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"Welcome back to KGA 94.7, we're here talking with author of 'Dark Days' Ashley Davies..." the announcer spoke while smiling at the fidgeting brunette across from him. His name was Tim Collins, around twenty nine with long red hair pulled into a pony tail and a goatee forming on his chin.

"Thanks for having me," she replied into the microphone while shifting the head phones on her ears.

"Our pleasure so how long ago did you write 'Dark Days'?"

"About five years ago,"

"Wow and now you've got another one out isn't that correct?" Tim sipped some coffee in the classic mug sporting the logo of the radio station.

"Yes it's called Twilight mornings it picks up after the first book,"

"Well we'll get to that in a moment but how's family life treating you now a days?"

"Great, Spencer, me and A.J just got back from a week long cruise it was very relaxing..."

"That's right you have a daughter, how old is she?"

"Five next week, she's so precious."

"So who does she take after more you or your wife?" Tim leaned back, he loved the celebrities that made the conversation flow back and forth like a normal off air chat.

"That's tough, she's quiet and shy at first and really smart when it comes to school so that part goes to Spencer but get to know her and she's a free spirit and quick witted for a four year old I guess that came from me."


"Yeah a lot of people ask me that, we had her tested early on. The school was a little stressed out about letting a four year old in a class with five and six year olds but she fits in quite nicely even has some friends that come over and drive us nuts but that's what kids do right," Ashley chuckled and so did Tim.

"Back to the book, how did you feel when the movie came out?"

"Wow that was intense. I remember the producer Paul came up to me trying to get me to sale the rights but I wouldn't do it so he offered me a chance to help produce it."

"There were rumors that your wife didn't want a movie made?" Tim interrupted her trying to dig more up on Spencer, besides the book/movie the woman tried to stay out of the head lines.

"Correct, it took me months to get her to let me write the book about our lives with out changing our names and than all of a sudden it was going to be a motion picture, she wasn't to happy."

"But she changed her mind?"

"Obviously as it grossed $45 million on the first week,"

"All this success and still modest," Tim laughed while Ashley just shrugged knowing that comment was to her and not the audience, "Do you think the actors picked did a decent job reenacting your life?"

"Yes I do, I helped hand pick them. Mandy Musgrave who played me was just outstanding and man every time Gabby Christian, she played my wife, did a scene where Spencer lashed out I felt like I was right back in the memory."

"What about the actor who played Aiden, was he near what you wanted?"

"When we were doing the casting sessions and Matt Cohen stepped in I leaned over to Mike he was head of the casting department, so I leaned over and said that's Aiden, now let's see if he can act, turns out he can." She smirked, "We set him up to do a cold reading with Mandy, the scene where Aiden's standing by the car when me, Spencer and Clay come over after school, the two just hit it out of the ball park."

"Did you ever take your daughter to the set?" Tim wondered, like Spencer the little girl had all most no known facts out about her.

"Yes, she loved going and watching everyone dress up. I remember this one time Matt kept missing his cues to walk in because he was making funny faces at A.J, those two are still best buds, he comes over some times and takes her out for ice cream and movies or what ever else he can think of. It feels like he's a big brother at least another male influence besides my brother-in-laws."

"How did Spencer feel watching them act?"

"Well she hardly ever came to the set with us, to many bad memories but there was this one time that the three of us wondered over after a late lunch down on the pier, the group was filming the scene where I was teaching her the guitar for the first time...and then we...you know..."

"You fucked her..."

"NO!" Ashley almost yelled, "No...I never fuck her, ew that's gross no I made love to her...it can get hot and heavy,"

"And kinky?" Tim wiggled his eye brows making Ashley roll her eyes, Guys! She thought.

"And kinky but it was love not lust every time."

"Okay I get it," he held his hands up in defense.

"Anyway after the shot the whole set was really quiet, sort of reliving the moment with us. She was leaning in my arms, her head on my shoulder and A.J sleeping in her arms while my arms were wrapped around her waist, it was just so serene and calm until one of the PR's tripped over a wire sending some of the lighting equipment to the ground."

Tim smiled, "Well I think it's about time for some callers...Hello your on the air with KGA 94.7 say your name and where your from."

"Hi my names Jerry Dolls from MA, and I was online where they gave a free sample of the first three pages of your book and what the hell when did you and Spencer break up?" the teen sounded sad and angry.

"We didn't break up, we were on a break," Ashley corrected him.

"What ever you still wasn't together, I read your first book and it gave me the courage and strength to stay with my girlfriend after everything we went thru, you were the first couple I had to say they made it so I can too just to find out you broke up!"



"Jerry we didn't break up, technically we took a break and I suggest you buy the book and read the rest before you hammer on me for messing up your views on relationships."

'Sorry' Tim mouthed before switching to another caller, "Name and From?"

"Mary Halen, CA, yeah I was just wondering if you put your wedding in the book because I saw some of the pictures and you two were gorgeous."

"I don't want to give to much away but yes I did," Ashley stated simply. Several callers later...

"Seems every one wants to talk about your new book 'Twilight Mornings', so let's get to it..."

"Well like I said earlier it picks up from where the last book stopped..."

"Right after?"

Ashley thought for a moment, "No I guess not right after...a few months probably, near the end of our senior year. Like I said earlier we took a break..."

"Why?" Time prodded.

Sighing Ashley sat back and folded her legs, "Well we were Spashley...I know you can laugh but that is what the school had deemed us, every ones favorite couple problem was after the shooting we relied to much on each other to make it thru we simply became Spashley and after Aiden, well Spencer blamed her self for his death and I became her security blanket, don't get me wrong I'd do it all again but the thing was we lost ourselves on the way. The break, which was the idea of Spencer's therapist Dr. Charlie Noble and Paula, Spence's mom, was the way for us to become Ashley and Spencer so one day we would be strong enough to be Spashley again.

"It took them a while to convince me to do it because I never wanted to leave her side but with all the problems she faced Charlie felt that if I ever left saying if I died all of sudden Spencer wouldn't be able to handle it, she needed to find out that she had the ability to live with out me if it ever came to it and that got me to do it, the next step was to convince Spencer and trying to persuade a teenage girl with depression, ADD and anxiety attacks to let go of her girlfriend who'd been the only stable constant in her life was not a walk in the park if you know what I mean. We yelled and fought, she told me that if we went on break than it was a break, no talking or interacting she'd give me my space I'd give her hers, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do to say okay and walk away but I did.

"We didn't speak for months except the constant ten o'clock phone calls and me singing her to sleep, that was about all the contact we had which was hard since we went to the same school and shared the last two classes of the day together. Charlie or Dr. Noble found out about the late night singing and told me not to do it, she had to learn on her own to fall asleep and deal with the nightmares, which had not let up, she still woke up screaming my name, sweating and cold. So when she called the next day at ten I didn't pick up, I remember debating with myself to get it or not. I'd run over to it but before I'd pick up I turned away and yelled at myself until finally a few minutes later it stopped ringing, she never called back. So I went to sleep.

"I was sure the next day she'd say something, be pissed or anything but nothing, no glances, no emotion. That night she called again and I fought myself whether I should pick up I was about to when it ended and for a second time she ignored me the next day but this time she looked exhausted like she hadn't slept. So I told myself Ashley when she calls pick up the damn phone but she never called, it broke my heart just like it probably broke hers when I didn't pick up the last two days."

"Wow that's...you've had a crazy life," Tim shook his head in amazement, "So when did you two start talking again?"

"Like I said toward the end of our senior year, we had the last two classes together, so we were in sixth period English waiting for a test to be passed back..."