Sandamine puffed a smoke from his mouth and walked to the window in his office, Who knew that a 9 year-old could become an ANBU. It surely surpasses Uchich Itachi. He doesn't even have the Sharingan! This point made him shiver, If he knew about the Kyuubi-, he did not want to dwell on the possibility on the power the boy would attain.

Uzumaki Naruto arrived inside his apartment promptly without using neither the door or the window and placed the package the Hokage had given him deep inside his closet. Devising a plan, he decided to first go to his favourite ramen shop and then train for a couple of hours. Looking around to see if everything was in check, he used his front door to walk out. In his bedroom, inside the new package, lay an ANBU mask in a shape of a kitsune (fox).

AN: Thanks for being patient with the prologue, hope you enjoy the first chapter!