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Emily hovered around Finn while Mark cleaned up the cuts on her forehead.

"Not to bad." Mark said.

"The other guy definitely got the worse end on the deal." He said putting a couple of band aids on her head.

"You sure you're okay Finn?

"I'm fine Emily." Finn said trying to smile at her.

Emily saw the weariness in her eyes.

"You're going to have a black eye again." Mark said picking up the first aid kit and getting up.

"Thanks for everything. I think I'm going back to my room." Finn said.

"Maybe you should stay here." Emily said looking worried.

"No, I got to face Dave when he gets in, no use hiding." Finn said standing up.

"You need to get something to eat, you're going to get sick if you don't." Mark said.

"I'll order something from room service."

"Okay..if you need anything call us." Mark said.

Finn thanked them again and left.

"Mark I'm worried about her, why would she put herself through a brutal fight like that?" Emily asked walking over to Mark.

"Thats is the million dollar question. I don't know." Mark said pulling Emily into his arms.

"For someone who don't like her, you sure sound worried." Emily said smiling up at him.

Mark shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say, she's growing on me. She's got a lot bottled up in her. I don't know, I guess I got a soft spot for red heads." he said smiling.

Emily hugged Mark. "You got a big heart, you just like to pretend to be a ogre."

Mark chuckled. "If you say so. Look I'm going down and wait for Dave and give him a heads up about whats going on."

"Okay..Look tell him not to jump all over Finn."

"Yes Darlin." He said smiling.

Dave walked in the hotel dragging. He was tired and wanted nothing more than a meal and to find Finn and curl up with her.

Mark stood up when he saw Dave. "Hey Man , we need to talk."

Dave stopped. "Oh God, what did she do now?"

Mark chuckled. "She is a handful of trouble, But I don't think thats going to put you off none."

"You're right, its not."

"Me and Kevin followed her tonight with some of her buddies. She's fighting for money, one of those underground fights." Mark said.

"Is she alright?" Dave asked in a panic.

Mark laid a hand on his shoulder. "She's fine, the other guy aint, but she is, the girl can kick some ass."

As soon a s Dave knew she was alright he lost it. "I'm going to bust her tail. I cant believe her sometimes."

"Dave I really don't think thats going to help her any. Calm down before you go charging up there." Mark said.

Dave ran his hand through his short hair frustarated.. "What is that girl thinking?"

Dave sat down in one of the lobby chairs trying to get himself calm before he went up to her.

"That I cant tell you..but you need to talk to her, maybe she'll open up to you, she claims its for the money, but I'm betting thats not whats going on with her." Mark said.

"No, I'm sure its not. Thanks Mark, for looking out for her." Dave said getting up.

"Not a problem..Look don't go in there yelling at her. I don't think it would help." Mark said following Dave to the elevators.

"I would guess thats a message from Emily." Dave said smiling.

"Well yea, but in this case I agree with her." Mark said.

"I know, and I'm not."

"Okay..I'm off to bed. I'll talk to ya later." Mark said.

Dave watched Mark walk off. Dave wasn't exactly sure how to deal with this. He didn't want Finn putting herself in harms way and not just physically, but mentally as well. He was pretty sure he knew why Finn was doing this, but he had to break through her defenses and get her to talk to him.

Finn was laying on the bed staring sightlessly at the TV when Dave walked in.

Dave's heart went out to her, she looked do dejected laying there. Dave went and sat down on the edge and pulled her in his arms. "You okay?"

Relief course through Finn's body, she was so afraid she was going to fuck up this thing with Dave.

"Yea. I'm fine.' Finn said burying her face on the crook of his neck.

Dave lifted her chin to survey the damage. He looked at the band aids on her forehead and seen she was going to have a black eye.

"You hurt anywhere else?"Dave asked.

"I got a bruise on my leg." She said.

Dave held her for a minute then sat her on the bed. "I'm going to order some dinner and shower, then you and me are going to talk."

Finn nodded. She watched him on the phone. He didn't act mad, but she knew he couldn't be happy about her fighting.

Dave got out of the shower and dried off and put on a pair of sweats. He ran a comb through his short hair. His thoughts were consumed with Finn. She had already opened up to him about her past, at the time he thought that was a good start. That she would start opening up more, but now he was beginning to think maybe the healing process for her was going to be a long road. He would just have to be patient.

