Author's Note:
Yeah, this is my first fic, and Im gonna need you to bear with me on the first few chapters...they suck...badly...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

-Raik the Raichu

Prologue: Awoke in the Dark

...where am I?...

I slowly started to wake up. The ground I was laying on was cold and hard, and felt like stone. I opened my eyes and was staring a gray concrete ground in the face. It looked worn and it had rust stains in certain spots on the ground. I stood up and checked where I was.

Well...this is a change of scenery... I was in a...prison cell? Why am I in a cell? The cell had 3 walls made of old, cracked, rusty large gray bricks, and then where a 4th wall should have been, there was an opening, covered by iron bars. There was no way I could squeeze through them.

I looked around the cell. The only things in the cell were what looked to be a small window with more iron bars that produced no light at all, a mirror, and and a chain on the wall. I followed the chain and it my neck! I was chained to the cell! What the hell!? I'm chained! I tried to yank on them, but these looked brand new, and weren't rusty like everything else in the cell.

At this point, the only thing left to do was check the mirror, and see how I looked. The mirror was grimy and looked pretty old, but I could still see my reflection. I looked like a mess. I wasn't injured, but I was dirty, and covered in dirt and dust. I didnt look too bad. The messy fur was normal. I never had clean fur. To me, appearences meant nothing.

The only real things different about my body were a small headache (which I just tried to ignore), and an imprint on tail. That was what confused me the most about his whole thing. There were numbers and letters on my tail which looked like they were burned with hot metal, like when you brand a cow. What it said just confused me more. It simply said: MCTS14. What does this mean? I thought, confused. The headache started to get worse, but I ignored it. Probably from sleeping on that hard concrete for who knows how long.

I tried to remember what had happened, and how I got here. Then slowly started to remember. I was wandering throught the forest when I got lost. Then I felt something prick me in the back of my neck. I reached back and felt it. It was small, hard, and felt like glass. I pulled it out and brought it up to my face to get a better look. I was shocked when I discovered it was a dart. After that, I blacked out.

Then I remembered stuff from when I had woken up during the black out. I hadn't been awake for long, but I had woken up a few times, long enough to remember things that were happening. All I can remember is something with needles, knives, and something about "operate" and "chips." Great! I had woken up just in time for snack time and a game of Operation! Thinking about chips made me hungry. There wasn't any food in the cell, so I just sat there, my hunger growing to the point of pain.

I looked out the barred gate that prevented me from getting out. I got a good look at where I was. It was probably the most uninviting place I had ever had to be in. It was dark and very musky and smelled funny. All the walls and floors were made of the same worn stone that was in my cell. In the distance, I saw other cells. Some of them were empty, but a few had Pokemon in them. They looked very tired, and in pain, as though someone had beaten them. That thought, along with the enviroment of the room, made me very worried about what was going to happen to me. I looked over to one wall and saw a rack of...weapons, such as large guns, and cow prods. That sight made me fall to the floor in shock. I sort of huddled into a corner and stood there.

Now I know that something bad is gonna happen to me! I thought, very scared. What else would torture weapons be used for besides torturing? Definitly not cleaning. Also, it matched together: beaten Pokemon in cells, rack of weapons, and dark musky room in the middle of nowhere. I was in some sort of torture chamber! I slid down to the ground, still stunned. Beads of sweat were now rolling down my body. It was a cold sweat. The sweat you experience when your scared. Great! I'm in a torture chamber! Why did I have to get brought here!? Just my luck...

After my horrific discovery, I layed on the hard floor, and tried to sleep for a bit, the headache now receding.

Kay...thats it...more chapters to go!