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By: MisbehavingBubbles, ReachIntoTheSky, HermioneGranger47393, HelplessRomantic, JuliaKerns5, IdOnTwAnTyOuToSeEmEcRy, LadyPurple,and XAdorkablexXxHotshotX

Where does it come from—this quest, this need to solve life's mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered? Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we'd be better off not looking at all. Not delving, not yearning. But that's not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here.

These weren't normal dreams.

They were special, just like he was.

Eyes closed, arms outstretched, he could feel the sky on his skin. The sun on his hair, the wind on his face. The soaring of a bird, the flying of a plane, it was all radiating off of him. Building after building scattered by him, he was higher than he had ever felt being, his hands touching the sky – cloud after cloud moving farther away from him as he felt himself lower faster and faster until finally he –

"How is he?"

Sirius snapped out of his trance, jolting up in his chair, eyes popping. Silently sighing, he heard the clank of keys on glass, and stared ahead. Cho walked in quietly while she slipped off her jacket, grinning curtly at Sirius. Sirius stood up almost immediately, rather flustered, smoothing down his hair.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Cho apologized, intertwining her own hands.

"Oh, no, you didn't," Sirius said immediately, moving over to the bed. "I was… I keep on having these amazing dreams every time I close my eyes, it feel's like I'm – never mind." He stopped himself, grabbing the needle from the bedside table.

"How is he?" Cho repeated, leaning over her father gently and tucking down his hair.

"A couple more days, I suspect."

Cho bit her lip.


Sirius awkwardly stood behind her form while she stared at her father and leant onto the bed.

"Er – I need to give him his medicine." He mumbled, holding up the needle. Cho retreated instantly, watching as Sirius prepped the needle.

"I really appreciate you doing this, you know." She muttered.

Sirius turned. "What?"

"This. Taking care of him, I mean. It means a lot to my dad. You're like a son to him." Cho confessed, tucking back a strand of hair.

Sirius snorted. "That would basically make us brother and sister, which would be a little awkward in case I ever wanted to ask you out." Eyes growing wide, he stepped back from the bed, apologizing.

"Sorry, I – that was inappropriate."

Cho smiled at him. "No, it was sweet… but… I'm dating somebody–"

Sirius immediately held up a hand to stop her. "Yeah, and that's fine… lucky guy." He muttered, before Cho grinned and turned back to her father.

"Thanks, Sirius." She said, withdrawing from the bed and backing up towards the door. Sirius nodded courteously towards her, smiling, even though the second he heard the door close he sighed and buried his head in his hands.


"Man is a narcissistic species by nature," Severus said loudly, facing his chalkboard. Hands behind his back, his eyes scanned over the map in the corner. Eyes snapping back to the chalkboard he turned around. "We have colonized the corners of our planet."

Walking towards his desk, he slid onto the corner, smirking. "Yet we are not the biblical of so-called evolution. That honor belongs to the mighty cockroach."

Looks were glanced in his direction. Severus stared hard at the confused faces, lacing his fingers together.

He raised an eyebrow. "Think about it, students… being able to live months without food… remaining alive headless… resistant to radiation!" Snape smiled smugly at the lot of them. "If God has indeed created himself in his own image, then I submit to you, that God… is a cockroach."

Murmurs echoed in the classroom and Snape sneered down at them.

"They say that God uses only a tenth of his brain power," He said loudly, and they all silenced. "Another percent and we actually might be worthy of God's image."

He slid off of the desk and walked slowly to the corner of the classroom.

"Yet of course that day has already arrived," The students furrowed their brows and muttered more among themselves. Severus ignored them.

"The human gene project has discovered that tiny radiations in man's genetic code are taking place in increasingly rapid rates." He leant on one of his student's desk, staring boringly into her eyes.

Snapping back, Snape smoothed down his jacket sleekly. Something sparkled in his eyes.

"Teleportation! Levitation! Rapid tissue regeneration! Is this all outside the realm of possibility?" His face actually looked excited, determined… smiling. "Or is man entering a new gateway of evolution? Is he finally standing at the threshold of human potential?!" Eyeing his stiff students eagerly, his gaze wandered upon the door, where McGonagall stood with raised eyebrows. She put her hands on her hips.

"I – I'm sorry, I'm out of time."

McGonagall ushered the students out before crossing her arms. "This isn't what you're supposed to be teaching, Severus." She mumbled strictly.

"I… fine," Snape muttered, running a hand through his hair. "I'm not. But – how much did you hear?"

"Enough to know that you're searching for things that don't exact. Teleportation, Snape? Levitation?"

"It has to be out there." Severus said determinedly.

"Not anymore, Snape!" McGonagall shouted exasperatedly. "It never was and it never will be! Stop chasing a dream!"

Snape retreated to behind his desk, staring at the wood quietly. "I know. I'm starting to sound like my father. I can't help it. You know, you can fire me too, McGonagall! But there is something to it! As crazy as it sounds."

McGonagall had finally calmed down, her eyes on the floor quietly.


"It's… it's your father," Minerva murmured. "H-He's dead."

The immediate silence was painful as Snape gaped at McGonagall.


This was definitely not what she had ever imagined herself doing.

Lily Evans wasn't a slut. She wasn't a whore. But the way she was portraying herself on that bed in front of that running camera, she made herself both.

She had never been a good actress. So smiling seductively at the lens was turning into quite a task.

Lily was doing this for the money. It certainly wasn't fun knowing that some idiot in an office or in a bedroom would be watching her at that very moment, just so she'd be able to pay the electricity bill. Her 'website' was her job, and she wasn't proud of it.

Licking her lips and slipping her shirt off of her stomach slowly, Lily threw her head back as ruby curls fell off of her shoulders.

The loose strands of fabric stuck to her hair as she very, very unhurriedly pulled off her diaphanous shirt. The more she spent her time pulling things off very carefully the less she would have to take off. Turning around on the bed so the camera viewed her back, she looked back over her shoulder and smirked at the camera as she unhooked her bra.

As her fingers grazed her skin, she moved to the waistband of her underwear, only to be stopped.

A beeping noise interrupted the music, and almost automatically Lily slipped off of the bed and reached for her robe, scurrying over to the computer.

Time's up. She typed.

Little more… please.

Groaning at the response, Lily typed back. It'll cost you another thirty-nine dollars.


Narrowing her eyes at the screen, she slammed it down. "Pervert." She muttered, standing up. Turning around towards her dresser she slid into her clothing, before turning to the mirror.

When she saw her mirror image frowning sneeringly at her figure, crossing its arms. Lily gasped and looked down, where her arms were by her side. The mirror scowled at her.

