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A child ran along the reeds by the Nile river. Behind him, his little sister followed with her smaller, more awkward legs. The two laughed as they neared their parents who were working in the fields. Other adults smiled at the two then went back to their work. The children ran up to their mother who was carrying a basket full of wheat, and began to run around her. The woman just shook her head, and shooed the two children away, saying she still had more work to do. It was then the boy stole his little sisters doll and ran off with it. The poor little girl cried and chased after him.

The boy laughed as he watched his distraught sister try to get her doll back. He ran down to the river and onto a log that stuck out over it. There he head the doll over the water, threatening to drop it in. The girl stopped and stood in horror."Pleewse don't" she cried. He laughed some more and pretended to drop it. The girl yelped but then sighed when he caught it before it fell in.

"You're so gullible." he said and tossed her back her doll. She hugged it and smiled. The boy only shook his head. "Come on, lets go back." he said and grabbed his sisters hand. But she didn't budge. "What's wrong? Come on." he said tugging.

Still no movement. She was looking at something wide eyed, she looked even more scared then when he had her doll. Following her gaze, his mouth fell open. The water. It was turning colors. It at first looked like rust was consuming its natural blueish color, but then it got darker. Soon it was the color of blood. The two stared at it then horror. Then the boy yanked on his sisters arm and took off back to the fields yelling at the top of his lungs for the adults. They all looked up to see what was going on, but turned when the sound of galloping horses and the unsheathing of swords reached their ears.


A figure swiftly moved from shadow to shadow with in the tomb. Careful not to set off any of it's many traps. Silently they entered the next room where the old Pharaoh's body was kept. The person had no interest in that though, and made their way into the next room adjoining this one. In there they saw piles of food, gold, and clothing for the Pharaoh in the afterlife. Though the gold was tempting, the person just walked past it till they reached the center of the room. Walking into the torch light you could see the person was dressed in all black. By the figure of their body you could tell it was a female in men's clothing. Only amethyst colored eyes were visible, and she had a deadly spear like weapon strapped to her back. It was called a glaive, but few knew of such a weapon. She walked much like a cat, silent and powerful.

Her eyes twinkled upon seeing what she had come for. There in the center of the room was a stand with a large light yellow stone in the middle. It was called Lotus diamond and had been given to the late Pharaoh as a gift. However now, he will be giving it to her. Carefully she picked the stone up and quickly replaced it with a small sack of sand that was equal to it's weight. She sighed when no traps went off and looked down at the egg sized gem.

"Now you're all mine." she whispered. Suddenly the sound of footsteps reached her ears and she quickly rushed to hide in the shadows. Soon a man stepped into the room. He had tamed dirty blonde hair and bluish-gray eyes. He wore black desert style pants, and a white shirt. The boy looked no more than 18 and was even tanner than most of the people in Egypt. Instantly she recognized him as Gahiji, a well known, but still new Tomb robber.

"What?" she heard him gasp when he walked up to the stand that once held the Lotus. "Why isn't the blasted thing here?"

Quietly the girl tried to leave but had stepped on a piece of rotten food that made a squish sound. Gahiji looked up and saw her. His eyes then traveled to the stone in her hand. He growled and pulled out a sword. "Give that here woman." he snapped.

Behind her small veil the woman smirked as she tossed the stone in the air, caught it then placed it in her pocket. "Not likely fool." she said and took off.

She could hear him chasing after her, so she made the chase a bit more interesting. A funny looking stone was coming up and she stepped on it then jumped over the pit that opened up. However Gahiji jumped over it as well. So he was as good as the rumors said, still she wanted to make extra sure. Springing up she kicked the wall and ducked to the ground as knives few out of the walls. Looking back she saw Gahiji had stopped running just before reaching the spot. When the knives stopped flying he was quickly upon her. She instantly pulled out a concealed dagger in time to block his sword. Lashing her leg out she nailed him in the chest and got up to run. He recovered too quickly and attacked her again. Putting the dagger away she brought out her glaive and locked it with his sword.

He smirked. "You're pretty good for a woman." she glared at him, then grinned behind her concealment.

"You're not so bad yourself, for a man." they pushed off each other and stood ready for the next attack.

However neither of them would have the time to finish their little match. The sound of running feet was soon heard. The tombkeepers had heard the traps go off and were coming to take care of the intruders. The two just turned and ran, not even caring that the other was running beside them. Soon the tombkeepers had turned the corner and chased after them. Swords and spears at the ready.

"Stop thieves!" they called out. The girl rolled her eyes. Oh yeah, like they were going to do that.

The two finally were outside the tomb and in the desert's cool night air. Quickly they both closed the door to the tomb and ran to their horses. However before Gahiji could get to his, she tripped him with the end of her weapon and quickly mounted her mare. The thief looked up and glared at her. She just smirked through her veil and gripped the reigns tighter to control her fidgeting horse. The violet eyed girl did her best to hold in her laughter.

"That's for trying to kill me." he stood up and mounted his horse. The woman kicked hers and it galloped away. Gahiji followed her. He still needed to get the Lotus from her.

"You're not getting away that easily woman!" he cried. She turned her head to look at him and grinned. She reached into one of her saddle bags and pulled out a harmless garden snake.

She then called out to him. "My name is Hotaru, Gahiji. I'm sure you've heard it before." with that she tossed the snake to the ground. When the man's horse saw it, the poor thing spooked and reared. Throwing it's master off. Hotaru laughed as she watched this then faced forward and rode away. Leaving the younger thief far behind.

Gahiji quickly stood up and calmed his horse down. The snake had slithered away. After his horse was settled he looked back to see she was only a black dot in the distance now. He glared at the speck and mounted his horse again. He had heard rumors about the girl, but thought they were just that, rumors. However this little trip of his proved him wrong. Hotaru, the Queen of Thieves, really did exist.

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