A/N: This story is set after the season 4 episode, Cover Story so if you haven't seen that episode yet, this fic won't really make sense to you. It is mainly about Abby reconsidering what she said to McGee re their 'relationship' hence why I called it Truthfully, McGee but McGee's views feature as well. One last thing, it is of course, McAbby. I hope you enjoy it :)


Truthfully, McGee

Chapter 1: Reflections

Abby sat on the couch starring at the wall, of course it wasn't very interesting but she had a lot on her mind. Just a few minutes ago she had rejected a good friend who confessed that loved her, (well in a way he did). She played the scene over in her mind, she didn't know why she said it couldn't work, yes they were almost polar opposites, in appearance anyway, but she did love him, at least on some level. Now that she thought about it she wondered if the tenseness of the situation had caused Timothy McGee to confess his love? Did he only say it to give an answer to satisfy the man who was about to take her life? She didn't know. She would have to ask McGee when she saw him the next day - that's if she could face him.

Their relationship had been unusual until now, it had mostly been that of two colleagues who had become good friends, who shared the same skills at work and the same interests. Nothing more. Yes he had stayed over at her house many times but that was only because they were friends wasn't it? And he had come to her aid when she was in trouble. She didn't know how she felt and yet she had said to him, 'McGee, sometimes I think I love you.' Did she mean it? Did she love him? Now more than ever, she really didn't know. Playing the scene over in her mind just confused her even more and even though she wanted clarity she couldn't help replaying it.

After the situation had been defused Abby and McGee barely spoke, mostly due to shock. Gibbs had arrested the man and taken him back to NCIS head quarters to be charged. Tony and Ziva had followed, leaving McGee and Abby. Abby remembered how she felt standing there looking at Timmy, she felt shocked and overwhelmed also surprised and yet she didn't say anything more about his confession, all she said was, 'Thanks Timmy." He replied, 'You're welcome Abbs.' And after another awkward silence the two parted company. Now Abby was sitting on the couch, starring at the wall, trying to figure it all out. She wondered what McGee was thinking. She thought he was probably thinking about how stupid he now felt, she really did feel sorry for him.


McGee sat at his writing desk and stared at his typewriter. "This thing has caused me so much trouble, I should just throw it in the trash." He said. The typewriter had been used when he wrote, he didn't think he could write another word in his present frame of mind. As well as causing, through his works, an ordinary guy who worked at his coffee shop to want to commit murder, he had also told his best friend he loved her. While he did not say, "Abby I love you." he had in fact confessed that the two characters from his latest book, Amy and McGregor, were going to get married because Amy was the only woman McGregor ever loved. Amy and McGregor of course had been based on himself and Abby.

When Abby heard the news she had said to him that it couldn't work between them because they were too different and they weren't right for each other. Thinking about it now McGee had questions like, did she really mean that? And Was she right? Were they too different? He had meant what he said about Abby being the only woman he had ever loved, even if he had said it through the assumption he was speaking as McGregor to Amy, but he was sure Abby knew what he meant. When he thought about his actions, he could see how it was right to say the words he did in regards to the story because in no way did he want Abby to be harmed by the man in a position to take her life. It had satisfied him and McGee thought it would satisfy himself and Abby but she had surprised him and said the contrary. Because of this he felt like he had made a fool of himself, and not just for saying he loved her, but for writing the whole damn book.

"Maybe I should just get rid of this thing. It would save a lot of people a lot of pain." He repeated to himself, still starring at his typewriter.

McGee looked over at his clock, it was well past midnight, he should get to bed. He would have to go to work in a few hours. He hoped he had enough courage to face everyone tomorrow, especially Abby.

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