Tiffany: Guys, i'm sorry for being so stupid and making my chapters so small, so here's 3 chapters all together.

Chapter 14

"Ali, oh Ali, will you come here?" June's voice came from a distance.

"June? Where are you?" Danny asked, puzzled.

"Out in the managerie, hurry." June's voice came again, but it was actually Plankton, hiding behind a flamingo.

"I'm coming." Danny said, rushing out. Plankton laughed evilly but stopped to find a flamingo staring at him dreamily.

"You got a problem, Pinky?" He asked the flamingo, hitting it hard on the noggin. "Jerk."

He hopped onto the fluffy bed and grabbed the lamp that Danny had forgotten.

"Oh, Freakshow's gonna be happy to see you." He smiled as he immitated him. "Excellent work, Plankton."

"Oh, go on." He congratulated himself, then immitated Freakshow. "No really, on a scale of one to ten, you are an 11."

"Oh Freakshow, stop, you're making me blush." He said, walking off with the lamp.


"People of Toongrabah! My neice has finally chosen a suitor!" Spongebob shouted to the whole city of Toongrabah.

"June?" Danny asked, appearing at the bottom of the steps.

"Dahli, where have you been? The whole city's turned out for Spongebob's announcement." June explained.

"But June, please, you don't understand!" Danny tried to tell her.

"Good luck." June said, then pushing him out the balcony.

"Prince Dahli Phanbaba!" Spongebob exclaimed.

"Oh boy..." Danny said under his breath as he watched the whole city cheer.

"What's he doing? I can't see!" Ali said, trying to look over the curtain. "Jake, move your butt!"

"Alright." Jake shook his butt back and forth, Ali groaned in disgust.

"Well he's having fun." Beast Boy sighed.


"Look at them cheering that little pipsqueak." Plankton said, scowling at Danny.

"Let them cheer." Freakshow said sinisterly as he rubbed the lamp and Tiffany came out.

"You know Danny, I really..." Tiffany turned around to look at Freakshow. "I don't think you're Danny."

"Tif? What's going on?" Becky came out of the lamp, took one look at Freakshow and...


"No Becky, tonight the part of Danny will be played by a tall, dark and sinister ugly man."

"Genie, I am your master now!" He said, throwing Tiffany to a wall and grabbing her collar.

"I have a name." Tiffany told him.

"Genie..." Freakshow warned.

"Ay, ok, let's go with that." Tiffany rolled her eyes.

"grant me my first wish, I wish to rule on high as sultan." Freakshow commanded.

"Yeah, they all had to be fruit loops." Becky said as Tiffany granted the wish.

Outside, the sky turned dark and the clouds twisted in the air, the wind became stronger and it rips the roof of the castle off. Suddenly, Spongebob was stripped of all his clothing except for his underwear and they reappeared on Jafar.

"Jafar, you vile betrayer!" Spongebob shouted.

"That's sultan vile betrayer to you!" Plankton corrected.

"Oh yeah, we'll just see about that." Danny said, grabbing his turban, but then turned back in shock. "The lamp!"

"You forgot the lamp, HOW COULD YOU FORGET THE LAMP?!" Cheeze exclaimed.

"Finders keepers, Phanpoopoo." Freakshow laughed as he signalled for a giant Tiffany to lift the castle off the ground and onto the clouds, Danny flew up to her face.

"Tiffany? What are you doing?!" He exclaimed.

"Sorry Danny, i've got a new master now." She told him.

"We are so dead." Becky told him.

"Freakshow, I order you to stop!" Spongebob exclaimed.

"Ah, but there's a new order now, my order." Freakshow said. "Finally, a kingdom fit for a freak and a freakdom fit for a king!"

"Does he always say that?" Wolf rolled her eyes. "Freakshow, you are so obvious."

"SHUT UP!" He warned her.

"Yes sir." She obeyed, then snapped back to common sense. "Wait a minute..."

"Finally, you will bow to me." He pointed at June and Spongebob.

"We will never bow to you!" June rebutted, Spongebob hesitated to bow.

"If you won't bow before a sultan, perhaps you will cower before a sorcerer!" Freakshow exclaimed. "Genie..."

"Tiffany." Tiffany corrected.

"Ge..." Freakshow began again.

"You're not gonna get anything until you say it right." Tiffany said, trying to stall.

"WHATEVER!" Freakshow shouted. "My second wish, I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world!"