Finn stuck her head in the bathroom. "Foods here."

"Okay sugar." He said and left the bathroom.

They sat down and ate in mostly silence. Dave wasn't saying much and neither was Finn. It wasn't tension. They were both just deep in thought about one another.

They finished up and Dave busied himself putting the dishes back on the tray.

Finn went and sat on the bed watching him. She never got tired of looking at Dave. In such a short time, he had become so important to her.

Dave walked over and sat down beside her.

"Finn look at me." He said lifting her chin up with his hand.

"I want to know why you're doing this, although I think I do already. But if you tell me this is something you enjoy doing..I wont mention it again. I wont like it, but I'll deal with it." Dave said.

Finn closed her eyes for a moment. She wasn't going to make up something, Dave was too important for her to lie about her reasoning. "I do it because I feel like I have to keep proving to my Pa, that I'm not worthless, that I can be brave and strong and tough and that I'm better than a damn boy could have been." Finn said opening her eyes to look at Dave again.

"Finn you're still trying to please a man thats dead, you'll never win his approval no matter how much you fight and the truth is your father had problems, problems he took out on you. His opinion don't matter Finn, You're a good person, a beautiful girl, who would make any normal father proud. He failed you Finn, you didn't fail him." Dave said brushing his lips over her cheek.

Finn swallowed hard. She knew Dave was right, but it was hard to get her father's words out of her head. She heard his hurtful words in her head all the time.

Dave lifted Finn in his lap. "Finn thats not all...I know why you do this, your father is not here to punish you any more, so you keep doing this to punish yourself, you don't deserve to suffer. You're a girl and not a boy, thats nothing you deserve to be punished for."

Finn laid her head on Dave's chest. He made a direct hit. She continued to punish herself for being a girl. Pa might be gone, but she still did his work for him.

"Finn you are perfect, you don't need to change or get any ones approval anymore. I love you Finn." Dave said kissing her on top of the head.

Finn's head dropped. Three words she had never heard in her life opened the lock inside her. Tears rapidly formed in her eyes and dripped down her cheeks. How she had longed for her Pa to tell her that and he never had. Dave loved her, she must be worthwhile if Dave could love her.

Dave wrapped his arms around her. "Thats it baby girl, let it out, let go of the pain."

The tears increased and soon she sobbing out her pain her face pressed against Dave's chest.

Dave whispered comforting words in her hair as she cried her heart out his hands stroking her back.

Years of pain poured out of Finn and when she finally quieted down her eyes hurt and her throat was sore, but she felt lighter inside.

Dave carried her to the bathroom and sat her down. He wiped her face with a cold washcloth.

"Thank you." Finn said her voice raw and painful.

Dave just smiled and kissed her lips gently.

Dave lifted her in his arms and carried her back to the bedroom and laid her in the bed and climbed in beside her, pulling her close in her arms.

Finn shifted closer to him laying her head on his chest. "Dave, no one ever loved me before."

Dave's heart broke in half for the little girl that had been so unloved, but no more, he would make up for everything Finn had been through.

"Well someone loves you now, and not just me you know, you have friends here who love you too, you have a family here." Dave said.

"I know." She said sleepily.

Dave bent and kissed her forehead. "Sleep baby."

Finn drifted off in his arms completely exhausted..

Warning this next part contains strong sexual content

Finn turned and looked at the clock. It was five in the morning, they didn't leave till this afternoon. She had plenty of time. She turned to watch Dave sleeping. His face was so relaxed in his sleep. She was always surprised at what a beautiful man he was. His dark looks and warm brown skin made him look like some Greek god. She imagined this was what Zeus had looked like laying on Mt. Olympus in slumber.

Finn giggled at her own thoughts, she had it bad for Dave no doubt.

Finn leaned over and kissed him on his lips inching her tongue out to trace his lips. Dave shifted a bit in his sleep, Finn smiled.

She ran her lips over his chin and neck laying kisses down along the way. Finn breathed in his unique smell, the one that drove her crazy. Her tongue ran lazy circles around his flat nipple and then flicked them. Dave moaned and started to move.

Finn chuckled, now he was starting to wake up. He tongue glided down his abs and on to his stomach, where she became fascinated by the sunburst tattoo on his belly button. She traced the pattern with her tongue.

"What in the hell are you doing girl." Dave growled suddenly leaning up.

