All Creatures Great and Small
Directors Edition

June 2007:-

This story was my first multi-crossover epic, I ended it with the statement that:- "This could go on forever." At first that was a get out of jail free card for "I don't want to write anymore." I had said all I thought I could and other stories were spawning across my hard drive.

Eventually I got working on a pair of prequels (check my Author's Bio page for the links) and then came the new movie and I realised that this needed looking at. After re-reading it and it's reviews (it is still one of my most reviewed stories) I knew I had to tweak a few bits. As a writer starting off it's not a bad story, as a linchpin in a multi-crossover epic featuring some of the greatest heroes in fiction for the last twenty years it really needs work.

I have called this tweaking a "Directors Edition" because that's what this is to me. The difference to this and the two (so far) "REDUX" stories is that they lost their way and needed a rewrite. For this one I have added more detail, spelling mistakes have been fixed as best I can and lost plot points such as Faith's situation and the SGC have been restored from my original notes.

I've posted this as a new story in a single block because, while they are welcome, reviews are not the goal of this story. Repairing mistakes and showing the differences are more important to me here. This IS NOT a repeat story, the differences are there for people to notice and anyone can see them. I have also removed authors notes and matched formatting across all chapters so there are no brakes that detract from the plot.

Hope you enjoy it

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Mountain King
AKA Thomas Fishwick
June 2007