"That's what they all say." Tiffany said as she pointed her finger at Freakshow and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Tif! No!" Danny grabbed her finger, but it was too late, Freakshow was a sorcerer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Toongrabah welcome for sorcerer Freakshow!" Plankton exclaimed.

"Now where was I?" Freakshow asked. "Ah yes, abject humilliation." He waved his staff and made June and Spongebob bow.

"Freakshow, get your hands off her!" Danny exclaimed, charging and ecto-ball and coming up to Freakshow.


Prince Dahli, yes it is he,

but not as you know him

Jafar zapped Danny with his staff.

"Danny!" Wolf exclaimed.

"Tif come on! Do something!" KF shouted up to her, she just sadly ignored him.

Read my lips and come to grips

with reality.

He brought Danny and Jasmine closer together with his staff, then he changed Jake back into a monkey.

"I'm sorry guys." Tiffany said, softly.

Yes, meet a blast from your past,

whose lives were too good to last.

Say hello to your precious prince Dahli!

Freakshow put Danny into his common clothing.

"That's it..." Danny warned, trying to charge an ecto-ball, but nothing worked.

"He's taken away his ghost powers!" Ali exclaimed.

So Dahli turns out to be merley Danny,

Just a con, may I go on?

Take it from me.

Freakshow wrapped Danny and his friends up in a cloud of smoke and lowered them down to him at eye level.

Tom and Jerry tried racing up to him, but he put them in each other's bodies.

"I'm you?" Jerry said, in Tom's body.

"NOOO!" Tom exclaimed.

His personality flaws,

give me adequete cause

to send him packing on a one way trip

so his prospects take a terminal dip.

"Tif!" They all exclaimed as they crashed into an abandoned tower. She just looked away.

His aspects chosen,

the venue chosen is the ends of the earth


"Goodbye, cya!" Plankton exclaimed.

Tiffany decided she couldn't take it anymore, so she tried to race after the tower, but Freakshow stopped her.

"So long, ex-prince Dahli." Freakshow said, maniacally as he neared June and Spongebob, they just stood there in shock.


Down at the ends of the earth, the tower crashed in a pile of snow.

"Is everyone alright?" Danny asked his friends.

"No, cause soon we're gonna freeze to death." Beast Boy told him.

"I'm sorry guys, I made a mess of everything. But i'll set things right." He told them.

"That would be great, how long is that gonna take?" Cheeze asked him.

"Hopefully before we die." Beast boy faked a weak smile.

The group kept walking until Danny found a frozen Blocky.

"Blocky!" They exclaimed, they tried to pull him out from under the pillar but he was stuck, they dug the snow out from the tower which sent it rolling towarsd them.

"Oh, great idea." Jake said, putting his hands over his head.

"Yeah, great idea!" Danny said, grabbing his friends and positioning them at one place.

"Great, we're gonna die, WE'RE GONNA DIE! WE'RE GONNA..." Cheeze exclaimed, but she noticed that they just passed through a gap in the pillar and it just rolled over them safely. "Nevermind."

"Guys? What are you doing in my refrigerator?" Blocky said, stupidly.

"Come on, back to Toongrabah." Danny said.

"Meet you there." Cheeze and KF said as they sped off.

"Guys, hop on." Beast boy said, signalling Wolf and Ali onto his back. He turned into a dragon and flew off.

"Let's go, Blocky." Danny said as Blocky took them back to Toongrabah.


"Puppet ruler want a seaweed?" Planton asked Spongebob cruelly as he stuffed seaweed in his mouth, Freakshow laughed.

"Stop it! Freakshow, leave him alone!" June exclaimed, Freakshow signalled for Plankton to stop.

"Gah, fine." Planton said, not before stuffing one last seaweed into his mouth.

"It pains me to see you reduced to this." Freakshow said, taking a bite out of the apple she was holding. She struggled to break free of the chains that tied her hands to his throne.

"A beautiful desert bloom such as yourself should be at the arm of the most powerful man in the world." Freakshow continued as he made a crown out of her chains. "What do you say, my dear? With you as my queen..."

"Never." June spat.

"Go June, Go June, Go June..." Becky chanted.

"SHUT UP!" Freakshow commanded.

"Shutting up." Becky obeyed.

"I'll teach you some respect!" He rose his hand up to slap June, but he stopped. "No, Genie..."

"TIFFANY!" Tiffany exclaimed, exasperated.

"I wish for you to make princess Juniper fall desperately in love with me." He told Tiffany.

June gasped.