Turning away, she ran from the room to her son's bedroom, which was empty.

"Harry?" She asked quietly, peering into the doorway. "Harry!!"

Turning to the next room, she sighed, where her son was pouring over a computer. She buried her face in her hands before walking up to him and putting an arm around his shoulder.

"Oh, Harry, don't do that to me." She whispered, leaning her forehead against his.

"What?" Ten-year-old Harry asked innocently, still playing with the computer.

"We… we have to be careful." Lily told him softly, smoothing back his hair.

"Sorry. I was just working on my computer, Mum." Harry mumbled.

Lily looked at the computer, smiling, until her eyes fell upon a small black box next to it. "What's this?" She asked curiously, picking up the box.

"It's the solar eclipse. The moon's supposed to cover up the sun today."

Lily smiled at him. "Did I ever tell you that you're the smartest little man on the planet?" She said softly, playing with a strand of his messy black hair.

"You do," Harry said. "All the time."

"Well, that's good."

"We're supposed to examine the eclipse in school."

Lily stood up dazedly, tucking a strand of red hair behind her ear. "Speaking of which, you need to go get ready."

"Mum," Harry said seriously, looking up at her. "I already packed my lunch and my homework. What have you done this morning?"

Lily grimaced. "Don't get smart with me," She said sharply. "I've been working to pay our bills."

Harry looked down at his computer again. "Is that why they turned off our gas again?"

About to tell Harry to not talk back to his mother, Lily gasped as the door rung loudly. Her head snapped towards the window alertfully, eyes full of fear.

"Get our backpack and wait by the door." She said firmly, gaze still upon the curtains.


"Just do it, Harry." Lily said resolutely, and when Harry had retreated to his room, she peeled away the curtains an inch and stared out.

Two of Dumbledore's thugs.

H E R M I O N E W E A S L E Y / G R A N G E R

The camera zoomed up and in pathetically as the sound of tap-tap-tapping of footsteps on metal filled the clearing. Dust blew towards Neville as he held the camera protectively away from the wind. Finally getting the control of the buttons, Neville focused the lens towards the stairs, which Hermione was still running up madly.

"Camera ready, Neville?!" She called, reaching the top of the metal stairs and squinting down at Neville. The sun boiled down on them.

"Yeah!!" He shouted back up. "Uh, remind me what I'm filming again?"

"You'll see!" She exclaimed with a smile, hand over her forehead to keep the sun from her eyes.

"Uh, okay." He backed up as Hermione climbed on the opposite side of the railing. His eyes grew wide. "Er, Hermione? That's like seventy – eighty feet, you know–"

But Hermione had already let go of the railing and was plummeting toward the rocks face forward, screaming wildly.

"HERMIONE!" He yelled, the camera spinning out of control as Neville jumped. Jolting in circles and covering his eyes, Neville heard a thud. The screaming stopped.

"Oh my god," He mumbled, running towards the rocks, where Hermione lay motionless on the rocks. "Hermione! Hermione!" He screamed loudly, the camera flying in all directions as he ran towards her.

"Oh my – oh my god, Hermione!! Hermione!" Neville roared, his sweaty hand grasping for the camera as he cantered towards her figure. He knelt down near her, still yelling her name.

Hermione got up from the rocks, her arm and shoulder hanging out of her socket as she sighed. There was a deep gash on her cheek and her forehead as she took her dirty fingers to replace her dislocated shoulder. With a pop it was back in place.

"I – Hermione." Neville murmured in shock, the camera miraculously still on her form.

Hermione smoothed out her shoulder, panting breathlessly, before looking at the camera seriously. "This is Hermione Weasley," She muttered. "And that was attempt number six."

And the scars on her face faded away completely.


The wind sweeping past his face, arms outstretched into the sky… he was flying. He was actually flying. Along the buildings and across the bridge, over the lake and past the meadows… he even dared to look down into the watery depths of the lake, and up to the sunny abyss of the sky… He came closer to the city, head first, arms and legs flailing as the ground came closer in slow… slow… motion. Someone was on the ground… someone was waiting for him…


Jumping back to life, Sirius heard the passing of a train car as he jolted awake. Realizing that he had been in a taxi, he sighed, checking his watch. He still had time. Burying his face in his hands, Sirius slumped back to the seat, staring out the window. A truck was right in view, with the words:

Remus Lupin for Congress

Smiling slightly, Sirius paid the taxi-driver and left the car.

Hurrying inside the building, Sirius darted towards his brother, panting.

"What do want, Sirius, I need to call Mr. Dumbledore–"

"It happened twice." Sirius muttered quietly, putting a hand on Remus' desk. "Sometimes I'm falling and sometimes I'm flying. Sometimes you're even in it!"

"I don't have time for this." Remus dismissed, sauntering away from Sirius.

"Remus, these aren't normal dreams!" Sirius said loudly, grabbing Remus' shoulder.

"Hold this." Remus muttered, thrusting a briefcase into Sirius' hands.

"I thought they would go away but they're not."

"Get these back to me by six, please." Remus said to one of his secretaries. Sirius impatiently pulled on his brother's wrists and faced him.

"This morning," He began seriously. "Just when I got out of bed, my foot hovered, actually hovered before it hit the ground. For just a second! Like I was… floating."

Remus jerked away from his grasp and shoved papers onto a desk, staring at a clipboard silently.

"I…" Sirius looked around him to make sure that nobody was listening. "I think I can fly."

Remus looked awkwardly at the assistant that was listening in to their conversation and laughed falsely, pushing Sirius into his cubicle. "Tell you what, Sirius, if you think you can fly why don't you jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge and see what happens." He gave Sirius a stern look.

"Maybe I should start with something lower… like learning to walk on–"

Remus opened the door to the building and walked out of it, pulling Sirius along with him.

"You're serious?"


Remus swung an arm around his brother. "You need to snap out of it, Siri," He said stonily. "See a doctor. Get some medicine. Do not waste my time, I'm already late for my fundraiser–"

Sirius wrenched off the arm on his shoulder. "This isn't about you, alright?" He growled, and then softened slightly. "Something's happening to me, and I have a feeling that you're the only person who can understand this."

"Why the hell do you think that I would understand that you think you can fly?" He snarled.

"Because… because you're my brother." Sirius murmured.

H E R M I O N E W E A S L E Y / G R A N G E R

"I'm so depressed." Hermione muttered, her bag swung over her shoulder. Neville stumbled over several rocks as he watched the tape in awe.

"What? What are you talking about, why?" He asked, eyes still on the camera. He looked up. "Besides the fact that I was really grossed out at first when you jumped into rocks from eighty feet high this is the single coolest thing that has happened to this town in like a hundred years!"