Dave had thought he was having a hot dream to he opened his eyes to Finn over him running that sweet tongue of hers up and down his body.

Finn chuckled. "Zeus, you finally awaken." She said grinning up at him.

Dave suddenly grinned at her. "Zeus huh?"

Finn giggled and nodded. She climbed on top of him and kissed him hard pushing her tongue against his lips. His mouth parted and he moaned as her tongue pushed in his mouth. Her hands glided over his body. Dave gasped as her hands left heat wherever she touched. Finn sucked his bottom lip, causing Dave to groan.

Dave pulled back and wrapped his big arms around her. "Finn what are you doing?"

Finn kissed him. " I though that was pretty obvious."

She bent her head to take one of his nipple in her mouth and scraped her teeth over it, making Dave throw back his head. "God Finn."

Finn lifted her head to look at Dave. "I'm sober and wide awake Dave, I want you."

Dave looked in her eyes. God knows he wanted her too.

Dave flipped her on her back and stood up, he stripped off his sweats and Finn's eyes widened at the sight of him.

"Damn I wasn't wrong, Zeus is right, you would rival a Greek god any day." She said.

Dave laughed and reached down to pull off her shirt and strip her panties down her smooth thighs. He caught his breath at the sight of her.

"Finn you're perfect." He said quietly.

"So are you."

Dave spread her legs and fitted his self between them. He kissed her deeply teasing her lips with his tongue.

Finn moaned and when her lips parted his glided his tongue in to explore the warm confines of her mouth.

Finn wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer, meeting the thrusting of his tongue with hers. Her fingers ran over the base of his neck. She loved to touch him just to feel his warm skin.

Dave was lost, he could barely control himself.

He moved his lips down her neck kissing and sucking at her skin.

"Dave feels good." She whispered.

Dave smiled against her skin and continued to explore her body. His tongue set fire to her skin, making her squirm. Dave held her hips down with his hands as his tongue explored her belly button.

Dave grinned as she pushed her hips forward.

"Like that baby?" he asked his breath moving over her skin making her shiver.

"Yessss." She ground out between her teeth.

His tongue ran lazy circles over the sensitive skin on her hip bone making her cry out. Dave continued this until she started pleading with him.

"Please Dave." She cried out.

'Okay baby." he said and lifted his head to look at her.

Their eyes met and Dave was moved by the passion swimming in her eyes.

"Dave I have to tell something now." she said breathlessly.

"What is it baby?" he said sliding back up her body to press a kiss to her lips.

" I want to tell you now, so theres no mistaking what I'm saying." She said.

Dave lifted his hand and cupped her cheek.

"I love you Dave. I love you so much." Finn said looking in his eyes.

Dave blinked and leaned over and touched his forehead to hers. Dave was touched by her words, he knew they were hard for Finn to speak and it meant that much more to him.

"I love you too Finn." He said softly.

Finn smiled and wrapped her arms around him."There one more thing, I figure if I don't tell you now, you'll have a cow later cause I didn't."

Dave lifted his head a bit to look down at her confused as to what she was going to tell him.

"I've never , well you know." She said little embarrassed.

"Never what?" Dave said confused.

Finn turned red and Dave smiled. He had never seen her embarrassed at anything he didn't think.

"Had sex..I never had sex." Finn said looking away from him.

Dave was floored. He guessed he should have seen the signs or something, but she had never seemed shy about sleeping with him or touching him.

"You think I'm a loser, don't you?" Finn asked.

Dave started laughing then. "No I don't think you're a loser. I'm surprised and pleased." he said kissing her.

"Really?" She said looking up at him.

"Yes really..You're my woman and no one else's." Dave said.

Finn shivered at his words. Dave's woman it sounded good to her.

Dave kissed his was back down her sweet body. He knew now more than ever, this girl was meant for him forever.

Dave parted her legs and laid his head on her thigh his tongue torturing her skin. His tongue ran all around her skin but he didn't touch her throbbing heat.

"Dave." She moaned.

Dave smiled and ran his finger lightly down her wetness causing her to jump.

"Okay baby...I'm going to make you feel real good." Dave said and he pushed his face between her legs. His tongue ran down her wet heat in long strokes and Finn yelled out his name. Her hands came to rest on his head and her fingers stroked his head as if to encourage his movement.

