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Dirty Little Secret

Sequel to


Ichigo Kurosawa

Chapter 1

Sasuke cried softly as he continously wretched into the toilet, feeling like absolute shit. Itachi bit his lip, rubbing Sasuke's back softy. "Sasuke, do you know what's wrong?" Sasuke shook his head as he fell back, Itachi handing him water so as to rid himself of the awful taste.

Itachi was starting to become worried. He sighed as he pat Sasuke's head, holding him close to his own body until he fell asleep. "Hey, is the kid alright?" Itachi looked up to Hidan standing in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. "I don't know honestly." Itachi stood, Sasuke in his arms, and he walked back to their room, Hidan following. "Maybe you should let Deidara look at him. He's pretty good with medical shit too, ya know."

"Yeah. I know." Itachi laid Sasuke down on the bed, covering him with the sheets and placing a light kiss on his forehead. "But it would have to wait until he awakes." Hidan nodded and turned to walk out, Itachi following closely. Before exiting, Itachi threw one last worried glance to Sasuke as he shifted, snuggling into the pillow.


Sasuke's slowly opened and the first thing he saw were two black orbs staring at him, worry clearly evident. "Morning, Otouto." Itachi tried to smile, but it ended up falling as he stared at Sasuke. "Mmh... mornin'." Sasuke stretched, eeping oddly when Itachi lifted him from the bed, holding him bridal style. "W-What're you doing?"

"We're gonna go see why you're so sick all of a sudden." Sasuke blinked and nodded, snuggling into Itachi's chest as he carried him to Deidara's room. Itachi knocked and a muffled 'Come in... it's.. what'er...' was heard. Itachi rolled his eyes and decided to kick the door open. Deidara jumped and turned to glare at Itachi. "Must you do that every time?"

"Yes. Now find out what's wrong with my Sasuke." As this was said, Sasuke was dumped onto the bed with an 'oof!'. Sasuke blinked and looked up as Itachi smiled softly, ruffled his hair, and walked off. Which meant... "DON'T HURT ME!!!" Deidara blinked and stared at the cowering figure. "I-I wasn't planning o-"

"Am I not good enough for you to hurt?" Deidara stared at him incrediously. "Oh boy."


Itachi yawned and looked for someone else to talk to. He seriously was not used to not having his Sasuke for this long a period. It was boring to see the least. "Hey, Ita-nii-san!" Itachi snapped his head to Naruto, glaring. "I'm not your brother."

"Tch, whatever! Anywho, you look bored. Wanna play the retard's version of Twister with Hidan, Zetsu, Tobi, Leader-san and I?" Itachi blinked, raising one eyebrow. "Leader-san? He plays?" Naruto nodded happily. "Yeah. You wanna at least watch? I bet you've never seen the retard's version." Itachi shook his head and followed Naruto into a rather spacious living room. Everyone Naruto had mentioned were putting large, colored dots on the walls, floor, couch, TV, and just about anything else.

"Sit anywhere that doesn't have a dot, kay Itachi?" Itachi nodded and sat on top of a coffee table, already used to doing so. "Okay, I'll call because I'm showing Ita-nii-san the Retard's Twister, kay?"

Everyone nodded and stood outside the mess of colors.

"First one... stringed kounai blue."

Itachi blinked. Um... I thought Twister included balance and your body... Naruto saw the blank expression on Itachi's face and laughed. "String around left ankle and right wrist on red."

"Naruto, how the fuck does this work!?"

"YOU'LL SEE!!! Attach cloak to ceiling and nose on green."

Itachi sighed and shook his head. There really was no point to this game. "I'm gonna go back upstairs. This game's got me confused."

"Whatever. TOBI'S OUT!"

Itachi closed the door quickly behind him and walked back to his room upstairs to read some book he's read thousands of times and wait for Sasuke to tell him what was wrong with him.


Itachi looked up as Sasuke walked in, looking slightly embarrased and nervous. This was a new development and Itachi could only make the worst of it. "Sasu-chan, is something wrong?" Sasuke jumped and started flailing his arms about, sputtering helplessly. "Sasuke..."

"G-Gomen nasai, Aniki..." Sasuke sighed and walked over to Itachi when he beckoned him, being pulled onto Itachi's lap when he got close enough. "Now, dear Otouto, tell me what's wrong." Sasuke whined and bit his lip. "Y-You won't... h-hate me?" Itachi blinked. "Wha? Never! What could be so bad?"

"Itachi... I'm pregnant."

And Itachi's world would never be the same ever again.


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