Hermione sighed. "Not if nobody finds out."

Neville furrowed his brows confusedly. "Then why did you want me to tape you?"

"I have my reasons." Hermione said shortly.

"It's not like you're not going to be popular anymore." Neville said, advancing on his bike. Hermione stopped.

"Popular? Who said anything about being popular? My life as I know it is over, okay?" She said heatedly. "I've got a game next week, SATs in October, Homecoming is three weeks from today and I'm a freakshow!"

Neville looked up at her. "You're being a little dramatic, don't you think?"

"No! I don't think!" Hermione shouted, hovering over Neville. "I've like busted every bone in my body, stabbed myself in the chest, rammed into a car headfirst thirty times and I don't have a scratch on me!"

Neville awkwardly flushed. "Then… er, what do you call that thing, sticking out?" He pointed towards her stomach, where two rib bones were sticking out of her side.

Hermione sighed. "Great." She muttered, stuffing them back into her skin. It healed instantly.

"Just give me the tape, okay?" She mumbled, holding out her hand. Neville put the tape on her palm. Hermione walked away from him silently.

"I can give you ride, if you want!" Neville said, blushing slightly.

She turned around, rather apologetically. "Look, thanks, okay? I'll… talk to you in front of people at school tomorrow…? Promise."


"Driving a taxi in New York City is a very dangerous job!" McGonagall reassured Snape loudly, running along side him with her umbrella flinging next to her. Snape shook his head, running throw the sleet hurriedly.

"No! I spoke to him two days ago, he was convinced that someone was following him – trying to steal his research!" Severus said firmly, splashing across the street with McGonagall in close pursuit. "He died because of his theories!"

"That's crazy!" Minerva howled, keeping a firm hold on her umbrella.

"Is it?" Snape asked sharply, whipping around.

"The man left his family – discredited his career to chase wild theories halfway around the world! Where are you going?!" McGonagall cried exasperatedly, running after Snape again.

"To his apartment, to get his research! He was this close to finding something! His patient zero!" Severus barked, throwing himself up soaked stairs.

"Severus! Listen to me!" Minerva said, grabbing onto Snape's arm. "Your father was my friend, and my colleague. A respected Professor, a brilliant genesisit! But he had clearly lost touch with reality!"

Snape narrowed his eyes at McGonagall. "I followed in his footsteps. My thesis is based on his research!"

"Yes, and you had always wanted his approval!"

"And now you are telling me that it resolved for nothing!" Snape said madly.

"I'm telling you," Minerva said desperately. "To let go."

"I need to know why he died, I need to know that it wasn't all for nothing," Severus said firmly. "And then I need to finish what he started."

Running up the rest of the fire escape, he closed his umbrella and entered the building. Ambling to his father's apartment, he opened the door and gaped at the mess. His father had left everything behind. Severus had no idea where Minerva had gone, but he didn't care.

Taking off his coat, Snape stared at the mess before him. His eyes scanning every detail, they fell upon glasses… horned rimmed glasses.

"These aren't my father's." He mumbled quietly, examining them. He put them back down, however, and instead observed a large map in front of him, with thousands of strings all attached and intertwining with pins. Next to it was a large box with hundreds of files labeled Teleportation, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Human Flight. Pictures in frames of himself with his father…

He went back to the map, however, to inspect the map and it's mysterious strings.

There was a noise outside of the wall.

Jumping back fearfully, Snape listened alertfully. Had the killer come back to murder him, too? He rapidly gathered his jacket back up into his arms, fumbling for the pocket that held his camera. Severus had to look at this apartment more carefully, but there simply wasn't any time. His insides jittering, he clamped the camera into his hands to take as many pictures as he could of the rooms, before hurrying out again.


Seamus couldn't help but ignore his screen as his eyes concentrated on the clock next to him. The second hand moving slowly in circles, Seamus glanced around his cubicle. Nobody looking…

Concentrating hard on the clock, he squinted.

Nothing happened.

He had been sure that if he concentrated, he could stop time. Move it back. Do something… drastic. Stopping time was pretty cool. At least Seamus thought so, even though Dean didn't. Dean wanted to be someone normal. Seamus didn't.

Sitting in his office cubicle in London was too boring for Seamus. So turning off the computer screen and turning to face the clock with a deep breath seemed like a logical thing to do. It was a cure for boredom and definitely unimportance.

He squinted again so his eyes were narrow slits.


His cheeks were wobbling wildly.


His face was turning red.

Still nothing…

His eyebrows were furrowed tightly.

Nothing… and then –

The second hand stopped for a millisecond, moved backwards one fraction of an inch, and then kept on going it merry way in clockwise circles.

"I did it!" Seamus yelled, standing up, and running over madly to Dean's cubicle. "I did it!!"

"What now?" Dean grumbled, his pen poised over paper.

"You'll never believe it, Dean, but I've broken the space and time continuum!" He boomed loudly, jumping slightly.

"Good for you."

"I made it go back one second!" Seamus explained, kneeling down by Dean's desk. "Using only my mind and thoughts."

"Too bad you're not paid by the hour." Dean muttered.

"I'm serious!" Seamus said furiously. "Like – this morning – the subway–"

"What is the big deal if the subway is fourteen seconds late?" Dean asked exasperatedly.

"The subway is never late." Seamus said persistently.

"Until you made it late!!" Dean said sarcastically, outstretching his hands and leaning back in fake awe. "Using only your mind!"

"Yes!" Seamus said determinedly. "I have discovered powers beyond any mere mortal."


"I have! You'll see–"

"Are you gonna make the train late again?" Dean asked sardonically.

"Yes! Just so you'll be late for work!" Seamus said firmly, smiling, when their superior came over and dragged Seamus back to his desk resolutely.

Dean, smiling widely, turned back to his monitor with the pen and paper forgotten, only to turn his attention to –

Lily Evans and her online site, along with her camera.


"Harry," The principal began with a crooked smile. "Is a very intelligent boy."

Lily smiled.

"Gifted, actually… But that's not the issue." The principal said, settling down into his chair.

"His father's not around," Lily explained immediately. "And sometimes I think that he could use a bit of a stronger hand, you know? I work a lot, but…" She grinned in a promising way. "We can both work harder." Thinking that the matter was settled, she straightened up in her chair.

"It's not about the work."

Her face dropped. "What?" Lily asked.

"The truth is, I just don't think that this school is the right fit for him."

"But he's made friends." Lily said rather worriedly.

"I'm sorry, Miss Evans."

"He's on the soccer team." She persisted.

"I'm sorry."

