"So you were sick

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"So you were sick?" Tim raised an eyebrow.

Ashley nodded, "Yep...I got really sick and ended up in a sort of coma."

"I thought you couldn't remember what happened in the dream. Didn't you say that?"

She nodded again, "I did say that and it is true, in the beginning I couldn't remember anything but surprisingly what Aiden had said came true. That bastard really did come after my baby and I remember everything, we caught him and he is locked up."

"Wow! Definitely got some magic around your family," he chuckled.

"Nah just really good luck and great imaginations."

Tim groomed his goatee, "So are you going to write any more books?"

Spencer glanced lovingly at her wife, seeing the concentration set on her face she reached over and guided the brunette's hand into her lap where she caressed it, Ashley turned her attention back on the host, "I don't think so Tim. No one needs to know everything about the Davies' or Carlin's for that matter. The rest is ours. Our moments, our memories to be cherished and past around to newer members and older members of our clan. Cause what's the world like if they isn't ever a mystery to be solved."

"Very well put Ashley," she beamed, "I want to thank you for coming in today even though it was much longer than expected."

"It was no problem at all, I'm glad I got a chance to talk about the book and other stuff with my fans."

"Spencer," he turned his attention on her, by now she was used to his beady eyes dancing across her skin, "...it was a pleasure that you joined us even though you had no intention of staying after taking your wife out to lunch,"

Spencer laughed and waved it off, "Like Ashley said it was no problem,"

"I know this is a bit much to ask but since Ashley has been sharing a lot I thought we could close with one of your new songs, if you don't mind me asking?" he pleaded.

His boss had informed him a number of times through out the show that fans of Spencer's had been calling in and if he could get her to sing.

She bit her lip; she really didn't want to but than again it may help Ashley out so she nodded.

"For those of you not in the studio Spencer Carlin as just agreed to share one of her latest songs."

"I just happen to have a CD with me and before you ask yes I carry one around with me at all times. I like the sounds of my music it takes me away."

He smiled and held his hand out, she handed it to him and he put in to one of his many players, "What's this one called?"

"It doesn't have a name yet, play track four," he nodded and pressed play.

The music started up and Spencer closed her eyes. Feeling it take her back to the time she made it, playing each instrument letting the notes fill up the computer before she sat down to add everything together. Her fingers twitched as if playing the drums or piano or any other instrument. The room faded away and she was locked up in her studio, jamming away trying to forget that Ashley was left in the hospital, her energy flowing through her body as her eye lids fused together and all she saw was her lover, her fiancé smiling at her as she played her heart out.

She held her head phones to her ears and mixed each note, each musical instrument that meant something to her into one song of need and anger that she couldn't do anything for her loved one as well as love and faith that she'd get better.

Spencer wasn't sure if Ashley had heard this yet, but it didn't matter she was locked away in her mind, pulled back to the time she first picked up a guitar letting the melody sweep all her problems to the back of her mind, letting her reach out of that dark tunnel she had found herself locked away in. Time stood still.

Breathing in and out, the beat of the music pounding in her chest, not sure if Tim had it turned all the way up or if she was trapped in the memory of creating it. The studio becoming her safe heaven, where she beat the instruments like some angry drunk, she abused them and pushed them further than her own body could go because they were stronger, more durable than her weak body.

Flashes of when it was completed filtered in. Playing it on the loud speakers and remembering Ashley, her body began to fall apart as well as her mind. Again she abused the instruments but not like before, she threw the symbols and punched the drums. Picked up a chair and tossed it across the room, smashing into the guitars which fell over in a mass of destruction while still somehow causing sweet music as the strings were plucked by the debris.

Images of the two making sweet love where ever and when ever Ashley wanted and in some cases Spencer, came across her mind. The time apart, the lonely long days of crying and hiding in her room. Sunny days wasted away by the darkness that held on, that refused to let go as she stood in the cemetery watching her father be buried and a mindless drone of life coursing through her body waiting for something to take what was left of her. New beginnings, new lovers, but nothing being replaced, nothing helping. Constant darkness that finally left as a thunderstorm washed it away; she always smiled at the thought of a deadly dark storm being the thing that finally brought the rainbow, the light flooding back into her life.

It swept her away to the life she wished to have with her fiancé. The picnic's by the beach as they feed each other chocolate covered strawberries to the wish of someday taking their child to the park. Watching the mix of blonde and brown, blue and mocha running around and screaming as Spencer and Ashley chased after. The angelic face of a sinner and saint smiling back at them on a beautiful summer's day, wanting to show the world to their child or more children cause to the blonde it was the perfect way to blend her self with Ashley, to forever more be apart of the life that held so much pain in the beginning but now thriving in absolute love and warmth.

To join together. A wedding. Beautiful and calm, in a lodge with a window looking out upon the glistening white snow gathering upon the mountain side. A roaring fire cackling heat to the guests although not hot enough to keep a dry eye in the room. Two beaming brides holding hands and staring into the eyes that held their lives, love and happiness.

Spencer knew that this song was for Ashley...to Ashley, the internal life that the brunette brings into the deep recesses of her scared and quivering mind. The peace in a chaotic world of rushing.

It was the heart of a father who saved a daughter not of his blood.

A friend who knew when to give up and love from afar.

It was the love of a mother that stepped up to be almost perfect.

A brother who held fast in the storm of darkness by providing.

A son who joined the fight to save millions more than just his family.

A lover who would not give up the fight even in the darkest of hours.

But most of all it was the woman, who grew, expanded, loved, lost, found pain and happiness in those around her, broke from her shell and finally got a glimpse of the twilight just before morning.