By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. Nor do I own .Hack//Sign's "Aura" song. However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series.

Note: Lately been "turned off" by W.I.T.C.H. And my stories involving said series. Not that I'm saying I've washed my hands of the series or the stories I've created based upon it (so, to all you loyal "The Royal Guardian" readers especially, no worries -- it's the next story to be updated). Besides having been "bitten" by other inspirations (especially consisting of drawing new pieces), the atmosphere has sort of changed within this category. Ah, well.

Anyway, this oneshot had come to me while I was listening to my OST for .Hack//Sign that I hadn't for ages, and the "Aura" song reminded me of my Sitara character, initially. Then it reminded me of Tomoe Hotaru from "Bishoujo Senshi: Sailormoon." THEN, lastly, it reminded me of Elyon, when she was under Phobos's false security, etc. So this just sort of came out as a result of those thoughts. (It's more so based upon the animated series version, this, than the comic, so please don't be confused and don't point differences out to me. OR that it's a shame I hadn't brought in the Guardian gals more or what have you. This isn't about them.)

Enjoy (or don't, whichever), and perhaps with the actual track (well, the "Evil Version," anyhow, that I feel fits this story's mood better than the original) to help further set the tone? (Get rid of the excessive spacing, of course.)

h t t p / s o k a i . i m e e m . c o m / m u s i c / l i X G 2 X N f / a u r a e v i l v e r s i o n /

This story was created/written in July 2007.

The sole prince of Meridian, Prince Phobos, felt increasingly bored with himself (as well as with his specific company) as he continued to remain erect before his only sibling, his younger sister, Princess Elyon. For over an hour had the vile monarch been forced to remain within the long since abandoned and depleted garden of the royal palace, for the intended purposes to portray the consistent role of "Adoring Older Brother" to the perpetually vibrant maiden. And as one generally surrounded by and extensively comfortable with nothing but oppressed and kowtowing folk, Phobos was fast approaching the pinnacle of the steadfast nausea percolating within his bowels.

Nonetheless, the handsome Meridian native smiled contently to himself with satisfied relish as he idly gazed upon the platinum blonde haired female giggling gaily within the curiously lavish, illuminated verdurous locality.

But this is all right, I suppose, he thought with a growing smirk, which helped to slightly lull his physical ailment. If I must remain at my excruciatingly nettlesome sister's side for a spell, while she frolics within a garden that is merely beautiful by my own will, then so be it. So long as she continues to believe that I am on her side and actually . . . love her, then all the better for me and for my plans for achieving complete and utter domination.

It was true. Ever since his most loyal and faithful servant, Lord Cedric, had at long last successfully managed to locate and retrieve the rightful heir to the Meridian throne (a fact that greatly embittered the young prince and motivated him to rectify to his design to no end), Phobos had made sure to project absolutely everything within the palace walls and its near surroundings within a positive light -- That is, with the help of his waning yet still ever present magical abilities.

It was absolutely imperative to the Dark Prince's plans that the Princess Elyon continue to be soothed into a false sense of security and perception if he would be successful in inevitably siphoning her powers and to seize them as his own upon the day of her official coronation -- a day that was rapidly approaching, to his delight and fleeting patience.

If you are near to the dark

I will tell you 'bout the sun

You are here, no escape

from my visions of the world

Until then, I shall simply have to make do with the knowledge that my poor, sweet and pathetic sister is continuously none-the-wiser that everything she has interacted with and beheld thus far is mere illusion, mused Prince Phobos, watching the green robed, fair skinned beauty affectionately caress an equally beautiful, multicolored bird perched upon a nearby flourishing tree (that both, in reality and unbeknownst to the novice princess, were a dried up, withered woody plant and an unearthly, vicious winged creature).

"Oh, Phobos! I know I say this like, all of the time since I've first arrived here in Meridian with Cedric, but I am just so happy to be here with you! My brother! My very own, real life older brother!" Phobos suddenly heard Elyon gush with grand exuberance as she'd managed to simultaneously tear her attention away from the incognito beast before her, in addition to her prince's calculative inner reflections.