Lily's face angered slightly. "I wrote a check for twenty five thousand dollars to get him into this snob fest," She muttered. "I was told that that's what it took. That's on top of the tuition."

The principal rifled through some papers calmly. "About the tuition," He said smoothly. "Your last three checks have bounced."

"Fine!" Lily said. "Take it out of the twenty five grand I gave you!"

The principal shook his head with a smile. "That was a donation… and it was very appreciated." He added sleekly, adjusting his tie.

Lily bit her lower lip, before lowering her voice warningly. "Well, I want my money back." When the Principal simply continued staring at her, she pursed her lips dangerously. "I want my money back, now."

"That money is already spent."

"Then unspend it." Lily snarled.

"I'm sorry." The man repeated, the smile still smirking on his face. He stood up. "We may discuss an extension of the money that you owe–"

Lily stood up in a frenzy and grabbed the Principal's tie and yanking him her way. "I want my money back." She muttered forcefully.

The Principal, not looking quite so smooth anymore, tried to back up. "That's not possible." He whispered.

Lily didn't wait for another word from the man as she let go of his tie harshly and watched him stagger back into the wall. She walked from the room, grabbing onto Harry's hand determinedly, and running.

"Come on, Harry, let's get out of here," She said. "We're too good for this place."

Harry followed, walking out slowly.

"What happened, Mum?"

Lily didn't answer. Instead she clicked the elevator button on the door, examining herself in the metal, when she saw an irritated face crossing her arms and scowling at her through the iron.

"Leave me alone!" She mumbled at the elevator, until it opened and she ushered inside.

H E R M I O N E W E A S L E Y / G R A N G E R

Smoke billowed up as flames passed by the shooting rockets of water. Standing still by the wreck of the train car, Hermione stopped. Neville looked in awe.

"Awesome." He mumbled.

Hermione listened to the screaming firemen with concern. "They're saying that somebody's in the train," She said.

"They'll get him out in time." Neville said, watching the flames in fascination.

"How hot do you think it's in there?"

Neville looked at her confusedly. "What?"

"Get the camera." She murmured, handing him the tape and vanishing from his sight a second later.

Ducking under 'CAUTION' signs and banners around the area, she turned around to see Neville holding up the camera expectantly. Hermione ran.

Dodging a spurt of fire, she darted inside the burning train car.

Coughing madly, she looked through the flames. Only smoke.

Running farther into the train, Hermione heard helpless coughing. Eyes wide, and dashed forward and watched the smoke filled air, trying to look between it. A shadowy figure was concealed behind it.

She hurried to him, carrying him up by the arm and leading him out by the wrist. By the time she could see air again, her clothes were on fire and the man was coughing uncontrollably. One of the fireman screamed and put down his hose.

Hermione felt another fireman shout and run in her direction, putting out her clothes by throwing his jacket on her ash-laden body. She tried to push him off.

"No, no, I'm fine! I'm fine!" She said loudly, feeling the flames go out. The firemen removed the coat and yanked open the burnt clothes with a tear. Her elbow was exposed as he ripped the fabric.

"There's no burns." He said incredulously.

Hermione stared at him stonily, getting up from the floor and running madly, past the caution signs and back to Neville, who was still taping the entire thing.

"Are you okay?" He said automatically, grabbing her arms as he saw her soot covered form.

"I'm fine," Hermione mumbled. "Don't be as bad as the fireman."

Neville put down the camera. "I got everything. No lung damage? No burns?"

Hermione nodded, smiling faintly at Neville.


"This is the one I want." Snape muttered to the desk clerk, his hands brushing the number on the door.

"Are you sure? I think that… I dunno… the Snape Professor lived here. Left everything behind. Janitor hasn't cleaned it out yet." The man asked.

"I don't want it cleaned." Snape said firmly.

"Do you have the money to pay for this monthly? What will you be doing?"

"I'll have a job." Snape pleaded.

"What job?"

He gulped. "My father's job. I'll be driving a taxi."

The man shrugged and handed over the keys. "Enjoy, then. Let me get you an application from downstairs."

Snape opened the door as the man walked away. Examining the musty study, he sighed, when a sight caught his eyes.

The horned rimmed glasses were gone.

Gasping, Snape stared at the empty desk, running his hand along the dust. His research box was right at the other end of the table as Severus's fingers reached it. Reading through most of the thesis, pulling out file after file, he found a tape at the very bottom of the box.

Labeled: Voldemort.


"What are we doing?" Harry asked in anticipation as Lily parked the car outside of Marlene McKinnon's house.

"I just have to pack up a few things at our house, okay?"

"We really should go see Dad." Harry mumbled, and Lily grabbed his hand.

"We can't do that, Harry." Lily told him, steering him up the steps.

"He could help. He should know that someone is trying to hurt us." Harry said persistently.

"Your dad's not in any condition to help us right now." Lily said, reaching the door and ringing the bell.


Lily knelt down beside Harry. "Look," She said softly. "I made some mistakes."

"What'd you do?" Harry asked somewhat worriedly.

Lily sighed and leant her forehead against Harry's. "Harry," She murmured. "I need you to know that I would never let anything happen to you. Promise."

Harry looked at Lily concernedly. "Mum," He started. "Why did you look at yourself like that in the elevator door?"

Lily, somewhat speechless, heard the door open and jumped up to see Marlene standing in the doorway. She sighed.

"How long?"

Lily bit her lip. "Just a couple hours tops."

Marlene smiled at Harry. "There's some ice cream in the fridge." Harry walked in, passing Marlene.

Marlene looked stonily at Lily. "What happened?"

Lily sighed, leaning her head against the doorframe. "I went to see Dumbledore."

Marlene looked down, touching her hair. "How much did you take from him, Lily?" She whispered.

"I… only thirty thousand."

"You gambling?" Marlene asked sternly.

"No!" Lily cried. "It's just bills… and I used the rest to get Harry into Private School. I didn't know what to do with him at Public School, and…" She stepped into the house. "Ever since James left we simply didn't have money."

Marlene closed the door behind her.

"Hell, Lily," Marlene said seriously. "You weren't born yesterday."

"The money's two weeks overdue," Lily said, her eyes pooling. "I thought I could handle it, okay? I'm just under a lot of stress–"

"Yeah, I wonder why!" Marlene shouted.

Lily bit her lip, being silent for a moment. "I'm… I'm seeing things, Marlene."


"Like… like someone's watching me."

"Yeah!" Marlene said. "Dumbledore wants his money back so he sends along some mouthbreathers that are gonna put you in the hospital!"

