Author's Note: This was written for Twisted Miracle's amazing livejournal hdsbeltane community, and was supposed to be completed by May 1. Ahem. The person I wrote for was Mama Rana, who had the following wishlist: UST that is eventually resolved; IC Draco though if post-war, I imagine that would have changed him; some fluff is ok; I prefer a happy or at least satisfying ending; I'd love a Beltane-inspired fic though it isn't required.

Thanks enormously to my betas, Caliope Amphora, Naatz, Nico1908, and dumbysbaby.

February 1

Well. This should be... interesting. Harry gazed at the prim writing on the scroll in his hands and shook his head in disbelief. Bugger it all, this was what came of giving in to Hermione's nagging. "You should be more involved in the community, Harry." "Politics isn't a dirty word, you know." "You could meet new people." "The papers are going to talk about you anyway; why not let them talk about something real for a change?"

Maybe it would've worked out better if he'd only listened to Hermione instead of also listening to Ron, who had been ducking Hermione's nagging as long as Harry had, but whose experience far outstripped Harry's, now that he'd married her. It had seemed like such a bright idea when Ron had suggested that maybe, if Harry took on some low-key but ostensibly public position, Hermione just might get off his back. "Just pick one of the Ministry volunteer posts, mate. Dad says there's loads of them where you don't do much more than talk to one person. Like the Uisneach Beltane Liaison post, you know they've been trying to fill that one since Bannerjee retired, and you pretty much only have to talk to the other Liaison. No publicity, no committees, and you can pretend you're taking Hermione seriously."

Taking her seriously. Good idea, Ron. He was going to hex them both.

Maybe he wouldn't have to. They might offer to hex themselves when they heard the results of their friendly advice. That would be nice.

He put the scroll away and pushed all scroll-related thoughts out of his mind as he turned to his work for the day. No point thinking about it any more; there was nothing to be done about it for another two weeks.

Besides, it could've been worse. The name on the scroll could've been Percy Weasley.


Bollocks. Draco stared at the memo scroll on his desk. Damn, he should've thought this over more carefully. This stupid Ministry position was supposed to be simple, a way of testing the waters at the Ministry to see if they were warm, to see if he could consider coming back in from the cold. An easy post, too - working with only one other Ministry volunteer, a seasoned veteran who had done this particular duty so many times he could probably do it in his sleep. Easy. Low stress.


He rubbed his forehead and, despite his irritation, snickered at the bubbly tone of the form letter. Obviously the clerk who'd sent it hadn't bothered to actually read the names on the form before sending it along; that, or she had an interesting sense of humour.

Mafalda Hopkirk
Muggle-Wizarding Friendship and Respect Department
Ministry of Magic
Re. Muggle-Wizarding Relations Liaison Volunteer for Beltane Eve, Hill of Uisneach

Dear Mr. Malfoy

Thank you for offering your services to the Muggle-Wizarding Friendship and Respect Department! Your cooperation is highly appreciated in the vital cause of keeping our Muggle friends safe and secure and completely unaware of our existence!

Your first meeting with your partner in this project will take place on February 14, at the Winsome Witch Pub (Dublin), at 2:00pm. You will be expected to go over the details of your duties, and are encouraged to get to know your partner as well, to make your work not only effective and efficient, but also a lot of fun!

Your partner is Harry Potter.

Please let us know if you require us to arrange transportation for you. See you soon!


Mafalda Hopkirk


(Owl Post)

(From the office of Harry Potter, to Draco Malfoy, Dublin, February 10)
Please confirm that you have received the information from the Ministry and that you will be available to meet Mr. Potter at The Winsome Witch on February 14 at 2:00 p.m.

(From Draco Malfoy to the office of Harry Potter, London, February 11)
I have received the Ministry information, but will be unable to meet at the Witch this Thursday until 4:00. Please let me know if the rescheduling is acceptable.

(From Harry Potter, to Draco Malfoy, Dublin, February 12)
That's fine.