I decided to continue the series and do a story on Dave. A few friends asked me to and more than a few Reviewers wanted me to do a Dave story, so I thought I would give it a go. I've had the Character of Finn hanging around for a while and decided to pair her up with Dave. Hope you guys like the story.

I don't own WWE or any of the wrestling persona's. I make no money off my stories.

Fenmore (Finn) O'Malley 23 years old.5'3 long red hair, green eyes. works on the set up crew for WWE. Her mother died while giving birth to her. She was raised and named by her father who wanted a boy. Father blamed her for her mothers death and treated her like a boy. She's tough and brash and has no idea how to be a girl.

Dave Batista- Wrestler for the WWE. He and Finn have a run in and he finds himself fascinated with her.

Paxton Michaels- Dave's sister and married to Shawn Michaels. Also works in tech department for WWE.

Shawn Michaels- WWE wrestler

Lily Michaels- Shawn and Paxton's three month old daughter.

Kevin Nash- WWE wrestler

Kali Nash- Kevin's wife and PA for 5 wrestlers

Misha Nash- Kevin and Kali's 5 year old daughter.

Scott Hall- WWE Wrestler

Chessy Hall- Scott's wife and resident matchmaker.

Kevin Hall- Scott and Chessy's year old son

Mark Callaway- WWE wrestler

Emily Callaway- Marks wife

Lucas Callaway- Emily and Mark's 3 month old son.

Summary- When Finn has a run in with Dave, He find himself fascinated with the tough girl with a bad attitude. Can these two find common ground. Will Dave lose his heart, and will a girl with a rough childhood, and no experience with love, learn to accept love.

Finn worked steadily on setting up the ring for tonights show.

She had been here a little over a year, and she knew her boss Joe Salender was happy with her work. She smiled as she remembered the day she applied for the job, he had laughed at her.

"A little thing like you wouldn't last a day." He said.

She had held her fragile temper in check because she needed the job.

"Give me a day to prove myself. I can outwork any man here."

He had agreed and he had to eat his words. She could outwork any man on the set up crew. She was tough and scaled the scaffolding like a tree monkey. She wasn't scared of hard work and she didn't even take breaks or lunches. She was a beautiful girl, but she hid that fact. She wore big baggy clothes and kept her long hair pinned under her ever present baseball cap.

The only problem that ever developed was she was the only woman on the set up crew and as much as she hid her looks, she couldn't hide her beautiful face.

The guys at first had hit on her all the time, till she nipped that in the bud. They all got the same thing when they crossed the line she had drawn. It was very simple to her. She beat the shit out of them.

The first time it happened, Joe was stunned the little thing could brawl like she did.

However it didn't take long for the guys to understand, she was one of the guys, she wasn't interested and to leave her alone.

"Break time." Joe said coming over to her.

"Don't need one, you guys go ahead..I'll just finish up the ring and when you get back, we'll get that sign up." She said still working.

Joe shook his head and walked off.

She liked working alone it didn't bother her.

She sighed as she worked. Sometimes when it got quite, it was hard to keep your mind off your past.

Hard to believe Pa had been gone a year now. How was it possible to love and hate someone at the same time. Thats how she felt about her dad.

Finn's mother had died in childbirth leaving her with a bitter man for a father.

Pa blamed her for his beloved wifes death and blamed her for being a girl, all Finnegan O'Malley had wanted in life was a son, instead he got her and lost his wife to boot.

Finnegan was a hard man, and the grief and drinking had turned him into a mean man. He had tried his best to turn Finn into a boy, the son he wanted. She wore boys clothes, he kept her hair cut short like boys, he even gave her a boys name, any sign of female traits were beat out of her with his fists, he taught her to fight and brawl.

When drunk, which was often, he cursed her for killing his wife, beat her for being a girl, and god forbid she cry or show any weakness, she leaned early to suppress any emotion.

School was hell, the kids thought she was weird, the girls made fun of her, the boys didn't know what to think of her, she was allowed to play football and Baseball with them, because she was good, but friendship was out of the question. It had been a lonely solitaire existence .

When she was fifteen she got a job in a grocery store and started saving money, so she could get away from her dad.

By the time she was eighteen, she had money to move out and get her a little apartment.

But Finn still didn't fit into the world around her. She worked and came home. That was it.

She had no social skills and didn't fit in with men or woman.

Finn still visited her dad and made sure he had what he needed. He still treated her like garbage, and she just accepted it. Maybe somewhere she felt she deserved it.