Finn squirmed as his tongue stroked her boldly, his tongue flicking her nub at each pass till she was sobbing.

"Shh want to cum..I know." He said against her wet core.

He closed his mouth over her nub and sucked on it as he pushed one finger in her heat.

"Ahhh Dave." She groaned at the new sensation.

Dave moved his finger in and out of her wetness as he suckled on her nub. Her hips pushed against him trying to find relief.

Finn felt the pleasure building between her legs and starting to spread out all over her body.

Finn gripped Dave's head and pushed her hips forward as she fell over the edge climaxing.

"Dave!" She screamed as the pleasure washed over her body.

Dave lapped at the sweet release between her legs until she released his head and then he licked his way back up her body stopping to latch on to her left nipple suckling it till she cried out.

"Feel good?" Dave asked looking up at her.

Finn nodded feeling incapable of speech.

His fingers ran lightly up her ribcage as he took turns licking and sucking at her nipples till she was moaning for him. Dave kissed his way back up to her lips and kissed her deeply.

His hand parted her legs spreading them wider as he settled his erection at her entrance nudging at her.

Finn pressed her hips forward trying to push herself against him.

Dave chuckled. "Okay baby..I'm going to take care of you." He whispered.

He moved his hips forward pushing into her slowly. Finn gasped, he was huge and it felt like he was filling her whole body.

Dave rested one hand on her hip holding her still.

"Easy baby." He said gently. Dave eased forward again stopping when he felt resistance.

" Baby its going to hurt for a minute, but then its going to feel real good." Dave said leaning down to kiss her.

Finn clung to him and kissed him back. "Make love to me Dave." She whispered against his lips.

Dave gripped her hips and thrust into her causing her to gasp. Dave stopped and let her adjust to his erection seated deeply in her.

"Okay?" he asked looking down in her beautiful eyes.

"Yes." She said smiling up at him.

Dave pulled back and thrust into her slowly causing her to moan.

He smiled and started a slow rhythm of moving in her wet heat.

Dave gritted his teeth, she was so damn tight around him. He felt like his control was going to slip. She was holding him in her muscles flexing around his erection.

"Finn you feel so good." He whispered pressing his lips to hers.

Finn held on to his arms as he rode her, pushing into her with long slow thrusts. Her core was on fire burning with heat from his loving.

"Dave...Faster?" She begged.

"You want to cum baby." He asked his tongue shooting out to lick her lips.

Finn groaned and opened her mouth inviting his tongue in to plunder her mouth. Dave groaned and crushed his mouth to hers his tongue pushing into her warm mouth even as his erection pushed into her wet heat.

Finn wrapped her legs around Dave's waist trying to pull him deeper in her body.

Dave's last bit of control slipped as he started pivoting his hips and thrusting into her hard and fast.

Finn's yell was swallowed by Dave's mouth covering her. Her hips shot forward to meet his hard thrusts. Her hands ran down his back trying to pull him him to her deeper.

Dave moaned as he felt her muscles begin to grip his hard member.

"Cum for me baby." He whispered against her mouth.

"Dave!" Finn yelled as her body convulsed in climax the waves of pleasure washing over her.

She murmured Dave's name over and over as her body gave way to pleasure.

Dave thrust harder as he felt her muscles clench at his erection.

"Finn baby." He moaned as his climax washed over him and he thrust harder his essence spilling deep in her core.

He mindlessly kept moving as the waves of hot pleasure washed over him.

Dave collapsed on her for a minute resting his head on her shoulder.

Dave kissed her cheek and raised himself on his elbow. His eyes caught her and locked.

"I love you." Finn said wrapping her arms around his waist.

Dave smiled gently and kissed her. "I love you too baby."

Dave rolled over on his side and pulled her close to him. He kissed her so many times she started to giggle.

Dave smiled and held her down as he kissed her from head to toes, leaving her a giggling mess.

"Dave you're crazy." Finn said laughing.

"I'm crazy about you." He said smiling.

Dave rolled to his back and pull her in the crook of his arms.

"You sleepy?" He asked.

"No.. I want to do that again in a few minutes, let me rest my eyes a minute." Finn said very seriously.

Dave busted out laughing.

"What, I'm serious." She said kissing his arm.

Dave looked down at her. "I know you are..believe me, we'll be doing that again very shortly."

Finn smiled and cuddled up closer to him.