"No, it's someone else," Lily murmured, tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes. "Someone I can't see. Does… does this make any sense to you?" She asked desperately.

Marlene shook her head. "No."

Lily threw her head back exasperatedly, before leaning back and brushing off her tears. "I'm sorry, you know what – I shouldn't be telling you this."

"Let me tell you what does make sense, Lily," Marlene said sternly. "You need to come up with that thirty grand plus interest now. Or you gotta run."

Lily stood quietly for a moment. "Watch Harry." She muttered, before heading for the door.


Another bucket of paint cracked open as the TV ran in the background. Dipping his hand into the bucket, Draco smeared his hand over a painting on one of his easels, barely paying attention to the television. He dipped his hand again into the paint to cover the rest, splattering black all over the floor. He furiously threw the empty bucket into a corner and reached the for the next one.

His fingers rubbed over a painting with a boiling glass of water – a man holding it. It was evil.

"Hey." Draco heard from the door, but he didn't look. He simply kept on smearing his paintings.

"Oh god, what, the silent treatment?" The same voice said again. Draco threw his blackened out painting across the room furiously, seeing Cho standing in the doorway.

"Draco?" She asked, as the painting hit the window. Walking into his flat, she walked over to him. He opened another can of paint, throwing the entire bucket onto the canvas with sinister gulping sounds coming from the paint as it splattered out.

"Draco, what are you doing?" Cho asked a bit more urgently.

Draco picked up another painting and put it on his easel, preparing the blacken it out.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Cho asked, staring at the painting on the easel. It was tonight's solar eclipse.

"Draco," She said, and when he reached for the can of paint, she stepped in the way. "Okay, stop." Cho said firmly.

Draco stared at her.

"What, are you crazy?"

Draco glared breathlessly at the blackened out canvases. "I don't even remember painting these," He said, and then swallowed. "I was high, okay? I lied to you. I kept on using them."

"Dammit." Cho mumbled.

Draco walked over to the painting he threw. "I've been using them for months still."

"Then get yourself into a program and make it stick this time," Cho said sternly, staring at the eclipse painting. "These are all fantastic–"

"No," Draco interrupted firmly. "They're evil."

"What are you talking about?" Cho asked helplessly, leaning on the desk.

"What I'm talking about?" Draco repeated furiously, running over to the other side of the apartment and grabbing another painting. He cleared a table with one sweep of his hands and placed the painting on it. "See this?" He muttered. "Suicide bombing in Israel. I painted it, three weeks ago!"

"Yeah, so?" Cho asked, holding the painting fondly.

"So?" Draco repeated again, throwing paint-laden hands around a newspaper and thrusting it into Cho's hands. "That's this morning's paper. Look at the number on the burning bus in the painting. They match."

Cho examined the painting and the newspaper with a sigh.

"This happened yesterday," Draco said, with a false laugh. "Yesterday," His eyes turned stony. "Something's… wrong with me."

Cho covered her mouth with her hands. "We'll get you help, Draco." She said firmly.

"I tried that. There's only one way now."

"You can't just quit all of a sudden!" Cho cried. "Not alone, I mean – let me help you, please!"

"No!" Draco shouted determinedly, backing away from Cho and sinking down by the wall.

"I love you!" Cho said hopelessly.

Draco growled. "I'll drag you down with me, I swear I will. Just leave me alone."

Cho knelt down and touched his shoulder.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Draco yelled forcefully, jerking off her hand and snapping at the contact.

Cho held up her hands defensively, standing up.


Biting her lip, Cho left the apartment in a flash.

Breathlessly, Draco ran a hand through his hair, leaning against the wall, staring at the television, where a burning train car was on the news. Gasping, he looked right next to the TV, where an easel with a painting stood innocently. A painting of a burning train car that matched the exact film of the news crew.

Draco gaped.


Sirius held his hand up for a taxi, sun boiling down on his shoulders. Obediently stopping at his feet, Sirius climbed into the car and sighed. Leaning his head back on the seat and staring out into the sky, he put on his sunglasses as he saw the solar eclipse.

"Wow." He muttered.

"Solar eclipse." The driver said, and Sirius smiled at the driver.

"Yeah. Wonder when it's going to be total."

"Not here," The man said with a shake of his head. "But in some other part of the world. It's quite a global event. Makes one appreciate just how small our planet really is."

Sirius stared at him.

"And we're all quite small, really, aren't we?" The driver finished gravely.

"What's your name?" Sirius asked conversationally.

"Severus." The driver said.

"I'm Sirius."

Severus the driver nodded curtly.

Sirius smiled. "Let me ask you something, Severus," He said. "Do you ever get the feeling that you're meant to do something… extraordinary?" He asked with a slight shrug.

"I'm driving a cab," Severus responded half-heartedly. "If you may have noticed."

"No, I'm not talking about what you do," Sirius corrected himself. "I'm talking about who you are. I'm talking about… being special." He murmured.

"Yes, we are all special." Severus replied.

"I – that's not what I meant." Sirius said, but he had finished the conversation.

Severus raised an eyebrow, and stared into the review mirror into Sirius' face.

"While yes, it is true that some individuals are more special than others. This is natural selection," He said. "It's just like any other person. Born, or hatched, like any other member of their species… anonymous… seemingly ordinary… except they're not."

Sirius smiled into the front seat.

"They carry inside them the genetic code that will carry their species into the next evolution of the world," Severus continued, seeming as though he was talking to himself. He stared into the review mirror at Sirius' eyes. "It's destiny."


Lily arrived back at her house later on in the day, creeping inside the door and watching her every footstep. Somebody could be inside her house, waiting for her to arrive.

Walking carefully into the empty living room, she looked behind the couch, but it was only shadows. It was only when she turned around when she saw a large man scouring her kitchen, that her eyes widened and she tried to hurry back to the door, only to feel a strong grip of hands on her neck. The second thug brought by Dumbledore.

"Welcome home." The man sneered, leading her away from the door.

Entering the garage, the man released his grip on Lily, making her stagger to the bed. The camera was still sitting on its tripod right in front of her. With a gulp, she faced the two thugs.

"Fifty grand is a lot of money." One of them growled.

"Fifty?" Lily repeated breathlessly. "It was only thirty! Even with interest–"

"Dumbledore is trying to be nice about this," The man barked. "You should have read the fine print."

"Look," Lily said fearfully. "I have a son."

"Aw." The thug said sarcastically.

"I'm all he's got."

"Aw." He repeated.

"Please, I can get you the money!" Lily promised.

"I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do," The man sneered. "I'm gonna make you a little business proposition. You make – what? – forty bucks for every twenty minutes you take off your clothes? Well, I'm gonna give you the chance to lower your dept a little."

