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Epilogue: Reflection

Yet again, the same thing happened. Another weird dark area with a small white light far from my reach. I figured that, this was it. I had probably died right there in the forest. Only 2 feet from help. What a crappy way to go.

I did remember very short bits of things, though, from when I passed out. I remembered lots of officers shouting commands at one another, I remembered hearing sirens, and I remembered hearing things about "serious blood loss" and "critical condition," but I didnt think much of it.

One thing learned though was that what people say about seeing your entire life flash before your eyes before you die, was right. Its not so much before you die, than it is when your dead that you actually get to see it, but I did get to see everything from my life.

Vivid pictures of the main points from my life where whirling around me, showing me all my memories, and some I had forgotten. But as I watched them, I realized that my life wasnt as great as I thought it was.

When I viewed the day I strayed off to live my life as a loner, I couldnt help but think about what it would have been like to have stayed with my brothers and sisters longer, made some friends, and maybe even gotten a mate.

Thinking about this made me think about everything I had given up. Friends, family...I had pretty much given up my whole life. And for what? To be secluded from everyone and everything that could have made me happy. At this point, now realizing I had wasted my whole life and I was now dead, tears were beginning to form in my eyes.

At that moment, the bright light, which I had ignored the whole time, expanded until, yet again, I awoke.

I quickly sat up, a few tears still in my eyes, and darted my head around rapidly. Everything was a whitish color, except for some bowls, objects, and a few machines, which I was hooked up to. I was sitting in a bed, with white sheets, and a large greenish gray curtain that circled the bed and machines. After a few minutes, I realized where I was.

Im in...a hospital! I realized, my eyes widening with shock. At that point, I was instantly overcome with a huge rush of joy. I tried to leap off the bed, but the second I moved my body, a surge of pain shot through me, almost stunning me. Even though I should have just rested there, there was no way I was going to be sitting there all day, waiting for a nurse.

Since when has a little pain ever stopped me so far?

I slapped myself and tried again. I managed to crawl off the bed, and land on the floor, back first, creating a tremendous amount of pain to ripple in my body. Trying to ignore it, I stood up, and made my way out of the curtain surrounding the bed.

I stepped out, and looked around. The room wasnt too big, and only had another 2 beds in it, which were empty. Besides me, no one was in the room, and a dead silence haunted the area. Getting bored, I limped over to the door, and found it slightly open, making it easy to leave.

I poked my head out the door, and looked down both sides of the hall. In the hall, there was a cart or 2 with some medicine, and food on them, and one of wich was occupied by a nurse. Also, there was some really lame and quiet music playing throughout the halls, which soon began to piss me off.

"Oh my! What are you doing out of your bed?" said a quiet voice from behind. I shot my head around and saw a nurse, and another lady beside her. The nurse approached me rather quickly, picked me up, and brought me back into the room, and her friend followed.

After she examined me for a few minutes, she thought I was okay to be out of the bed, but she wouldn't let me walk, thinking it could damage something. Instead, I was forced to sit in her arms, as she held me, and talked to her friend.

" what happened to this little guy?" her friend asked in a sad tone.
"Oh, well, 2 days ago, they found him alone, and badly injured in the forest. He was running on his last bit of life, and they got him here just in time to get him patched up," she exclaimed, as she began petting me.
"Oh, well its nice to see that he's doing better. But, what caused all those wounds?" the lady asked.
"Well, if you look here," the nurse said, pointing to my left bandaged shoulder, "this is where the bullet wound from a high calibur rifle is, which caused a massive amount of blood loss. We were surprised he was alive, but we found the bullet still in his shoulder, blocking off the opening so it slowed the blood that was pouring out."

The lady nodded, and then looked over at my tail, and she then asked, "Oh my, whats that?"
The nurse looked, and said, "Oh, that appeared to be a branding. We werent sure what it meant until yesterday. See, yesterday, the police kept folowing this little guys blood trail, and it led them to a grusome sight. Corpses. Three of them. Two human, and one was a little Pichu with a hole in him the size of a tennis ball. Its very sad."

The lady gasped, making a horrified face, and then asked, "What else did they find?"
The nurse continued. "Well, as they kept going, they found a small cave, and decided to go in. Strangly, they found a door leading to a large underground facility, loaded with illegal activities and research on Pokemon. The facility was large, and full of abused and beaten Pokemon who were living in horrible conditions, and barey got to eat anything. Everyone in the facility was evacuated and arrested, and the Pokemon were immeadiatly brought to this Pokemon Center, which is why we have so little space for other injured Pokemon."

Ha! I hope those jackholes get life in prison or the death penalty!

"Oh my, thats awful!" said the lady. She looked at me, and gave a warming smile, as I stared at her blankly and tilted my head in a curious manner. She gave a laugh and then asked the nurse if she could hold me for a while. As she held me, she began talking about me.

"He's such a cute little thing! How could someone hurt anything this adorable? Poor thing must be traumatized..." she said, petting me.