"How long do we have?" Dave asked breathlessly.

"Umm we missed the flight." Finn said. She was held against the shower wall and at the moment Dave was buried deep in her.

"Fuck it, we'll rent a car." Dave said as he started thrusting into her again.

Finn wrapped her legs tighter around his waist and gripped his shoulders. The feel of his wet skin under her hands served to make her hotter than she already was.

Vaguely they heard a phone ringing somewhere but they ignored it.

"Dave harder." She begged lowering her head to his shoulder.

Dave's head fell back as the water pounded over them.

"Okay baby." he said his body thrusting at hers wildly.

"Dave.!" She moaned as her body gave way to the pleasure that had been building in her core.

Dave grunted as he continued to thrust into her wet heat.

"" Dave moaned as he emptied himself deep in her heat.

Dave lifted her head and kissed her his tongue gliding into her mouth to taste her.

"Mmmm." Finn moaned returning his passionate kiss.

Dave lifted his head.

"Drive time?" he asked."

"Five hours." She said smiling as he was still buried deeply in her body.

"We can just make it if we leave in thirty minutes." Dave said.

"Mmmhuh." Finn said moving her body causing Dave to growl.

"Quit it." he said.

"What am I doing?" She asked moving again.

Dave lifted her down and caught her in his arms and kissed her. He turned her around smacking her on the butt. "Get moving." he said.

Finn laughed and climbed out of the shower. She dried off and got dressed quickly.

She picked up her phone to find a message from Chessy wanting to know where they were at.

She called Chessy's number.

"Girl where the hell are you and Dave?" Chessy asked.

"Uhh we kind of lost track of time, we're going to drive down." Finn said smiling.

Chessy started laughing. "You two done the nasty, about time too. Okay we'll catch up when I see ya..I'll let everyone know where ya at."

"Okay..I'll see you soon." Finn said and hung up.

She turned and saw Dave getting dressed.

"Everybody looking for us?" Dave asked.

"Yea. I told Chessy we were driving down."

"Okay..come on lets get going." Dave said taking their bags and opening the door.

Finn went to walk past him and he bent and captured her lips once more.

"I love you." he said pulling back to look in her eyes.

"Love you too." She said grinning.

Dave watched her walk out the door and had to shake his head to clear it. He had never been so happy in his life.

Finn hummed as she worked on the ring. She was so happy she was pretty sure she was going to explode with it or something.

"Hey Finn, you sound awful happy. I'm surprised. I figured Dave was going to spank you and put you in the corner."

Finn looked up at Eddie satnding there smirking.

"Up yours Eddie, aint nobody going to spank me anytime soon, without getting their ass kicked."

"Yea sure..whatever you say." Ediie said laughing.

Finn gave him the finger and finished wht she was doing.

Eddie plopped down beside her. "So is everything alright, for real?

Finn sat back on her heels. "Yea ..its cool. But I'm not going to be fighting anymore, well not paid fights anyway, I might have to kick your ass if you dont quit teasing me."

Eddie just grinned. "So muscle head did give a you a ass whupping huh?

Finn sighed. "No dummy, I would be lying if I said Dave wasn't a part of it. I love him and I dont want to do anything to upset him, but

its more than that. I never liked fighting like that. I had some issues I had to learn to deal with."

"I know kid, I was just messing with you. I'm glad you're happy even if it is with that big ape." Eddie said laughing.

Finn smirked and tackled him pinning him down. "Hey you watch how you talk about Dave, I happen to love him." She said playfully

punching his shoulder.

Eddie laughed. "Okay okay."

Finn let him up. "Come on round up the guys and we'll go have some lunch.

"Sure thing girly." Eddie said taking off before she could hit him.

"I might be a girl, but I can still kick your ass," She yelled after him laughing.

Finn Had lunch with the guys and wondered around down the back hallways of the arena.

"Hey bitch."

Finn rolled her eyes. No way was she letting this ho get on her nerves today.

"What do you want?" Finn asked glaring at her.

"Well I just want to let you know, it's only a matter of time, before I get Dave back." Melina said.

"Oh yea, I can see thats he just all over you. Thats why he pratically runs away everytime he sees you." Finn said.

"Dave and I had a special moment togather, I was the best he's ever had." Melina said sure this was going to piss Finn off.

