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Kabuto reached a cave not too far off from where he had slain Naruto, but far enough to not be spotted by Konoha ninja. He paused there and rested for several seconds. "Naruto better live. It gives me a chance to get him out of that hospital and take him to Orochimaru…"

Hinata's eyes never blinked as she neared her opponent. That one thought of avenging Naruto was still the only thought in her mind. "You're going to pay..." Hinata's pace quickened, "Naruto-kun..."

The veins that were bulging from the use of the Byakugan began to pulse on beat of every step she took until she could see Kabuto clearly. Her eyebrows deepened into a fierce glare, and blue chakra started to leak out of her body. "Kabuto..."She whispered, "...You're going to wish you never did this..."

Kabuto heard some movements among the trees in the distance. "Someone followed?" He was surprised, but his face of shock turned into a smirk. "Heh. I'm pretty sure whoever followed me here won't stand a chance." His hands quickly moved performing several seals. He sneered as he said "Shikon no Jutsu!"

Kabuto got up and moved away. His 'quick plan' was going to do the rest of the work. Nothing else really could get in the way of him getting Naruto to Orochimaru. He sat back until the intruder finally came in for apleasant visit.

Hinata knew that the chakra coming out of her body at such a fast rate was going to give away her position fast but she gave no second thought to it. "A ninja must not let emotions get into their line of work...Do they really expect that law to pass? Especially when emotions drive some to do their best...Even Naruto-kun lets emotion make him stronger..." Hinata looked onward to where she saw Kabuto forming some hand seals. "A trap...of some sort..."

Hinata surveyed the scene and saw a smug Kabuto moving back into the cave. "Definitely a trap..." She saw a tree that had a good aim from a distance and made her to it. The days of admiring Naruto benefited her in this than she ever imagined and she soon got to her destination.

Once Hinata saw an open view of the cave she stretched her palm out and began manipulating her chakra into thinner, sharper strips. Back and forth her palm moved until she saw that it was finally kneaded enough. She shot her palm out and with it went a barely visible 'senbon' of chakra straight towards Kabuto's stomach.

Kabuto was pretty alert and had heard the rustling in the leaves. He knew something was coming but he hadn't expected this. A sharp pain hit his side, and he collapsed onto his knee. Kabuto examined the area that had come in pain. "This person somehow can manage to hurt me like this… This isn't good."

Kabuto moved some more into the cave. "They shouldn't be able to get me now…" A bit more pain cam over him and his hands were surrounded by blue chakra. They hovered over the spot. "Ugh… It got me in the spleen."

Hinata raised one eyebrow, "He's like a rat backing into his hole..." She realized that since he went farther into the cave this tactic wasn't going to work anymore. "Shoot...If I charge, I might go right into the trap...And long-range attacking is blocked...how the heck..." Then it hit her.

She looked around at the chakra coming out of her and noticed that her Jutsus would last a lot longer than their normal duration. She silently whispered, "Bunshin no Justu!" And a Hinata clone appeared. "Let's see what happens with a suicide run..."

The Hinata clone ran through the bushes silently and peered with its own Byakugan into the cave. Once the clone saw it was clear it made a run for it, thrusting a kunai with an explosive tag at Kabuto

Kabuto saw this and instantly substituted himself with a log. "So it's that Hyuuga, eh? This has to be fun." He appeared behind Hinata and threw a kunai from behind. "I really hope it won't end this quickly."

The Hinata clone grinned and turned around quickly blocking the kunai. She crouched into her fighting stance and smiled, "I've now managed to drag the rat out of its hole."

Kabuto pushed up his glasses. "I wonder what she means by that…" He smirked. "Well then… Let me see what you have." Kabuto got in his stance and his hands glowed blue with the chakra surrounding it.

The Hinata clone looked at the formation he was putting his chakra into around his hands. "They look like...blades, of some sort..." The chakra she had in her palms was beginning to get sharper as she focused harder, and she crouched lower.

With one quick action she spun around in smooth, crescent moon movements with her feet to where she was right next to Kabuto. She struck him in the stomach once and moved around him to his back to hit him with her elbow.