Stifling the instant grimace that desperately yearned to be set free and expose itself upon his pale countenance, Phobos then instead forced a small, tightened simper in its place as he regarded the younger female before him.

"And I feel precisely the same as you, dear Elyon. Why, everyday I must honestly ask myself if all of this is not a mere . . . fantasy, as it were," he replied tactfully and with mendacious favor of his own (as he usually would whenever the naïve gentlewoman was regrettably within his presence).

Of course, by the time that you'll catch on that this really is nothing but fantasy, you'll be nothing but a hapless, hollowed out mass, the menacing prince reflected silently as an afterthought. But what you don't know won't kill you, as they say -- that is, not entirely

Princess Elyon giggled for what felt like the umpteenth time that day just then, before swiftly closing the distance between the two royal siblings and promptly encased her skinny arms around her brother's strong, black-robed waist.

"I just feel so lucky to have you here with me, Phobos . . . especially since our true mother and father are gone . . . I don't think that I'd be able to properly adjust to this new life of mine and simultaneously prepare to become Meridian's new queen, while worrying that the Guardians will once again try to harm our fair kingdom . . ." she stated, her once light and carefree voice trailing off into a small, despondent whisper before diving into her own set of thoughts that Phobos was profoundly confident consisted of all of the untrue tales both he and Lord Cedric would steadily yearn about Elyon's true allies and saviors, the pesky Guardians of the Veil. Of how it was their eternal wish to sabotage the new world that the kindhearted girl had only just recently regarded as "home."

But how absolutely droll and painstakingly easy it had been to paint the five mystical nuisances a rather unflattering color within the eyes of the very soul it was their mission to rescue and protect!

Even her so-called . . . "best friend," that insipid blonde Earth Guardian, is now perceived to be a general threat to her well constitution, thanks to my ingenious powers of persuasion, thought Phobos to himself in silence, body remaining tense while he willed himself to stroke the soft head of his sister (whose face was now nuzzled within his chest in comfort). And in the end, as a gloriously delicious treat, every last one of them shall be crushed, while darling Elyon will have no one to blame for it but herself, before succumbing to her own demise . . .

You will cry all alone

but it does not mean a thing to me

Without realizing it and unable to stop himself, Prince Phobos had then begun to laugh a bit boisterously as a result of his soothingly vile ruminations, causing both he and Elyon to gasp sharply in affect thereafter.

". . . P-Phobos? A . . . are you all right?" asked Elyon in concern, looking up at the young man with the sea of flax tinted hair before slowly pulling away from him. Phobos frowned lightly as his cheeks grew lightly flushed in unexpected abashment a moment, before immediately recovering and mustering up another gentle smile.

Knowing the song I will sing

'till the darkness comes to sleep

". . . Why, yes, of course! I am merely . . . unable to contain my joy that you are here and soon will be queen -- our glorious light . . ." he expressed as calmly as he could, while his insides churned with growing ire and resentment.

Come to me, I will tell

'bout the secret of the sun

Princess Elyon grinned generously at this.

"Really? Do you really mean that? Do you really believe that?" she asked breathlessly, soft blue eyes alight with adoration, hope, and respect. "'Cause, I mean, I know that you and Cedric both told me that I'm the rightful heir to the throne, and the only one capable to do it since I'm . . . what was it again? Oh, right! 'The Light of Meridian . . .' But I still can't help but to feel overwhelmed and especially guilty about that."

At this, Phobos felt his temper beginning to wan as he instead became intrigued by his irritating sibling's ramblings. This was certainly a first for him. That is, for all of the agonizing occasions the two relatives have shared together within the excess days and nights that she'd arrived to Meridian, never had Elyon openly admitted (at least, not aloud and to his face) to feeling that the role of proper ruler should reside within her older brother.

It was nice to see that the unfair shutout of any and all royal males within the family (in regards to ever ascending the throne to become kings, at least) was seemingly acknowledged by not only Phobos, himself.

