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A small stream of blood flowed down the steps of houses. Men, women, and children lay dead in their homes and on the streets of what was once a peaceful little village. Even the lives of animals had not been spared in this massacre. Small grains of sand shifted as the crimson liquid continued to spread along the streets and run down the steps of houses. The place reeked of scorched skin and blood. A few of the houses had caught fire, but the flames began to die as its food source became scarce. Other then the rivers of blood, nothing moved. Nothing even made a sound. What was once a flourishing small village was now no more then a graveyard.

A peculiar thing about the bodies, was that all had, had their heads removed. All of the children had, had their hearts carved out of them. Even some of the younger men and women did too. Some people would call this the work of a devil or demon, but it had been the hands of men who had committed such a haynes act. Hate filled, and merciless men, who did not listen to the cries of the children. Nor did they listen to the mothers pleas to spare their lives. They had silenced the town within two hours. Now nothing remained of it. The town would lay forgotten until perhaps a trader passed by. But even then, nothing could be done about it. The lives were taken. The buildings were in ruins. Pretty soon the buzzards would come to feast on the corpses. Picking at the meat til there was nothing but bone and hair left.

On a dune not far from the village was a group of black figures. There seemed to be only about ten of them. However their incredible skills made up for their lack or numbers. All had their faces wrapped, only daring to reveal their eyes. Even their hands were gloved. The cloth soaked with human and animal blood. One carried a bag that had the liquid seeping through and dripping onto the sand. All were mounted onto black war horses. Trained to help fight in combat. Their black manes were mused from the massacre earlier that day.

The one with the bag turned to who appeared to be the leader. "Will these heads and hearts be enough for them?" he asked holding up his sack.

The leader nodded. "Yes, I do believe so. Our master shall be pleased when he hears of our success."

"What of the village milord? Shall we burn it completely or leave it?" the voice of a woman asked from the back. The onyx eyes of the leader twinkled with mirth.

"Leave it. The buzzards have to eat too you know." the group laughed. They kicked the sides of their beasts and turned them around. They rode away from the destruction and death with smiles on their faces. None of the men or women gave a second thought to the lives they took. In fact, they would all sleep soundly tonight without a care. This place had just been a small, meaningless sacrifice to there goal. A goal in which they dared any man to stop.


Gahiji swung his sword expertly through the air, aiming for the Thief King's neck. Bakura dodged it and kicked out at the man, nailing him in the stomach. Their fight had been taken out to the desert, as to not attract the authorities attention. It was actually going quite well. The crimson eyed thief was finding this little match rather fun. The only people who ever gave him a good work out was Hotaru, Khalid, and unfortunately Atem. Mostly the rest would tire to quickly and give up. Or he'd beat the snot out of them. Snapping out of his thoughts he quickly blocked Gahiji's next attack.

This boy did not seem to tire. He was taught well in the fighting arts. However Bakura had something he didn't. The boy lacked experience, and that could be a deadly thing when fighting someone like himself. Again Bakura successfully avoided the teen's sword, but decided to not counter the attack. He wanted the blue-gray eyed boy to know just how confusing and unpredictable an opponent can be. At least he wasn't going up against Hotaru again. She tended to like playing with people's heads a little more then she should. Yes, Bakura was very ruthless, but his wife could just be down right dirty when it comes to fighting. She also happened to take pride in that factor.

Gahiji watched the king of thieves moves carefully. He knew it wouldn't be easy to bring him down, but he had no idea it would be this hard. They had been fighting for more than an hour now. He thought for sure Bakura would have tired by now, but he seemed just as lively as ever. Gahiji stumbled when he charged and the man got out of the way. He felt the hilt of Bakura's sword connect with his back. "That could have easily been the over end of my sword you know." he heard the king say as the boy stumbled and nearly fell.

Gahiji recovered and glared at him. "Then why wasn't it?"

"Cause I'm having to much fun." the man said, smirking. "What fun would it be if I killed you now?"

"So what you're saying is you're just playing with me?" Gahiji snapped, wiping some blood from the corner of his mouth.