Finn leaned back on the wall crossing her arms."Yea and when did this moment happen?"

Melina smirked."Six months ago..Dave just needs tome to realize he'll never find anyone else like me."

Finn almost laughed in Melina's face. This woman was delusional. " Oh must have been really something if he hit it once and

never came back."

"You're not pissed that I fucked him?" Melina asked.

"Why would I be, I didn't even know Dave then. It does make me question his taste in women before he met me." Finn said laughing.

Melina snaped. She was hoping to piss Finn off and it wasnt working, she lifted her leg and kicked Finn in the stomach casuing Finn to drop.

"Fuck." Finn cursed, she couldn't beleieve she had let this bitch get the drop on her.

Finn came up swinging hitting Melina wherever she could. Melina grabbed her hair trying her best to pull out a hunk of it.

"Whoa there..Hey you two stop!"

Finn felt her self being pulled off Melina and started struggling to get away so she could smack the bitch somemore.

Melina was yelling to as Randy Orton pulled her back.

"Well now Little Miss Finn, I been hearing about you, I guess its all true, you are qute the little brawler." John said struggling to hold on to her.

"Let me go!" Finn yelled.

"Dont think so, you'll probably kill her if i let you go." John said laughing.

"Randy dragg her off somewhere." John said.

Randy just grinned and threw Melina over his shoulder and walked off with Melina screaming bloody murder.

"Okay just calm down, she's gone." John said easing his grip on her.

"Calm down, she just bitched me out, I'm no where near done with her yet." Finn said.

"Okay..I can see you're not going to calm down, lets go find Dave, maybe he can calm you down." John said keeping his arm firmly wrapped around her so she couldn't take off after Melina.

Just great, Finn thought. Now she had to deal with Dave giving her the thrid degree and that dissaproving look of his.

John threw open Dave's door and let go of Finn who turned and glared at him.

John just smiled at her. "Dave I got a little present for you."

Dave looked at Finn, she was bruised and her hair was a mess. " Good Lord Finn, can you go one day without getting in a fight?

"Hey I didn't start it, that nut case Melina, you decided to fuck, started it. She kicked me in my stomach and I beat her ass, I wasn't

through yet either, when this big ape pulled me off her." Finn said pacing.

"Boy Dave I bet this one keeps you on your toes." John said.

"You don't even know." Dave said sighing.

John just grinned. "Okay kids have fun..I have to get going. Finn it was a pleasure meeting you."

Finn sat down as John walked out the door.

"So what happened? Dave asked.

"Melina was trying to piss me off, telling me how you two slept togather. When she could't piss me off she got mad and kicked me in

the stomach and I beat the shit out of her." Finn finished.

Dave sat down beside her. "Are you mad because I slept with her?"

Finn looked over at Dave. She seen he loooked worried. Finn got up and straddled his lap facing him and looked in his beautiful

brown eyes. "Dave that happened long before I met you, that dont have anything to do with us."

Dave pulled her closer and kissed her deeply. Finn put her arms around his neck and retuned the kiss.

"Mmmm." Dave said pulling back a little to look at her.

"What in the world am I going to do with you Finn?

"Well I got a few ideas." She said laughing.

"They'll have to wait..lets get you cleaned up." Dave said standing and lifting her like she was no heavier than a feather.

Dave sat her down on the edge of the sink and ran some warm soapy water. He grabbed a washcloth and started wiping of the cuts

on her cheek and head.

"Okay..lets see the stomach." He said pulling her shirt over her head.

"Shit." Dave said when he seen the large bruise forming on her stomach.

"I hope you kicked her ass good." Dave said angerly.

"Don't worry I did." Finn said grinning.

Dave bent and kissed the bruise gently. "Thats about all I can do for that." He said raising his head.

"Well thats great, cause you made it all better." Finn said kissing him.

Dave lifted her off the sink and put her shirt back on. " I guess I need to invest in a first aid kit."

Finn knew he was just teasing her, but she wondered if she was to much for him She loved Dave, but she didnt wnat Dave seeing her as a problem in his life.

Finn walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch. "Dave I know I can be a pain in the ass, maybe you would be better off just ditching me."

Dave grabbed her so fast she didnt even see him move and she found herself face down over his lap.

His hand came down on her butt in a not so gentle smack.