Kabuto got hit in the stomach and felt annoyed. "That's the last time I'm getting hit around my torso." He caught Hinata's next movement and grasped her elbow. Kabuto then swung around her and hit her elbow, shoulder, and neck with one swift movement.

The Hinata clone's eyes widened as Kabuto's hand sliced the tendons in her elbow, shoulder, and neck. As soon as he hit the neck, the 'Hinata' was shrouded in smoke. It was replaced with a log with three chips in it. Meanwhile, the real Hinata smirked. "So, they slice the inside of the body."


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Hinata then extended her palm and shot another chakra 'senbon' into Kabuto's back. She jumped out and sprinted quickly into the cave as soon as she shot him. Hinata reached Kabuto and struck at his shoulders.

The shot of chakra hit Kabuto on the spine and he collapsed forward in pain. "This Hyuuga girl is good…" He then heard footsteps behind him and he managed to roll out of the way just before she struck him. "I'm not that easy Hyuuga." Kabuto then kicked Hinata from behind.

Hinata smirked as she flipped herself over in the air and she grabbed Kabuto's ankle. "Neither am I." She then flung him at the wall.

Kabuto slammed into the wall hard but got up as soon as he had hit the ground. "This is going to be fun." His chakra from his hands had gone out, but not for long. He just pushed up his glasses and his hands started glowing afterwards. Kabuto dashed to her and struck at her chest.

Hinata's eyes widened at the strike hit her in the chest but she smirked as only a trickle of blood came out of her mouth. She grabbed Kabuto's wrist and moved her foot swiftly under his leg causing him to be caught in a leg sweep. Afterwards, she pulled his wrist in an awkward way and from him falling to the ground.

The grace of gravity pushed harder on the force being brought onto the wrist. Quickly she heard the crack of the wrist breaking and she let go of it. "Apparently that blade was nearly consumed the chakra that's flowing out of my body. And, with me being a Hyuuga and being able to control the chakra flowing in and out of my body…It makes it even worse… Well, for him."

Kabuto felt the pain of the tissue tearing and all the blood starting to rush towards his wrist. He didn't cry in pain though. He was used to these kinds of pains. Kabuto simply rolled away and launched himself back up.

He reattached the torn tissue, broken muscle, and got that stabilized. "This girl is good. But not good enough." He got back to her hit her knee, rolled out of the way before she could hit him, struck her hamstring from the back, rolled back to the front, and then hits her finally in the torso area.

Hinata's eyes followed Kabuto as he began to attack her in various places causing her to crumble in pain here and there. It hurt her gradually but the chakra soon consumed his attacks making the 'blade' smaller and smaller. When he finally stopped she quickly charged a good amount of chakra into her palms and thrust them out into his abdominal area.

Hinata inserted such a great amount of chakra into his abdominal area it caused his chakra to abruptly stop. Since the chakra source is there it would take a lot of healing to get over this one. Healing that medical ninjustucouldn't heal.

Hinata then closed her eyes slowly as she focused hard on herself. She ignored the pain that was nagging at where he hit. "The chakra can sustain those injuries for now..." Another trickle of blood escaped her mouth as she thought this. "Right...he hit me in the torso again."

Kabuto fell back and lay on the ground. "You were good Hyuuga…" Then smoke covered the area. It cleared quickly leaving only a rotting corpse where Kabuto had been.

Hinata's eyes widened, "A corpse?!" She clenched her fist in anger and chakra surged farther out from her body. "Dammit Kabuto..." She looked around and got out of the cave, "Dammit...Where the hell are you?!"

She instantly took off towards Naruto's body was to see if Kabuto had returned to take his 'prize' back. Surprisingly, her wounds didn't seem to bother her anymore and blood was no longer coming to her mouth.

The swirl of blood on her hands had started glowing. "Red" Kyuubi chakra had seeped into her chakra system. She healed as quickly as Naruto did. She even had more chakra to spare than usual.

Hinata didn't notice this at all though as she raced towards Naruto's body in search for Kabuto, "You dare lay a hand on Naruto-kun and I'll kill you as slowly as I can..."

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