The other man was already setting up a camera, and in no time he was holding it up to Lily's face. The man leant back in a chair, smirking.

"Come on," He coaxed. "Show me what you've got."

Lily stared at the camera with loathing before she furiously got off of the bed, and threw off her jacket in one sweep, glaring at the man's direction, who was laughing heartlessly.

"Come on," He repeated. "Take off your shirt, baby."

Lily ran a hand over her eyes for a moment, before breathing deeply.

"Smile for me…" The man whispered when Lily raised her shirt only an inch.

"Is that what you want?" She asked back fearfully.

"Ahhh yes."

Lily ignored the tears threatening to fall in her eyes, avoiding the men's eyes completely. She stared hard into the mirror in front of her, only to see her form looking disbelievingly back at her. That wasn't her –

"What's the matter, baby?"

Lily didn't pay attention.

"Come on, you just started getting good here! What's the problem, baby?"

Lily kept on staring at her mirror, eyes that were coldly staring back at her. An image that wasn't herself.

Before she knew it, the man had stood. "I said what's the matter." He reminded, and slapped her across the face.

Lily fell onto the bed with a groan, before rising back up from the pillows. "Screw you." She whispered warningly.

"Screw me?" The guy said incredulously, and slapped for the second time in the face, effectively knocking her out.


"I'm not the only one who can bend time and space, you know," Seamus muttered firmly. "There are others too."

"Fine," Dean said. "I'll humor you. Let's say you really do have this power. What do you do with it? Join the circus? Nobody ever got laid by stopping the second hand of a clock."

Seamus ignored him. "As I develop my powers," He mumbled to himself. "I'll learn how to bend space too. Then I can teleport myself anywhere on the planet!"


"Every hero must learn his purpose," Seamus said. "Then he'll be tested and called to greatness."

"I think I need a drink." Dean said, walking ahead.

"Fine," Seamus agreed. "You know," He said, changing the subject again. "People think of time as a straight line. But time is actually more like a circle."

"Please." Dean brushes off, walking into the nearest bar and sitting down. Seamus follows him.

"Every ten year old wishes he has super powers. And I got them!" Seamus said incredulously. "Me of all people! Last in my class, last on the sports field, I'm not a loser anymore!"

"Tell me one useful thing that you could do with this 'power' of yours," Dean asked, using air quotations. "Can you make money?"

"A super hero doesn't use his power for personal gain, Dean…" Seamus corrected wisely.

"Then what good is it?" Dean asked. "Can you teleport yourself into the women's bathroom?"

Seamus stared at the door.

"Now there's something useful," Dean said with a grin. "You won't learn your purpose in there, but you may learn something about life!"

"Fine," Seamus said. "If I had to, yes. I could teleport into the women's bathroom."

"Great," Dean said with a smile. "I'll grab us beers."

"I'm going to teleport!" Seamus shouted after him, staring hard at the women's bathroom. He heard Dean chuckle.


In a blur of pain and tiredness, Lily woke up at the sound of the telephone ringing in her garage.

Why… she was in the garage – and – gasping, she slapped a hand to her forehead. Dumbledore. Those two thugs had come after her and… and taped her –

The answering machine came on, a small tinny noise coming through.

"Mum? When are you coming to get me… it's been a long time. Just hurry, okay? Bye." Lily shot up in the bed, recognizing Harry's voice. Her fingers clamped tightly around the answering machine, when her eyes fell upon the sight next to the phone.

Gasping, Lily covered her eyes, turning away with short raspy breaths. Looking to the other side of her, she saw almost the same sight, except worse.

The two thugs were dead – on the floor of her garage, and bloody.

A bloody mess of gashes and scars and a bit too much insides – Lily felt her stomach churning as she scrambled off of the bed and looked hastily around herself. Who had killed them while she had been unconscious?

Glancing around herself, her gaze fell to the mirror, where she gasped again. A satisfied smirk looked smugly back at her, with blood covered on her mirror's reflection's shirt. Looking downwards, Lily only saw the clean linen she had been wearing all day, and when her eyes returned to the mirror, her bloody reflection raised a finger to her mouth in a 'shh' gesture. Lily ran.


Still staring at the solar eclipse from the cab that Severus was driving, Sirius heard a ringing coming from his cell phone. Jumping up, he fumbled inside his pocket, seeing his cell phone flash the words Cho on the front. His mouth forming a small 'o' he flipped it open.

"Cho?" He asked, hearing a frantic scuttling on the opposite end of the phone.

"Sirius," She murmured. "Er – are you busy?"

"No, I was just heading home." He responded, biting his lip.

"I need you to meet me at my dad's." Cho said urgently through the phone.

"Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Alright – just hurry, okay?"

"Sure, I'll see you then." Sirius finished, closing the phone as Cho bid him goodbye and hung up as well. He leant forward in his seat.

"I'll hope out here, please." He said to Severus, depositing money through the crack of the window. Severus nodded, watching Sirius as he walked away.

He heard the car door open and turned, seeing a man entering the cab. Promptly straightening in his seat, he called to the back seat:

"Where to, my friend?"

"JFK, please." The man's smooth voice replied. Severus restarted the car, staring absently out the window.

"I'm going home to my family," The man said conversationally. "Business trips are wearing me out."

Severus let his eyes wander to the review mirror, where he caught a glimpse of the passenger in the back, along with –

Horned rimmed glasses.

Silently gasping, Severus furrowed his brow. Was the man who possibly murdered his father coming back to kill him too?

"Snape, huh?" The man said interestedly. Severus's head snapped to the mirror again.

"I'm sorry?"

"Your name," Horned rimmed glasses said again. "On your license."

Severus looked at the license attached to his window.

"That's English, yes?" Severus furrowed his brow as his grip tightened on the steering wheel. "I once knew a Professor Snape. In England. Genesisit, with interesting theories. Don't think he's teaching anymore… but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

Severus didn't say anything, but the man continued.

"Probably lot's of Snapes in England where you're from. Like Smith. Or Anderson."

Severus jerked the steering wheel left, a sickening screech filling his ears, as a man walking on the street jumped out of the way. With his heart thumping, Snape ran from the car as fast as he could.

He was sure that that was his father's murderer.

H E R M I O N E W E A S L E Y / G R A N G E R

Hermione walked into the dining room after helping with dinner, a tray of potatoes in her hands. Her brother Ron and her mother were ranting on about their cat – Crookshanks – even though it was mostly her mother.

She sat down silently, placing the potatoes in the middle of the table. Crookshanks was in her mother's lap again, purring quietly and sending hungry looks at the meat on Hermione's mother's plate.