Dave flipped her back over to sit her on his knee. "Don't you ever say anything like that again. I love you. You can fight everyday, I'll still love you, I might not like it, but what I would hate even more is not having you in my life.

Finn smiled and wrapped her arms around Dave. "I love you too Dave."

Dave kissed her on the cheek. " However can't promise I wont light that cute little ass of yours up, if you get too bratty."

Finn just rolled her eyes. "Dave you are so lucky I love you, any other guy tried that, he would be missing some arms."

"Then I guess your right, Lucky for me, you not going to hurt the man you love." Dave said puling her tighter into his arms.

Finn smiled from her perch on the scaffolding. The last three weeks had been wonderful. Dave made her happier than anything in her whole life. She grinned as she thought of their lovemaking. Dave made her feel so good. She wished they could just stay in bed she thought giggling.

"Little girl, what are you doing up there?"

Finn looked down to see Mark, Scott and Chessy looking up at her.

"Taking a break." She yelled down at Mark.

Chessy laughed.

Shawn walked up and looked up at her laughing. "Dave's going to have cow if he sees you up there."

"Kid get your butt down here." Mark said crossing his arms.

Finn shrugged and started climbing down. "What am I a baby or what." She muttered under her breath.

"Naw you just act like one." Mark said grabbing her when she was halfway down and setting her on her feet.

"Leaver her alone Mark." Chessy said dragging her friend off toward ringside to set down.

They watched the three men get in the ring to practice.

"So girl, how is it going? Dave barely lets you out for air." Chessy said laughing.

"Yea I know, but I'm not complaining." Finn said smiling.

Chessy smiled. She had seen a big change in Finn in the last few weeks, she was happy, anyone could see that.

"Finn I'm so happy for you two. I'm glad things is working out for you." Chessy said.

"Thanks..Truthfully I never thought I could be this happy." Finn said

"Well you two deserve to be happy." Chessy said.

They watched the guys going over their moves.

"Ya know I never get tired of looking at him." Chessy said with her eyes on Scott.

Finn smiled. She knew exactly how Chessy felt.

"Good to know I'll still feel the same way about Dave down the road." Finn said.

Chessy grinned. So these two were in love, otherwise Finn wouldn't be thinking about the future with Dave.

"I got a few things to do..I'll see you later." Chessy said standing up.

""Okay." Finn said.

"And try to stay out of trouble in front of Mark, he's a big tattletale." Chessy said laughing.

Finn grinned and nodded.

" I brought you since you're his sister. We need to have a talk with him. Finn really loves him and I think he needs to start thinking about a more serious relationship with her.

Paxton shifted Lily in her arms. "I don't know Chessy, Dave might not like us telling him what to do, maybe they need to move at their own pace."

"Well, a little nudge wont hurt right." Chessy said bending to grab little Kevin before he took off.

Chessy knocked on Dave's dressing room door.

Dave opened the door. "Hey Pax, Chessy whats up?" He said standing back to let them in.

Dave took Lily and kissed her causing her to grin. "Hey baby girl." .

He smiled down at little Kevin who was wrapped around his leg.

"Hey big guy." Dave said lifting Kevin with his free arm.

"Hi." Kevin said grinning.

Chessy and Paxton took a seat on the couch.

"Ya know Dave, you're going to make a great dad, the kids love you." Chessy said.

Dave turned to look at her. Chessy was up to something.

"Thanks, but I think it will be a while before I have kids, I'm not starting today anyway." he said smiling and sitting down. He set little Kevin on his feet and cradled Lily in his arms.

"We..I mean me and Pax and well, Emily and Kali too, we have noticed you and Finn seem a lot closer." Chessy said.

Dave just looked at her.

"Yea, we have noticed that." Pax said.

"Mmm huh." Was all Dave said.

"Well we think maybe you might be thinking about making it permanent." Chessy said getting up to grab Kevin before he climbed on the table.

"I see." Dave said.

"Well?" Paxton asked.

"I mean you do love her right?" Chessy said holding a squirming Kevin his her lap.

"Girls just exactly what are you two up too?" Dave asked.

"Nothing really, just curious." Paxton said.

"You girls are not going to leave me alone are you?' Dave asked sighing.

They both just grinned.

Dave got up and handed Lily to Paxton. He fished a small box out of his pocket and handed it to Paxton.

Paxton opened it and gasped. It was a beautiful engagement ring. The diamond was big, but not too big. It would be perfect for Finn.