Then Pa had got sick, the doctors said liver cancer. Finn stuck by him and took care of him till he died. But she never got one kind word from him not even on his deathbed. He died cursing the day she was born.

After the funereal Finn had seen the add in the local paper for workers needed for wrestling shows. She figured she had nothing tying her down, so traveling sounded good to her.

In Finn's opinion, it had been a good decision. She traveled and had little or no expenses, she she had saved most of her earnings. When she got tired of it, she would pick a place to settle down and buy her a little house.

Finn had stayed to herself for most of the time she had been here, till one day, not so long ago, she had looked up to see a girl watching her work. Finn had quickly looked down. Other women usually just looked down on her or made fun of her.

"Hey there."

Finn looked up at the woman and realized she was holding a baby.

Finn just nodded.

"You new around here?"

"Been here almost a year .." Finn mumbled.

"I'm Chessy Hall." She said sticking out one hand.

"Finn O'Malley." She said shaking Chessy's hand quickly and dropping it.

Finn looked at the cute boy in her arms. He looked to be near a year or so.

"Look I need a big favor. My husband is right around the corner and I forgot to get something from him. Can you hold Kevin, for a minute, while I run and get my cell." She said giving Finn no chance to say no before putting the baby in her arms.

"well I.."

"I wont be but a minute." Chessy said running off smiling. Nothing like a baby to break the ice.

Finn had looked down at the dark haired, dark eyed boy smiling up at her and was lost. He was so beautiful.

"Hi there Kevin, you're a handsome fella." She said smiling at him.

Little Kevin had pulled off her hat and all her red wavy hair had come tumbling out.

When Chessy had come back around the corner she was stunned. The girl was beautiful, why in the hell was she hiding what she looked like.

"Scott look at her she's gorgeous." Chessy said.

"Yea looks like Kevin thinks so too." Scott said laughing at his son putting kisses all over Finn's face.

"He's just like the old man." Scott said proudly.

Chessy smacked his arm and walked down to her son.

"Thanks so much Finn, for holding him for me." Chessy said.

Finn smiled once more at the cute boy and handed him back to Chessy.

"You have a fine beautiful son." Finn said.

"Thank you. Maybe we can have lunch some time." Chessy said.

Finn didn't quite know how to handle social things.

"Well..I guess that would be fine." She said pushing her hair back under her hat.

"Great..I'll see you." Chessy had said taking off.

Finn smiled. Chessy was always coming around trying to be nice to her. She had known her a little over a month now and she was actually starting to warm up to Chessy.

"Well now here all alone, How about we go to a quite corner and you can take care of me."

Finn sighed. Not Doug again. He had been hired less than a week ago. He was disgusting, he was short and not in great shape, and he looked dirty all the time. She had shut him down every time he made a pass at her , but he wasn't getting it.

The other guys had warned him about Finn, but he looked at her petite size and thought the guys were a bunch of pussys.

"Doug..get lost..I told you before I'm not interested." She said.

Doug grabbed her arm and that was it, her temper was lit and she jumped on him and started pounding the shit out of him.

Dave and Mark were walking toward the main arena. They were going to see if the set up crew was done, they needed to practice for their respective matches tonight.

"Mark look, theres two guys fighting down there.

They took off running and got their to find the smaller guy beating the hell out of the bigger guy, he had kneed him in the balls and fell on him know punching him repeatedly in the face, the big dude was crying.

Dave dragged the smaller guy of, kicking and still trying to fight. But Dave was a big guy and she wasn't going anywhere.

"Let me go fucker!" She shouted kicking her legs.

Mark helped the bigger guy up and looked at his bloody face.

"Go to the medic." He snapped.

Doug took off holding his nose.

"Alright kid calm down." Mark growled.

"I'll show you a kid, if this bitch lets me go." She spat at Mark.

Mark eyes narrowed and his temper was now on simmer.

Then he looked at her upturned face and his eyes got wide.

He snatched off her hat and a pile of long read hair came spilling out.

"She's a damn girl." Mark said staring the petite little beauty.

Dave was speechless. She sure fought like a damn man. But he looked down at the beautiful red hair spilled all over his arms and couldn't deny this was definitely a girl.

"Let her go."

They both turned around to see Joe rushing toward them.

"I said let her go." Joe said stopping in front of the two men.

"She works for me." Joe said.

