I don't own Naruto.

In this story, Sasori is still alive, and Tobi is Zetsu's subcoordinate.


"KAKUZU! I am sick to death of hunting around, looking for a new partner for you! Stop killing them!"

Kakuzu lifted his head, hand shifted from his hip to his thigh as he sat in the wooden chair opposite the Leader's desk. "Leader-sama, forgive me, it's just that my, uh, 'partners' always do the wrong thing and it annoys me."

The Leader sighed. This is the seventh time he looked for a partner in one week.

"Kakuzu, learn to control your anger. However, I found you a new partner -" Kakuzu's eyes widened slightly. "- who is out of the ordinary. Your techniques compliment each other. I couldn't have found a better match."

Kakuzu sighed. Leader-sama probably found some crackpot off the street knowing his luck. Kakuzu's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the oak doors. "Come in."

A pale man slipped inside the office, nervousness splattered across his fine features. Kakuzu's eyes drifted over the person's body, and face. He was quite the attractive man.

The Leader spoke first. "Ah! Hidan, it's good to see you. Don't be shy." The pale man's face changed to a soft smile. "Sit, Hidan. So we can discuss your new partner."

Hidan slipped from the door to a seat next to Kakuzu's, his hips swaying slightly. "You must be Kakuzu?" Hidan looked Kakuzu straight in the eye, if intimidated, he was good at hiding it.

"Yes." Kakuzu's eyes travelled back to the Leader. "Why is it that he -" He pointed to Hidan, "- is any different to the others?" The Leader sighed. "Kakuzu, don't be so rude. Both of you, excused." Kakuzu stood up and turned to leave. "Show him around and make sure he meets the others." He sighed, a long day ahead.


"Well, what?"

Hidan turned completely around and smiled at the annoyed Kakuzu. "Are you going to show me the other members?"


Kakuzu lead Hidan to the common room, where Itachi and Kisame were sitting.

"Hidan, this is Itachi, and this is Kisame, they are both partners."

Kisame raised his head, Itachi merely lifted his head in Kakuzu and Hidan's direction.

"Itachi, Kisame, this is my new partner Hidan." Kisame let out a laugh. "Hello, Hidan. Itachi! Say something to the poor guy!" Itachi smirked at Kisame and replied with, "Hi."

"Hello." Hidan relpied, slightly nervous again.

"OKAY! Moving on." Hidan grimaced at his partners voice. The two strolled down the corridor before reaching a study. Kakuzu opened it and poked his head around the corner. "Ah, Deidara-san, Sasori-san, meet my new partner Hidan."

"Nice to meet you, un!" Hidan smiled, he could tell by the boy's excitedness we easily annoyed the other members. A red haired man stood up and shoom Hidan's hand. "I'm Sasori, and this blockhead is my partner Deidara."

"Hello, both of you."

Kakuzu sighed. Pathetic.

"Let's go, before I start to cry." Hidan crossed his arms over his bare chest. "Shut it, asshole." Kakuzu smiled. This guy has a mouth. "There are other members you need to meet, lover boy."

Next was Zetsu, who particulary freaked Hidan out, and Tobi, who was particulary annoying and loud.

Hidan was in heavy thought when Kakuzu kicked open a door and turned to his new partner. "This is our room."

Hidan's eyes widened. OH FUCK!

"Oh fuck!" Hidan's hand flew to his mouth. "Shit, sorry. Didn't mean to say that out aloud."

Kakuzu laughed. "I'm not that bad, asshole."

"Wanna make a bet?"

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow.

"I'm good with money, don't put your heart into it."

Kisame strolled by. "Correction. VERY good with money."

Hidan gulped.