Chessy looked up from the ring and grinned at Dave. "I love a man that knows what he wants."

Dave smiled.

"So when are you going to ask her." Chessy asked.

"None of your business, I have told you two enough." Dave said taking the ring back and putting it in his pocket.

"This is so exciting." Paxton said.

"If either one of you girls breathes a word of this to Finn or it gets back to her, I will put both of you over my knee." Dave said trying for an evil look.

Paxton and Chessy both grinned and stood up.

"Don't worry not a word." Paxton said.

"Yea, we promise. They both kissed him on the cheek and Dave smiled.

"We got to go, see you later big brother." Paxton said.

"Bye." Chessy said and little Kevin waved at him.

Dave shut the door behind them. Now he just had to figure out when to ask her.

Dave headed down toward the main arena to find Finn. He figured she should be done for the night, in fact he was running a little late. He looked around, looked like everyone was gone. Where was she, an edge of panic began to set in.

"You're late."

He looked around but still didn't see her. Then he looked up and seen her sitting on the metal bar that ran across the second row balcony of seats.

"Get your ass down her, you're already in trouble, Mark told you were climbing around like a monkey again this morning." Dave said his heart skipping a beat as he watched her start the climb down. She was going to break her damn neck one day.

"Mark is a big ole tattletale." She said as she backed her way down and dropped to the floor the last couple of feet.

Dave put his hands on his hips and glared at her. "You are stubborn and you're going to get hurt one day."

Finn looked at him she could get mad, but she didn't want to waste time fighting with Dave. "I didn't get hurt. So no problem right?"

Dave narrowed his eyes at her, which to Finn made him look even more sexy. God he was hot she thought.

Dave set his bag down. Come here."

"Why." Finn asked grinning.

"Because I'm going to put you across my knee." Dave said walking toward her.

Finn laughed. "You got to catch me first." She said taking off toward the seats.

Dave grinned and took off, she was fast , but he was faster. He caught her before she got to the stairs leading up to the balcony. He caught her around her waist and bent to her ear.

"Naughty girl, you know better than to run from me." He whispered in her ear causing Finn to shiver. God he was turning her on.

Dave sat down on the stairs and pushed her across his lap and brought his hand down on her butt causing her to start laughing.

"This is not funny." Dave said trying to sound serious as he smacked her butt again.

Finn lost it and gave in to a long fit of laughter.

"Its supposed to hurt." Dave said patting her butt.

"Sorry." She said trying to get her laughter under control.

Finn finally stopped laughing. "Umm I'm so sorry Dave, that really hurt, I'll never do it again." She said and then promptly started laughing again.

Dave laughed and sat her up on his lap. "You're a brat." He said kissing her.

Finn wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer and licked his lips before pressing another deep kiss against his lips.

Dave pulled back and looked down at her, she was so beautiful, she made him feel so alive, what the hell he thought, this was where they met, might as well.

He set her on her feet and got up.

"Sit down." Dave said indicating the step.

Finn look confused but did as he said.

Dave reached in his pocket for the box and dropped to one knee and took her hand.

"Finn I love you more than life..I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and laughing with you..Will you marry me." Dave asked taking the ring from the box.

Finn was blown away. Yea she knew he loved her, but for some reason marriage to Dave never entere her mind till now.

She looked at the ring, it was stunning. She felt tears sting her lashes.

Finn raised her eyes to Dave's. "I just never thought, you'd want to marry me."

"Finn, I love you baby, of course I want to marry you." Dave said leaning forward to kiss her gently.

Finn kissed him right back and the last piece of the wall she had so carefully constructed was crumbled to the ground.

"Yes..I'll marry you." Finn said leaning back to look at the man she loved.

Dave slid the ring on her finger and let out a yell that made her laugh, he scooped her up in his arms and stopped long enough to grab his bag.

"Dave I need to .." Finn started

"Yes call the girls when we get back to the hotel, maybe they will stop driving me crazy now." Dave said laughing.

Finn smiled and laid her head on his chest. Dave had made all her dreams come true. She couldn't wait to see what the future would hold for them.

Thanks for the reviews..hope you enjoyed the story. I love the characters in this series of stories, so naturally I would like to revisit them at some point. Chessy I have to admit is my favorite because she's a lot like me. Thanks once again.