Meanwhile, Danny was on his way to the palace together with his friends.

"Uh master, there are a few provisos, some quid-pro-quos..." Tiffany explained.

"Don't talk back ot me, little girl!" Freakshow grabbed Tiffany by her pony tail.

"Little?!" Tiffany exclaimed under her breath. "I'm like...13."

June saw Danny and his friends at the window, motioning for her to distract Freakshow, June gulped.

"You will do what I order you, slave." Freakshow said.

"Oh Freakshow, I've never really noticed how handsome you are..." June said, in a lovestruck tone. She put her crown on her head.

Tiffany's jaw dropped to the ground.

Becky's jaw crashed through the ground.

"That's better." Freakshow smiled "Now tell me, pussycat, tell me more about...myself."

"You're tall, dark, well dressed..." As she spoke Danny and Jake jumped down, Becky and Tiffany saw them.

"Guys! You're here!" Becky exclaimed happily, they told her to be quiet, she smiled as she zipped her mouth.

"Danny, I can't help you, I work for Freaky-mc-freakyton now." Tiffany said, her head turning into Freakshow's. "What are you going to do?"

"Hey, i'm a street rat." He said, unzipping Becky's mouth. "I'll improvise."

"Go on..." Freakshow urged June.

"And your hat is so...pointy." June said, twisting her fingers behind his back, signalling for Danny to make his move. "You've stolen my heart, Freakshow."

"FREAKS..." Plankton was knocked out by Cheeze.

"You really didn't have to kill him." KF told her.

"I didn't, look he's still breathing." Cheeze said, looking at Plankton. "He is breathing, right?"

KF sighed.

"And the street rat?" Jafar asked her.

"What street rat?" June asked back.

Danny made his way up to get the lamp, but suddenly the bowl of fruit that Plankton was holding dropped out of his unconcious hand.

"Oh crud." Ali and Wolf said at once.

Freakshow turned around, but then June turned his face back and did the most disgusting (and hard to type without throwing up) thing in the whole story, kissing Freakshow full on the lips and hoping that he didn't want to French Kiss her.

"Oh my genie..." Becky said. "Tif, are you...ok?"

Tiffany was blowing chunks on the floor.

"OH MY GOSH!" Beast boy, Ali and Wolf exclaimed, Jake was blowing chunks outside the window.

"W-oah." KF said.

Cheeze was blowing chunks on him.

"Ewe..." KF said, looking at his shirt.

Danny was speechless, but he still reached for the lamp, unfortunately for him, his reflection showed up on Jasmine's crown.

"YOU!" Freakshow exclaimed, turning around.

Danny got zapped into a pile of gold.

"How many times do I have to kill you, boy?" Freakshow asked Danny, rethorically.

"No!" June grabbed the staff, but Freakshow pushed her off.

"Get the lamp!" Danny ordered, June ran for the lamp but Freakshow shut her in a giant hourglass and turned it around, making the sand fall on her.

"Ah, ah, princess, your time is up." Freakshow smiled.

"I got it!" KF and Cheeze ran up to the lamp, but Freakshow zapped them and made them go at slow motion.

"Take it slow, guys." Freakshow joked.

"Yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu Feeeeeeiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnddddd..." Cheeze said, in slow motion.

"Oh, nice shot, Freak..." Plankton said, coming back to conciousness, just for him to get knocked out by Jake who was rushing for the lamp.

"Don't toy with me!" Freakshow turned Jake into a Toy monkey.

Blocky grabbed the lamp.

"It looks like your future is being erased, my boy." Freakshow mocked Danny as a giant eraser came up and wiped Blocky away.

"Get the point?" He asked Danny as he was surrounded by knives.

Danny tried to reach for the lamp, but he couldn't.

"Oh come on, these puns are totally lame." Beast boy rolled his eyes.

"Well come on, we have to help him!" Ali said, but Freakshow shot a force field at them.

"Or we can just sit here and watch, no biggie." Wolf said, nervously.

"I'm just getting warmed up!" Freakshow said, blowing a ring of fire around Danny.

"Are you afraid to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake?" Danny asked Freakshow.

"Snake am I? Let's see how sssnake like I can be..." Freakshow turned into an actual snake and tried to bite Danny, but he cut him with a sword, Freakshow screamed in pain.

"Rickem, Rockem, Rackem, Rake, stick that sword into that snake!" Tiffany and Becky cheered.

"You stay out of this!" Freakshow warned.