"–and then she had the nerve to tell me that Crookshanks wasn't breed worthy!"

Mrs. Weasley smiled across the table. "Well," She said. "Enough about Crookshanks. What did everybody else do today?"

Ron spoke up immediately. "When I walked home from school today I saw a Mexican guy I thought was dead. Turns out he wasn't."

Hermione rolled her eyes at her food.

It was true that Hermione had been adopted by the Weasleys, even though she had never met her real parents before. Her parents had thought that getting a child would be impossible for them, even though after Hermione was adopted Ron was miraculously born.

"I thought Dad was coming home tomorrow." Ron asked.

"Well, I was going to surprise you. Turns out he's coming home tonight."

"Just in time to see my bad report card…"

"What about you, Hermione?" Mrs. Weasley asked warmly. "Do anything interesting today?"

Hermione looked seriously at the table for a second. "I walked through a fire and didn't get burned."


"What the hell is that supposed to mean? God, you're so crazy sometimes." Ron said condescendingly.

"Ron," Mrs. Weasley warned. She turned to Hermione with a smile. "I think I know exactly what you mean."

Hermione raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, here I go talking cats again and you say something really profound," Mrs. Weasley said with a grin. "We come up with all kinds of fires in our lives, and when we test ourselves and face our fears, we usually don't get burned," She smiled satisfyingly. "You are very wise, sweetheart, and whatever it is you did, I'm proud of you! And so is Crookshanks! Yes he is, he's proud of Hermione!"

Hermione sighed. Perhaps the way she had said it didn't sound very literal… perhaps it came off a bit too theoretical.


"Thanks." Dean said with a nod as he received their drinks, when he heard a loud female shrieking noise and whipped towards the scream. Police came out of nowhere, dragging out a flushed Seamus.

"No!" He shouted. "I'm not a peeping tom! Hold on! DEAN!"

The police shoved him out of the pub, Dean following with a sigh.

Seamus picked himself up from the ground, brushing dirt off of his sleeve. "Did you see me?" He asked excitedly. "I was in the women's bathroom!"

"Great," Dean muttered. "Now you're a pervert."

"I teleported myself!!"

"Enough!" Dean interrupted loudly, shoving Seamus' shoulder. "You can't break the time and space continuum!"

Smile slipping off of his face, Seamus walked away. "Fine. Don't believe me."

Dean followed half-heartedly. "Seamus," He said. "There are twelve and half million people in this city. Not one of them can bend time and space. Why do you want to be different?"

"Why do you want to be the same?" Seamus snapped.

"Because that's what I am," Dean said. "The same."

"It's what we all are. Homogenous yogurt." Seamus explained.


"You don't understand," Seamus said, looking downwards. "I want to be special."

"We're not special." Dean responded.

"Fine, stay here," Seamus dismissed with a wave of his hand. "Be just like everyone else. I want to go boldly where no man has gone before." He walked away slowly.

"Seamus," Dean said, but Seamus didn't turn around. "That's right, you're special!" He shouted after him sardonically. "You're Super Seamus!!"

But Seamus didn't pay any more attention.


"Cho?" Sirius called, entering the apartment with a jingle of keys. "Cho, are you there?"

"Sirius!" She shouted, utterly relieved as she stuck her head out of one of the doorways, hair flyaway and eyes fearful.

"I – what's wrong?"

Cho threw herself at the floor where there was a trunk against the wall. She rummaged through it, putting on her coat at the same time.

"What are you looking for?" Sirius asked, confused.

"Morphine." She mumbled worriedly, her hand shaking as she tucked wisps of hair behind her ear.

"What for?"

"You need to come with me someplace." Cho said.


"You'll see."

"Look – there's – there's something I need to tell you." Sirius said.

"Now that is going to have to wait." Cho dismissed, running frantically about the apartment.

"No – I really need to tell you about this. I mean – my whole life I've been following other people. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, what I'm supposed to be, don't I have a destiny of my own–?!"

"I promise, we will talk about this later." Cho rambled breathlessly. "But right now I really need you to come with me. You're a nurse – you can give out a shot – you can help him."

"Help who?" Sirius asked with a furrowed brow.

H E R M I O N E W E A S L E Y / G R A N G E R

"I thought we could go to the movies," Mrs. Weasley said warmly to Hermione, walking into the kitchen. "On Saturday. Maybe try on some shoes at the new mall."

"Sure," Hermione replied, hands in the soapy sink where the dishes were swimming about. She grabbed the sponge, her mind clearly somewhere else. "I love you, Mum."

Mrs. Weasley grabbed two more plates off of the table and brought them onto the counter, her eyebrows raised. "But…?"

Hermione shook her head at the cup she was cleaning. "No buts. I just wanted to tell you."

Mrs. Weasley leant on the counter. "No, you think I'm trying to be your best friend again, admit it."

"No, no, we can go to the movies together. No big deal." She mumbled.

Mrs. Weasley sighed. "I just… miss you, I guess. I wanna be your mum. I wanna give you advice but not be pushed away."

"I do want advice, I do," She said, slipping her ring off of her finger. "I won't push you away, I promise." With a clank, the ring fell out of her grip and into the running garbage disposal. Hermione sighed, stuffing her hand in as the blade grinded below.

Drawing out a bloody hand, Hermione's eyes grew wide as she watched the skin start to form again. Hurriedly turning off the garbage disposal and turning around, she held her hands behind her back as Mrs. Weasley walked towards her.

Realizing that her mother was talking, she nodded along with a smile.

"–I guess I'm just not very interesting…"

Hermione shook her head earnestly, feeling her blood drip on the tile below her.

"You are interesting!" She retorted.

"No, not in the same way I wanted to be… I wanted to hitchhike across Europe, fall in love with some poetry quoting Frenchman! Well, my point is that you should know who you are – because who you are is special!"

Hermione looked down, swallowing. "About that," She murmured. "There's something I have to say. Something I never talked about because I thought it would upset you and Dad."

Mrs. Weasley smiled lovingly. "Sweetheart, you can say anything to us, you know that."

"I…" She rubbed the back of her neck with her hand. "I think I'm old enough to know who my real parents are."

Mrs. Weasley grinned sadly and drew Hermione into a hug. "Of course you are."

Hermione held up her earlier bloodied hand – which had healed perfectly, now only holding a small ring on her thumb that she had retrieved from the sink.

"I'm home!" A voice boomed, and Hermione smiled towards the door.

"Hey!" Mrs. Weasley greeted, nearing the door. "Honey."

Hermione sighed, running a hand through her hair, staring at the floor. Her head snapped towards the floor, where Crookshanks was licking up her blotched blood.