Traumatized? Probably not...even if I did witness death, injuries, and pain beyond all belief.

Just then, my stomach gave a loud roar of hunger, which everyone in the room heard. The nurse giggled and said, "Well, it looks like he's hungry!" She whistled, and waited a few seconds, and then a Chansey with a nurse's cap entered the room, carrying a bowl of what looked to be hot soup.

She put me on the floor, with the soup, as her and the nurse talked again. I was hungry as hell, and didnt even hesitate to start eating. About halfway through my meal, I realized the Chansey was still in the room, and was staring at me, with a somewhat astonished look on her face.

I lifted my head up, and asked, "Are you amazed by how Im eating, or by the ever popular wounds on my body?"
She gave a faint laugh and said, "A bit of both really...what happened?"

I figured tht I wasnt going anywhere soon with the 2 girls chatting it up, so I told the Chansey of my little journey. When I was finished, she asked, "So, what happened to Mikka?"
"I still dont know..." I answered unhappily.
"Well, what kind of Pokemon was she?"
"A Squirtle, why?" I asked.

"Well," she started, "Currently, we only have about maybe 3 Squirtles in the Center, and I know 2 are males, and that the third one was found by a rescue party." At that moment, I shot straight up, and asked, "What!? Where is the room?"
"Oh, it's room 22, just down the hall and to the left," she answered back.

With that, I darted out of the room, and made my way down the hall, as I heard the nurse say, "Hey, wheres he going!?"

I ran all the way down the hall, scanning each room number as I went by. The room I was in was Room 3, so I was running around the confusing Center, obliviously looking for a room that was suppposidly down the hall. Apparently, "down the hall and to the right" must mean "around 10 corners, and 3 halls" in nurse code. Fianlly, I reached the door with the number 22 on it, and went inside.

The room resembled mine, in appearence and size. About 4 beds, some machines, and a table and 2 chairs. Just the ordinary hospital room. I saw only one bed occupied, and immeadiatly hopped up. In the bed lay a sleeping young blue turtle with a few scratches and cuts, and a branding.


There was movement, as she slowly started to wake. With her eyes half open, she looked at me for a few seconds, rubbed them, and then looked again. After realizing I was standing there, her eyes shot open, and she quietly said, " that you?!"
With a big smile, I said, "Hello Mikka."

In a matter of seconds, she lept up and was hugging me tightly, saying, "I thought he killed you back there! Im so glad youre alive!" I hugged back, saying, "Dont worry, Im fine. Just a few injuries..." As we hugged, I felt wet drops fall on my back, and I knew she was crying, and started to cry a bit too. I was the happiest I had felt in a long time.

Just as were still in our little soppy loving reunion, the nurse and her friend came rushing in, and saw us. The lady was starting to get all teary eyed too, and said, "Aww! Look! He's got a little girlfriend!" The nurse was just smiling.

Eventually, the nurse got the picture that we would like to be left alone, and shoved everyone else out. Once we were alone, we stopped hugging, and Mikka said, "I missed you! When I saw him shoot you, I thought you had died, and I ran off. I was found by a search team, and brought here yesterday. Im just so glad youre okay!" She began hugging me around my stomach. I just rubbed her head, and said, "I wasnt dead. I woke up later, and was found by some search team, and I just woke up a while ago. Some Chansey tole me you were here and I rushed over as quickly as I could. So you dont have to worry about me anymore, Im fine."

After I told her what happened, she still snuggled up against me, and told me how happy she was that we were alive. I figured it would be a good idea to tell her what else had happened at the facility. Once I did, she began laughing, and saying, "Good! They all need to be beaten senseless in prison!"

Finally, the nurse and her friend came back in, and the nurse said, "Okay, well, you still need rest. So, say bye to your friend, and I'll take you back to your room. The faster you heal, the faster we let you and your friend go back into the wild." With that, Mikka and I hugged one final time, and the nurse picked me up, and carried me to my room, where I was told to sleep. I did as instructed, and drifted off into an enjoyable, comforting sleep, which I hadnt had in quite some time.

After a few more days, I had healed rather well, and the nurse kept her word, and let me and Mikka go free into the forest outside of town. She took us out into the forest, and to a large hill with a view of the whole forest area around late afternoon, released us, and then dissappeared behind the large mass of trees.

As we sat on the hill and gazed at the apporaching sunset, Mikka looked at me and asked, "So, now what? We're free...but what should we do?"
I gave a laugh, and said, "Im the last person to ask that. I was a loner my whole life, living off of whatever I could find. I never had any fun, or did anything...I just sat there and festered away."
She faintly giggled, and rested her head on my shoulder, watching the sunset.

At this point, I was truely happier than I had ever been in my life. I had a great friend, and was free to live my life with her, without anymore problems. Noticing that she had fallen asleep on my shoulder, and the sun was finally masked by the dark starry sky lit only by the lumonous moon, I closed my eyes, and fell asleep, waiting to be awakened by my new tomorrow, with her.

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