"Freakshow, Freakshow, he's our man, if he can't do it..." Tiffany chanted. "GREAT!"

Danny tried to crack the hourglass June was in open before she was buried alive by the sand.

"June, hold on!" He shouted, Freakshow heard him and grabbed him in his tail, he tried to squeeze Danny.

"You little fool, you honestly thought you could defeat the most powerful being on earth?" Freakshow asked Danny.

"Squeeze him, Freakshow, squeeze him like an..." Plankton said before he was flicked off the table by Becky.

"What'd u do that for?" Tiffany asked her.

"I hate green." She smiled.

"Without the genies boy, you're nothing." Freakshow taunted Danny.

"The genies?" Danny turned to Tiffany and Becky, who shrugged. "The genies!"

"What is he doing?" Beast boy asked, trying to look through the sheild.

"The genies is more powerful than you'll ever be!" Danny exclaimed.

"WHAT?!" Freakshow shouted.

"Tif gave you your power and they can take it away!" Danny shouted.

"Danny, what are you doing? Why are you bringing me into this?" Tiffany asked nervously.

"Face it, Freak, you're still just second best!" Danny exclaimed.

"You're right, her power does exceed my own, but not for long." Freakshow smiled.

"The boy is crazy, he's a little punch drunk." Tiffany told Freakshow. "One too many hits with the snake."

"SLAVE! I my third wish..." Freakshow thought. "I wish to be an all powerful genie!"

"All right, your wish is my command." Tiffany said, glaring at Danny. "Way to go, Danny."

She zapped Freakshow and he transformed into a genie.

"YES! THE POWER! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!" Freakshow exclaimed.

Danny ran up to the hourglass June was in and broke her out.

"What have you done?!" June exclaimed.

"Just trust me!" Danny told her.

"All the power of the universe in my command, to control!" Freakshow shouted to the sky.

"Not so fast, Freakshow, aren't you forgetting something?" Danny shouted up to him.

"Huh?" He looked down at Danny.

"You wanted to be a genie, you got it." Danny told him.

"WHAT?!" Freakshow exclaimed as cufflinks attached on his wrist.

"And everything that goes with it." Danny said, holding up the lamp and sucking Freakshow in.

"NO! NO!" Freakshow exclaimed as he got sucked into the lamp.

"I gotta get outta here." Plankton exclaimed as he ran off, but Freakshow took a hold of him and both of them got sucked into the lamp.

"Phenominal cosmic powers...itty bitty living space." Danny quoted.

"MOVE IT!" Freakshow exclaimed from inside the lamp.

"Really itty bitty." Danny smiled.

"Danny, you little genius you." Tiffany smiled.

Everything returned to normal and Danny got his powers back.


"10 thousand years in the cave of wonders aught to chill him out!" Tiffany said as she wore a baseball cap and shot Jafar's lamp out to the desert.

"That's gotta be worth a home run." Becky smiled.

Danny chuckled, June walked up to him from behind and grabbed hold of his hand, he turned around to face her, his happy expression dropped.

"June, i'm sorry that I lied to you." Danny apologized.

"I know why you did." June said.

"So I guess this is goodbye?" Danny asked.

"Oh, that stupid law, this isn't fair." June said, turning to Danny once again. "I love you."

"Dan, don't worry, you still have one wish left, just say the word and you're a prince again." Tiffany told him, smiling.

"But guys, what about your freedom?" He asked.

"It's only an eternity of severtude." Becky said, weakly. "This is love."

"Dan, you're never gonna find a girl like her in a million years, believe me, I know, i've looked." Tiffany told him.

"June, I do love you, but I've got to stop pretending to be someone i'm not." Danny told June.

"I understand." June said.

"'s so touching, right Cheeze?" Ali turned to Cheeze. "Cheeze?"

"She's gonna be alone...all alone..." Cheeze sang. "WAAAH! SOMEBODY HOLD ME!"

"I'm holding you, i'm holding you." Wolf said, comforting her as Cheeze pulled her into a death hug.

"You don't really have a choice." KF said, slyly.

"Guys, I wish you free." Danny told Tiffany and Becky.

"One bonafied prince pedigree coming up!" Tiffany said, snapping her fingers, then freezing. "What?"

"Guys, you're free!" Danny let go of the lamp as a bright light surrounded Tiffany and Becky, their cufflinks dropped off and the lamp lost its glow.

"I'm free, i'm free." Tiffany said, so surprised she almost burst out in tears, Becky grabbed the lamp.

