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Back with the Titans Tower with both teams

"So say that again dudes...." Beastboy asked them "I don't think I get it"

"Robin and I are Brothers" Speedy told him "Slade is our father"

"Can someone please explain how the hell this happened?" Beastboy asked

"Well Beastboy" Aquadlad told him "When a Man and Woman love eachother sometimes..."

"OKAY!" Beasyboy yelled "I get that part! I just wanna know why we never figured it out!"

"BB's right the evidence was always there" Cyborg agreed "Robin and Slade share the same moves"

"Not to mention that I'm sure they would look alike" Bee added "I mean look Speedy and Robin they look like twins!"

"Twins?" Raven asked "How old are speedy?"

"I'm 17" Speedy replied "What about you Robby?"

"DON'T CALL ME ROBBY!" Robin yelled "Besides your older then me...."

"YES!" Speedy yelled "I'm the oldest oh yeah!"

"Soooooooo" Cyborg nudged Robin "How old are YOU now that we know your the baby brother...."

"Uh...." Robin said

"16?" Raven asked

"Uh...Almost" Robin admitted

"Almost as in your going to be 16?" Aqualad asked

"More like I just turned 15 a few months ago...." Robin admitted

"How many months ago?" Beastboy asked

"3 months ago" Robin admitted

"So you lied to us?" Cyborg asked "When we first formed the Titans you told me you were 16 and that was 2 years ago!"

"I was really 13 then" Robin admitted "Back when I first joined you guys made me leader and I was the youngest I coulden't be 13 and be leader of a team!"

"Robin" Starfire finally burted into tears "This is all to much for me and I cannot forgive you for all these lies! I'm 17 and I had the love for you...But not now"

"What are you saying Star?" Robin asked her

"I'm saying that you are going to break this family apart and I cannot allow this to happen and I must go" Starfire told them as she ran to her room

"What happened to Mas and Menos?" Beastboy asked

"They felt the same way and left right when they found out" Bee told them

"So how do we get them back?" Aqualad asked

"We don't" Raven answered "We can't change how the way the feel if they want to leave then you can't stop them"

"Raven I feel like this is all my fault" Speedy told her "Maybe I should go talk to her?"

"Yeah and maybe I can talk to Mas and Menos" Beastboy told them

"Not Possible" Aqualad told beastboy "They were so upset they were out of sight in 2 seconds after they told him"

"I'll talk to Star later" Raven told them "So do you guys have any plan?"

"We decided that were going to do it" Speedy told them

"It's the only way to save the cities and our teams" Robin added in

"When are you leaving?" Raven asked them

"3 days" Speedy told them "Until then I'm staying here"

"We'll stay too" Bee told the titans

"No" Speedy told them "You have jobs as superheroes the city needs you more then I do"

"Are You sure?" Aqualad asked

"Positive" Speedy agreed "In fact you guys should head back steel city needs you"

"Alright" Bee agreed as she hugged him "Promise me you'll take care of yourself"

"I promise" Speedy agreed "Aqualad....Promise me you won't drink all the soda?"

"I can't promise that" Aqualad said while laughing "Promise me you won't pee in the pool?"

"I can't promise you that" Speedy said laughing

"Bye Speedy" Bee and Aqualad told him

"Keep in touch..." Speedy told them as they left