Bakura shook his head. "No, what I'm saying is, I'm not attacking to kill. But that's not going to stop me from attacking." with that he swung his sword in a downwards sweep. The teen brought up his own weapon in time to block it. Something caught the expert thieves eye and he nearly froze. Luckily he jumped out of the way in time to avoid a dark green energy ball of some sort. It looked like the strange powers Hotaru had. "What the? . . . what the Hell are you boy?" he shouted glaring at his opponent.

Gahiji straightened up. "I was sure you knew. Don't tell me you've never seen this kind of power before in someone. Especially with your profession." he said, his expression was a little sadistic.

"A child of darkness." Bakura answered, remembering what his lover had called herself and that bastard, Hondo. Suddenly the sound of horses drew their attention away from each other. Both looked back at the city to see guards heading towards them. Bakura cursed and began to race off. "We'll finish this later!" he called out before dodging the authorities and entering an alley. Gahiji smirked, then made to make his own escape in the opposite direction. This would not be that last time they would meet.


A black clad rider, rode into the thieves hideout late that night. After whispering a password to the doorman they were allowed in. The large bar at the end of the stairs was crowded as usual. Men singing to their drunkenness, or flirting with some of the entertainers or female thieves, in hopes of getting lucky. Of course the female thieves knew better so, they either ignored them, or played along until the man ended up with a harsh slap to the face. Looking amongst the people at the bar the figure spotted the person they were looking for. Walking over to the Queen of Thieves, the person tapped her shoulder. Hotaru turned in her stool to meet them. Smiling she offered the stool next to her for them to sit there. She ordered a goblet of water for the newcomer and then turned to face them.

"What is your business here Makoto? Don't tell me I'm in trouble again." the violet eyed girl asked, giving an innocent smile. Makoto dropped her hood, revealing her brunette hair that was kept up and her gleaming emerald eyes. The two hugged, for it had been awhile since they last saw eachother.

"No, you're not." Hotaru seemed a little disappointed, and the brunette couldn't help but laugh at her long time friend and now sister-in-law(lol, that means Bakura and Seto are brother-in-laws). The bartender gave the woman her drink then went to tend to more customers. "Actually I was wondering if you had any information for me?"

Hotaru raised an eyebrow as she sipped her juice. "On?"

It was here that Makoto became more serious. This worried the violet eyed girl. Rarely was the woman ever too serious. She had her moments but that usually came to Hotaru's or Seto's safety. Looking into her mug of water Makoto began to speak again. "Not to long ago a small patch of soldiers was slaughtered out in the Sahara."

"And? Soldiers die everyday. It was probably a raid or something, which I hear of all the time." Hotaru stated, glaring at the men that came over to flirt with the new woman. Once they backed off Makoto shook her head.

"I think we can rule out raiders. It's not just the fact that they were killed Hotaru, but how they were killed. All of them were beheaded and half had their hearts ripped out and stolen from them." the thieves eyes widened at this. That was definitely not a normal killing. It actually almost sounded like a ritual or sacrifice of some sort.

With a sadden sigh she replied, "I have never heard of this happening before. But it doesn't sound like it's a revenge act or anything. I'll look into the way of death."

Makoto looked at her a little funny. "Why? You think it might have meaning to it?" Hotaru nodded. Sighing Makoto finished her water and got up. She hated the thought of someone actually doing this for a reason. Especially if she didn't know what possible reason they could have. Then again it's better then someone doing this without a reason too.

"Well I better get back before Seto worries. He hates it when I come here alone. Even though that's the way I always visit. If anything comes up, you know how to get a hold of us."

"Dido." Hotaru said toasting to her as she walked by. Before Makoto got out of whispering range though she had to ask one more thing.

"Oh, and does Bakura know yet?" she asked. Taking the girls blush and glare as a no she laughed and waved good-bye to her friend. Hotaru watched as she left then let out a sigh. Perhaps she should tell him soon, before anything bad begins to happen. Something told her all this was going to bring about something very horrid. Finishing her juice she got up and went to the room she and Bakura shared, hopefully he would be back soon.

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