"Quick, quick, wish for something outrageous, say 'I want the nile', wish for the nile, try that." Becky demanded.

"I wish for the nile?" Danny said, confused.

"What's a nile?" Tiffany asked him.

"Tif! You don' t know what the nile is?" Becky asked her, excited.

"Nope." Tiffany shook her head.

"You're dumb!" Becky exclaimed.

"I'm free!" Tiffany cheered as she blasted around the palace. "MAN does that feel good!"

"Well somebody's on sugar." Cheeze said.

"This is ironic..." KF muttered.

"What about us?" Wolf asked Spongebob.

"You guys can go home." Spongebob told them.

"But...but we don't have homes." Ali said.

"Oh, alright...then you can stay with us." Spongebob smiled.

"Really?" KF asked.

"We get to stay in a palace! We get to stay in a palace!" Cheeze said, turning KF around at superspeed.

"Woo, dizzy." KF said once he stopped turning.

"I'm free! I'm free at last!" Tiffany danced around.

"You mean...we're free." Becky corrected.

"Bla bla bla your needs." Tiffany said, Becky glared at her. "Sorry."

"Well, you go, i'm staying." Becky told her.

"What? Why?" Tiffany asked her.

"It's because, well...i've found my freedom right here." Becky said, looking at all her friends.

"Well i'm gonna miss you guys, cause i'm hitting the road, i'm off to see the world! I'm..." Tiffany exclaimed.

She then looked down at Danny, who was faking a small smile. She looked at him with tears almost coming out of her eyes.

"Tif, i'm...gonna miss you." He said weakly.

" too..." Tiffany said, a tear dripped onto her cheek as she pulled Danny into a hug. "No matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me."

"That's right. You've certainly proven your worth as far as i'm concerned." Spongebob said. "It's that law that's the problem."

"Spongebob? Dude, calm down." Beast boy said.

"Well, am I king or am I kingļ¼Ÿ" He asked Beast Boy.

"Um..." Beast boy said, confused.

"From this day forth, the princess is free to wed whoever she wants." Spongebob said. "And whoever wants her, that's very important."

"Him! I choose...I choose you Daniel." She smiled as Danny caught her in his arms.

"Heh, call me Danny." He told her.

"Aww, all of you, come here! Group hug!" Tiffany exclaimed as her arms grew long and pulled everyone into a hug.

"Mind if I kiss the monkey?" Tiffany asked Danny.

"Not at all!" Jake exclaimed, puckering up.

"Ehhh...nevermind." She said, nervously looking at Jake.

"Come on, one little one." Jake said, Tiffany slapped him on the head.

"I've done enough damage in this posicle stand, i'm outta here!" Tiffany exclaimed as she blasted off.

"Bye bye, you two crazy lovebirds!" Tiffany waved to Danny and June.

"Yo, chalkdude, qiao!" She waved to Blocky.

"Cheeze, lay off that caffine!" She instructed.

"CAFFINE GEEWD!" Cheeze repeated.

"Ali, Wolf, take of yourselves!" She said. "And goodbye the rest."

"We're the rest?" Beast boy asked, feeling insulted.

"Let's pretend she said it with feeling." KF told him.

"I'm history, no i'm mythology! I don't care what I am...i'm free-hee!" Tiffany exclaimed as she dissappeared into the sky.


Meanwhile, at night, fireworks were booming in Toongrabah as the newest couple zoomed off into the sky.


A whole new world


A whole new life

Both with chorus:

For you and me...


A whole new world...

They kissed one last time as Blocky took them on another magic drawing ride. Suddenly, the moon came to life and began laughing manaically. Tiffany then grabbed the film "off the projector" and beamed at the audience.

"Made ya look." She said before the film dropped into its normal place.


Tiffany: DONE!

Danny: Feeling proud?

Tiffany: know? If I had to do this all over again, I would.

Danny: Really?

Tiffany: NO! This was hard work. Hey wait a minute, I forgot in Wolf, Ali and Cheeze.

Danny: Um...ok.

Wolf, Ali, Cheeze: What's up?

Tiffany: Just to let you know, for being in my story, you guys receive (da da daa) a gift basket!

Wolf: Seriously? COOL!

Cheeze: What else do we get?

Tiffany: De-caffinated coffee.

Ali: Um...Tif, I think that's a bad idea cause..

Cheeze:(hyper because of the coffee) caffine GEEWD!

All: (Scream loudly as Cheeze goes on a major sugar rush)