"Bad Crookshanks, no!" She scolded, kneeling down and ushering the cat away and smearing the blood away with the sole of her shoe.

Running to the door, Hermione smiled towards Mr. Weasley.

"Hi, Daddy!" She greeted, walking into his arms. And on Mr. Weasley's nose were…

Horned rimmed glasses.


Seamus waited on the subway, leaning against the wall and slightly daydreaming as he stared at the tile in front of him. Yawning, he examined the subway, eyes falling upon a sign that showcased New York City… how much Seamus would love to be there right now. Lights and Time Square…

An idea popping into his brain, he smirked, squinting hard at the picture of New York. Eyebrows furrowed and cheeks wobbling he squinted hard. Harder. The entire train it seemed was shaking.

And then –

Eyes open, Seamus appeared in the middle of Times Square, his pupils wide as he took in his surroundings and turned unbelievingly at the sight.

"I DID IT! I DID IT!" He shouted, earning himself several looks from passerby, but smiling at all of them. Seamus hopped on the spot – already creating a story in his mind to feed to Dean – and feeling giddy all over.

Not knowing that he was six weeks ahead of present time.


Cho ushered Sirius over to Draco's apartment, rambling helplessly all the way.

"I'm just saying it sounds impossible, that's all, nobody can paint the future–" Sirius said defensively, reaching the dark alleyway to the loft.

"I saw it with my own eyes, Sirius," Cho said breathlessly, banging open the door with a jingle of keys. "Draco!" She yelled, groping for the light switch. The light was dead.

There was silence in the dark apartment. Only thin rays of light were silhouetting into the loft.

"I brought some help," Cho said loudly. "He's a nurse."

Sirius hated being called a nurse, but he felt that in this situation he wasn't going to correct Cho.

"Draco!" She yelled a little worriedly, walking into the dark depth of the apartment. "Draco!"

Sirius reached for his pocket, pulling out a flashlight and shining beams of light along the floor, when his beam hit a small shot.

Drugs. Sirius thought. He must have shot up.

Cho kept on calling Draco's name, but Sirius' flashlight fell upon an unconscious form on the floor and his eyes widened.

"Cho!" He alerted, sprinting over to the figure and kneeling down beside him. He grabbed for his First Aid bag, while Cho ran over.

"Oh – oh my god." She muttered, on the verge of tears in her voice. She threw herself at Draco's feet frantically, shaking uncontrollably. She dove her hand into her purse, patting Draco's hair all the while.

Sirius listened for a heartbeat. "He's alright–" He said loudly to Cho. "Call nine one one."

Drawing out her phone, she dialed.

"What've you done?" Cho asked unbelievingly to Draco's unconscious form. "Oh god, he's overdosed."

Sirius felt a pulse, eyes distracted at the shadowed canvases all propped up on easels in the entire apartment. He furrowed his brow at some of them, standing up slowly and walked over to the paintings. Cho was still mumbling behind him halfway to the phone and halfway to the out cold Draco.

"Yes, hello??" Cho mumbled. "I need an ambulance here immediately!"

Sirius walked up closer to one of the pictures as Draco began to slowly stir.

"No, no, he's conscious – but only barely!" She said exasperatedly. "Get here soon, please!" Cho kept on patting Draco's cheek, Sirius kneeling down next to one of the paintings.

A picture of him jumping off of a building – flying – his jacket billowing behind him and his arms outstretched. And that outfit looked familiar –

Gasping, Sirius looked down to the exact same red sweatshirt and beige coat, his eyes growing wide.

"Oh my god." He breathed.

Cho was quietly sobbing as Draco stirred more, a painting covered arm moving.

"We have to stop it." Draco whispered, using all of his strength to mutter the words, his arm limply moving and his eyes closed.

Sirius turned around confusedly, barely hearing the warning, and gasping at the large picture on the floor, painted right on Draco's concrete floor.

A picture of New York going nuclear. A picture of New York exploding and blowing up with a bomb.

"We have to stop it…" Draco said again.


This quest… this need to solve life's mysteries… in the end what does it matter if the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They're here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light… everywhere. Do they even know yet?

Sirius stood upon the same building in the painting, staring at the sky before him, waiting. It's not until the cab pulls up at the floor far, far down at the street below him, does he smile into the phone that his sweaty fingers are holding.

Remus leaves the cab, shoving money into the driver's hands.

"Alright, I'm here," Remus says into his phone rather irritably. He sees no one, and then confusedly turns around. "Sirius? Sirius?"

Next to Remus' feet comes a phone, crashing into smithereens next to him. Jumping, Remus stares upward, where Sirius is standing ruefully and looking downward at his brother.

"I've been up here all night!" He shouts. "Thinking about things! Thinking about my destiny!"

Remus puts his phone into his pocket, raising his eyes at the sky. "What are you doing, Sirius?"

"It's my turn to be somebody now, Remus!" Sirius screams down, his fists clenched determinedly.

"Come on, Sirius, quit screwing around!" Remus yells up, a little sternly and a little worriedly now.

Sirius didn't listen. He stared ahead, the wind billowing his jacket as he closed his eyes and slowly, gently leaning his head back towards the sun and the breeze. Sirius outstretched his arms. His brain is only pounding one thing repeatedly – the painting.

With a deep breath in, the sole of his shoes rock backwards and forwards a little on the rim of the roof. What was it? Thirty stories? Fifteen stories high? He didn't remember.

And in his moment of bravery, eyes still closed, Sirius extended a foot over the air as though he would be walking on it and leans forward, falling – flying – plummeting away from the safety of the roof.

First it's arms first, then it's head first as he falls faster. He doesn't dare open his eyes to see Remus' panicked expression.

He felt himself speeding up, he was halfway down at least – and he was no longer feeling the wind in between his arms. He wasn't flying. He was falling.

Sirius' eyes snapped open, only to see something swoop toward him, latching only his arms and keeping him from falling. Sirius gasped, his brain swimming as he tried to see straight, but he only catches a glimpse of flailing legs that aren't his own.

"REMUS!" Sirius yelled, their sweaty hands barely still attached. Remus reached out for Sirius, pulling him up higher tightly.

They were falling faster than they should be.

"SIRIUS!!" Remus shouted, grasping onto his brother for dear life.

"You're flying, Remus! You're flying!" Sirius said unbelievingly. "How did you–"

"I don't know." Remus croaked immediately, his face pale.

Sirius was slipping from his grasp again. Grimacing as his brother tried to pull him up, their cheeks touched for a second before Sirius fell – shouting – and Remus' hand still outstretched after him.


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