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Naruto looked off of the Hokage Faces carved into the mountains behind Konoha. "Where is everyone?" The blond young man's cerulean colored eyes looked around the village as he tried to find one of his friends from his youth. He really wanted to do something but not by himself.

His stomach then growled very loudly. "Oh well. I'd better get something to eat. Maybe I'll see someone..."Naruto then jumped off of the heads, onto some rooftops, and into the streets.

As he wandered around aimlessly in the streets of Konoha he stopped and looked around to see where he was. The first thing that caught his eye was Ichiraku's Ramen Bar. "Wow…I wander around to find something to eat and this is where I come up to…" He grinned. Naruto hadn't eaten ramen in quit a while.

Just before he went in, a recognizable person caught his attention. The figure was wearing a lavender colored jacket and the headband around her neck. Without even thinking twice Naruto ran to her. "Hinata! I can't believe it! It's you!"

Hinata's eyes opened wide as she saw that familiar orange jacket. She instantly got nervous and started pointing her fingers. Though now older, Hinata was still the same as always: Shy and still with her crush on Naruto.

She was a bit unsure of what to respond at first, but she thought of something quickly and stuttered, "O-Oh, Naruto-kun…I-Its you."

Naruto stopped a several inches away from her and grinned when she said that. "The one and only!"

Hinata giggled some in her own shy way, and responded, "It's nice to see you …" She couldn't help but to put her sleeve on her mouth. Her shy ways made her react like that. Hinata was also blushing a bit. It was something she didn't notice.

Naruto completely missed all of that though and just responded,"It's nice to get to see you again Hinata."

He then had an idea. "I have enough money to get us some ramen!" So he instantly said before Hinata could respond, "You wanna get some?"

Naruto replayed what he had said. He acted a little shocked and got nervous. He thought it sounded as if they were going on a date, so to fix that he said, "I mean, I haven't talked to you in a long time Hinata! I really wanna talk to you again!" Naruto laughed nervously.

Hinata was surprised that Naruto actually wanted to talk to her so she started to turn red. Naruto's nervousness stopped when he saw Hinata turn red.

"Eh…Hinata…Don't tell me that you're sick?"

Hinata waved her hand in protest and responded, "N-No, Naruto-kun…I'm just so surprised that you liketo hear me talk …" She then covered her face, turned away a bit, and tried the best to tone it down.

Naruto scratched the back of his head confused but said, "So…is that a yes?" Hinata cooled down pretty quickly, so she turned back to Naruto and nodded responding, "It's a definite yes."

Naruto grinned and pulled Hinata toward Ichiraku, "See, that'swhy I like people just like you Hinata!"

Hinata just tried to keep up with Naruto as he pulled her along.

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