"Yea well she just beat the shit out of one of your guys." Mark said crossing his arms.

Dave let the girl go and she whirled around giving him an angry look.

Dave looked her up and down. She was a beauty. Long red hair and cute little face with Deep green eyes the color of emeralds. Her lips were full and had that natural pouty look that so many woman paid for and her face was scattered with freckles.

"It was that damn Doug, he is outta here. Finn is the best worker I got and she don't bother no one, unless they bother her." Joe said staring Mark down.

Doug turned to Finn.

"What he do?" Joe asked.

"He..." She put her head down embarrassed to show any weakness.

"Its okay Finn tell me." Joe said.

"He said some ..Ya know nasty stuff and then he tried to touch me." Finn said.

Joe nodded. He figured as much.

Joe lifted her chin.

"Looks like he got a couple of good hits in." Joe said noting the bruise on her cheek getting darker by the minute and the cut he hadn't noticed before on her forehead. He frowned, it was split pretty bad.

"He looks a lot worse than I do, sides it don't hurt none." She said shrugging.

"Dave take her to the medic and send Doug back down here..He is fired and I want to tell him myself." Joe said.

"Come on." Dave said.

Finn gave him a look but if Joe trusted him he must be okay.

"Having a woman working with all these guys is trouble." Mark said.

"Look Mark, She can outwork anyone I have, she has been with me a year, she stays to herself, she don't cause trouble, but one of the guys get out of line with her, she handles it. I do my own hiring and firing." Joe said turning to go back to work.

Mark followed him.

"You two got something going on?" Mark asked.

Joes stopped and started laughing.

"Mark I'm a old man, get for real. I watch after her. I have a feeling the kids had it rough. I like her. She is a tough little girl, and I respect her, thats it." He said.

"Okay Joe, I guess you know her better than I do, but try to keep her out of trouble."

Joe nodded as long as the guys stayed in line their would be no trouble.

"I'm Dave Batista."

"I know who you are. I always watch the matches." She said and kept walking.

"This would be the point where you introduce your self." Dave said smiling.

Finn looked up at Dave. He was a big man and he dwarfed her. She had never seen him up close and he was even more impressive. He had on workout pants and a white t-shirt that looked like it was fighting with his massive muscles.

Dave met her gaze. She had a way of looking at a person directly like she assessing the person and analyzing them.

Dave had to put on the brakes, when she stopped suddenly.

"Finn O'Malley." she said sticking her hand out.

Dave took her small calloused hand in his and shook it.

"Nice to meet you Finn." He said holding her hand for a moment and then letting go.

They both started walking again.

"Finn..Whats that short for?" Dave asked.

"Fenmore..my Pa wanted a boy." She said and kept walking.

Dave watched as she pulled her hat out of back pocket and shoved her hair back under the hat.

They got to the medic and Dave opened the door and seen they were about done with Doug.

"Go down and see Joe." Dave snapped at him. He wasn't happy this bastard had tried to put his hands on a young girl.

Doug gave Finn a nasty look and left.

"Okay Finn, lets see what the damage is this time." Doctor Maynard said.

Dave lifted her onto the table. "You do this often?"

Finn just shrugged.

"Okay..the bruise is just a bruise, no shattered bones, luckily. You're going to need stitches in your head." he said getting the needle out.

"I don't need no shot, just stitch it up Doc." Finn said.

Doctor Maynard just shook his head and got to work on the stitches.

Dave watched as she took the stitches without flinching.

"Okay all done..I guess you don't want anything for the pain?"

"It don't hurt none." Finn said.

"Okay..come see me in a week." Doctor Maynard said.

Finn nodded and jumped down from the table.

Dave followed her out of the medic room.

"Thanks for walking me down." Finn said.

"No problem."

Dave stopped her with his hand on her arm. He pulled off her hat and watched the beautiful hair cascade down her shoulders and back.

"You should wear it down, when you're not working. It's beautiful." He said looking down in her green eyes.

Finn just stared up into his deep rich brown eyes, not able to say anything, there was world of difference between him and Doug. Dave was complimenting her, Doug was a pig.

Unfortunately she didn't really know how to respond to a compliment from a man.

Finn opened her mouth to speak but then shut it again.

Dave grinned, he figured she wasn't speechless much.

"I'll be seeing you around Finn." He said and walked off down the hall.

Finn watched him go. He was different, his manner put her off balance. She shook her head and pulled her hair back up under her cap and headed back to work.