Calypso part one

Heather Stoudt was 14 years old when it happened. She had curly blonde hair, was tall, and skinny. Her daddy owned a huge collection of ships. At the current moment Heather and her best friend, Emma King, were on Mr. Stoudts largest ship: Calypso. They were accompanying him on a business trip across the ocean. Heather and Emma were both on the deck of the ship in their large Victorian gowns playing pirates. Emma was only allowed on the ships as a servant girl because she had dark skin.

"Heather!" Mr. Stoudt yelled at his daughter who had whipped out her sword and was battling the evil pirate Emma, "What are you doing? Pirates are NO laughing matter! Go to your room now and stay there until dinner. Emma you keep cleaning this deck, it is filthy!"

Heather stomped off to her room. Meanwhile Emma began cleaning the ship muttering under her breath a song.

"Yo, ho, Yo, ho, a pirates life for me"

A few hours later Heather was still sitting in her room. Her stomach growled as her hunger built and she only wished her father would come and get her to take her to dinner. Emma was in no better condition.
"Servant girl! What are you singing?" Mr. Stoudt had heard Emma singing the pirate song under her breath, "Off to the brig with you"

Emma walked to the brig below deck and went into the brig. Another sailor very happily locked her up. Even though she had been punished for it, she still sang.

"Yo, ho, Yo, ho, a pirates life for me"

Another few hours later the man in the crows nest saw another ship approaching, one with black sails. The other ship pulled up close and it was no mistaking what ship it was: The Black Pearl.