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Chapter 5: Wedding Bells

From the moment Abby had accepted McGee's proposal they had began planning their upcoming wedding. Abby wanted to have everyone dress in black but McGee felt a more traditional approach was more appropriate - not that he had anything wrong with Abby's style but he felt it would be better if the bride at least wore white and he knew from past experience that Abby looked great in white as well. Abby insisted that her bridesmaids wore black she had picked out some dresses for them to wear and she loved them so she decided that they would wear them, a compromise - she would give in to McGee and wear white and she could choose the bridesmaids' outfits.

They were down in Abby's lab deciding on flower arrangements when Gibbs walked in. Abby naturally wanted black roses at her wedding, McGee didn't have a big problem with that but he was sure his parents would - actually he would be surprised if they even spoke to Abby, she was not exactly the type of woman they had pictured their son marrying. But nothing would stop McGee marrying Abby.

"You two still talking about that wedding?" Gibbs asked.

"Gibbs!" Abby called running up to him and hugging him. She almost knocked him over however.

"Hello to you too Abby." Gibbs said.

"What can I do for you today oh great inspirational leader?" Abby asked.

"Great inspirational leader?" Gibbs questioned.

"What? You are." Abby replied.

"Have you had time to run that DNA analysis or have you been too busy picking out dresses and flowers?" Gibbs asked.

"Gibbs! You know I'm brilliant but not that brilliant, I do the work of ten people down here and before you say anything no I don't want or need an assistant we all know what happened last time with Chip." Abby said.

"I know Abbs." Gibbs said, in a way that said, 'obviously.'

"So anyway McGee and I have come up with some really cool wedding stuff, from outfits to flowers want to see?" Abby said.

"Abby, I've had three wives all this wedding talk, I'm over it I'll see it all on the day and I'm sure it will be great Abbs." Gibbs replied.


The next few weeks passed and it was time for Abby and McGee to be married. Abby had invited nearly everyone she knew most of her family had come and lots of her friends. McGee's family had come as well, they didn't really know what to expect so they were in for a surprise. Of course everyone from NCIS was there, Tony, Jen, Gibbs and Ziva.

"Bring back memories Jethro?" Jenny asked.

"That's not funny Jen." Jethro replied.

"I thought it was. Ever think of doing it again?" Jenny asked.

"You offering Jen?" Jethro asked.

"No, Jethro. Just wondering if you would go through all that again." Jenny replied.

Gibbs let out a small laugh.

The ceremony was almost over by this stage, Abby and McGee were up to the "I do" part.

Abby was holding McGee's hand, she placed the ring on his finger and said, "I do."

He took her hand and did the same, "I do." The ring McGee bought for Abby had a dark stone set on the top and a smaller dark stone on both sides with a silver band that had an inscription on the inside that simply said, forever. The ring was as unique as its new owner.

McGee's ring also had an inscription had inside it, it too said, forever it was also silver, to match Abby's.

Within the next few seconds they were pronounced husband and wife, a feeling Abby felt would take some time to get used to. Then they heard the words that would seal everything, "You may now kiss the bride." and that McGee did.

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