It's in you, not in me

but it does not mean a thing to you

"Now, now, Elyon. This is the way it has been for ages upon ages! For every female to rise up and one day be the inevitable queen of this wondrous land!" he said humbly with a thoughtful air within his demeanor as he patted the other monarch's tiny shoulder. "And although I may be older, far wiser and with profoundly more experience than you -- and so clearly am the better one suited for the position -- it does not mean that you will not successfully serve your purpose . . ."

In bestowing onto me your powers . . . he secretly thought with a sated exhale as he finished his impromptu pep talk for his little sister.

Smiling a bit more broadly at her older brother, Elyon nodded lightly with a relieved look upon her peaches and cream complexion.

"Well, I still think that you'd have been the better choice, brother. But hearing that you aren't upset or anything that I'm going to be the one to take the throne and that you still believe in me, then it makes me feel all the more proud to be yours and everyone else's 'Light of Meridian,'" she revealed happily, leaning forward to squeeze Phobos within another embrace and nearly paralyzing him in the process. "Oh! But I'd better get going, now, actually. I just remembered that I promised Miranda that I'd hang out with her in the grand hall. I'll see you later, Phobos! And thanks for spending time with me this morning!"

"It was my pleasure! After all, what are 'big brothers' for?" Phobos called out as gaily as he could manage to his then fleeting sister (who'd thankfully released him from her vice-like grip) briefly waving at him before exiting the garden.

Exhaling with extreme relief to at last be free of his female sibling and all of the civil pretenses, Phobos, with a deep scowl set upon his pale visage, gruffly waved a strong hand into the air, causing his incantation to last dissipate and the atmosphere's originally shadowed and dreary appearance to return.

"Argh! Would that I could simply squash you like the minuscule, insignificant worm that you truly are, little sister!" he hissed in anger, glaring daggers towards the closed door that the young woman in question had disappeared behind. "Then I would not have to put up with such antics as your endless desire to remain at my side!"

Exhaling tiredly and slowly calming down a bit, Prince Phobos thoughtfully began to pace about the darkened area, its gloomy nature incredulously relaxing him far greater than its previous, joyous state had or ever could.

"Why must it be so that such an undeserving little twit should be appointed such magnificent power? Oh, if I could somehow travel back in time to change our family's asinine history!"

The sun is in your eyes

The sun is in your ears

I hope you see the sun

someday in the darkness

"You know? I daresay that I actually feel a tad . . . remorseful . . . Well, remorseful that flyspeck Elyon could not have been a bit more nimble to realize that she is being greatly duped and steadily swept up within the darkness," said the blonde haired prince to himself in reflection, ceasing within his walk about the desolate garden. "I mean, after all, her lack of intelligence is a slight reflection upon our shared lineage. But, no matter! If ever I might have any foul-speakers against my sagacity, or mere future rebellions as the one that is annoyingly carrying on at this present time, I shall simply throw every last perpetrator into the dungeons and be done with it! Ah, alas . . . a future king's work is never done . . ."

The sun is in your eyes

The sun is in your ears

Grinning with supreme delight by the final thought, the maliciously vindictive Prince Phobos carelessly tossed a few strands of his gloriously long locks over his shoulder as he walked towards the exit.

"Poor, poor Elyon . . . 'Brown,' correct heir to the throne of Meridian and its ultimate savior! Never will you have the opportunity to realize your true potential, nor will you ever wake up from this nightmare that I've placed you within . . . Or is it 'dream come true,' rather, and for the both of us, even? Oh, well! Either way, I shall emerge victorious throughout!" he declared with a deliciously strong cackle, that reverberated throughout the halls of the palace and reflected the sheer evil that was within his frigid heart.

But you can't see the sun

ever in the darkness

It does not much matter to me

-- The End

(A.N. It's crap -- to me. But it was merely something that'd come to me on the fly and my hands had taken over and just wrote and wrote and WROTE until this b.s. had come to fruition. Nonetheless, it was meant to be a purely "emotional" story, and merely reflecting more so upon Phobos's incessant desire and need to be king and possess all of Elyon's power and more. And I'd thought that this great song showcased it rather well -- well, in the "beginning" of it all, their relationship that is. And all the lies, blah blah blah. Interpret this as you will. Either way, it's here.)