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Dirty Little Secret

Sequel to


Ichigo Kurosawa

Chapter 2

Itachi stared at the trembling boy in absolute shock. "H-How is that... possible?"

"I have no idea! It's not like Mom ever took me aside and said 'Oh and Sasuke, school lied. You can get pregnant! Go figure!' I'm sure that at six, I would have been scarred."

"U- Yeah we-... somedays, I hate your biting sarcasm."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, hands on his hips. There were moments where Itachi wondered if maybe, just maybe, Sasuke took secrets lessons from their mother to be more effeminate. Thoughts like these nearly made Itachi laugh.


"Besides, nothing we can do... I'd rather like to have a kid."

Sasuke giggled (yes, the stoic yet emo Uchiha giggled) and rubbed a hand over his stomach. Itachi couldn't help but smile at the moment. He remembered their mother doing the same thing when she was pregnant with Sasuke and he knew then... he wanted to be a father.

Now he had his chance.

"Alright then. I supposed I shouldn't question it. Just let it be."

Sasuke squealed, which was odd enough on its own, before glomping the laughing Itachi.


"Ne, Itachi..."




"You're gonna be a daddeh!"

"No. Here I was thinking I was the slap happy Easter Bunny coming by to give kids dental floss and demand the little boys to bend over the desks."

An awkward silence filled the room.

"Wait... don't you do that last part to Sasuke?"

Itachi looked up and glared daggers at poor Deidara, who had a bouncing Naruto in his lap. And then the pen flew, hitting Deidara right above the eyebrow.

"What the hell!? Why do you always throw a pen at me?"

"It's the closest thing to a projectile weapon in the office."

Naruto giggled and proceeded to nuzzle his face into Deidara's shoulder, soft snores soon filling the room. Itachi stifled a laugh as Deidara shot a weak glare his way and gathered Naruto in his arms to take the sleeping blonde to bed.

This left the eldest Uchiha to think.

Alright, so this pregnancy was unexpected but the idea of a child... it brought a smile to Itachi's lips. Though, it was quickly ruined. He did have a reputation to keep. Sighing, Itachi closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, feet propped up on the desk.

So, his life was pretty great right now- Sasuke had willingly come back and they now loved each other, a little Uchiha was on the way, Orochi and Jiraiya would leave them alone (a little incident involving straps, liqour, and a very pissed uke Orochi), and Itachi convinced all the pedophiles of the house that Sasuke was his and his alone.

But all good things must come to an end.



Itachi looked up from all his papers and stared into the wide and dark eyes of Sasuke. All that he managed was 'hn?'

"Can you stop and cuddle with me?"

Itachi nearly sighed. Didn't his brother know that he had so many important things to be done? There was no time to cuddle. So, the elder Uchiha leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to Sasuke's cheek.

"Not right now. I'm quite busy."

Since Itachi had gone back to staring at his papers, pen flying across the papers, he missed the saddened look in Sasuke's eyes. It might have been childish for the small male to be so sad, as his brother did have quite a bit of work to do, but Itachi hadn't taken any time to see him in nearly a month. Unconsciously, one of Sasuke's frail hands went to the just starting bulge of his stomach.

Itachi hadn't taken time to prove he loved him since it was discovered Sasuke was pregnant.

With his head down, Sasuke shuffled from the room, closing the door silently behind him. Itachi still had yet to actually look up while paying attention.

Maybe things weren't all that great among the lovers.


"Sasuke? Sasu-chan..."

Itachi was getting irritated. He had yet to find his adorable Otouto.

"Deidara, have you seen Sasuke anywhere?"

"Oh, he went to greet Kabu-"


Oh this was bad. Horrible. Wretched. Downright Hell-on-Earth. Kabuto was one of the most horrible people Itachi had found. Known for kidnapping and raping his victims, then selling them to 'buyers' to keep as play things.

Now wait a second...

Kidnap... Sasuke... gone...

"He fucking kidnapped him! That bastard fucking stole him away!"

Itachi glared darkly Deidara, as if the whole thing was his fault. His love, his Otouto, was gone and experiencing something undoubtedly horrid.

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